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Woman Empowerment
Heading layer
Bheemashankar Entry Gate
Swing in Motivation:Motivation is on swing
Effects of Demonetization
Can we come out of depression
A Journey of Needful to Needy
Change of Relation affects life
A Fruit, Which made tree sweet
Leaving our own Country: Motherland has been cheated
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21st Century Chanakya Rule rock the India

I did deep study on the Indian Politics from 2014 and will explain each and every move of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi which made them biggest game changer of the world. To know more about it, stay tuned with ThoughtsNViews.

They made action, we react in style 

Neighbor country did attack on our soldiers in Uri and Pulwama. Today we have strong government who is not in mood to tolerate, we react in style. To know more about it, stay tuned with ThoughtsNViews.

Fever of FIFA WorldCup 2018 with full of surprises 

FIFA World Cup 2018 is over. The fever of Soccer world cup is known to whole world because 204 countries play for the glory and 32 teams qualify to win the glory. To know more about it, stay tuned with ThoughtsNViews.

A Shift: Which affects our Next Generation

We have seen that in this competitive world, people need to work in extended hours, our women are not exception. In many fields women are enforced to do odd shifts with the justification that men and women are equal. But we forget that women are still responsible for our next generation. To know more about it, stay tuned with ThoughtsNViews.

Rise of JavaScript with NodeJS for Web

I always say that technology is bound to change but attitude towards learning should not be change. We see that scripting languages never had that much importance compared to full flash language. Scripting was never be a domain or we can say core language. But JavaScript traveled a long way from scripting language to core language after introduction of NodeJS. To know more about it, stay tuned with Technotalks.


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