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    All the Soccer lovers are on toes to follow FIFA World Cup 2018 , happening in Russia. 32 teams qualified and fighting for the World Cup, which happened once in four years. If they miss chance this year, they have to wait for 4 years and again fight in 2022 in Qatar. 2018 Worldcup started on 14th June 2018, till today already few teams are out . Let’s see who will be next.

    There are 8 groups of 4 teams each in league phase, in which each team get three matches. Top two teams from each group qualified for Knockout stage and then there is no scope of error, You Lose, You Out. This Knock out is known as Round of 16, then Quarterfinal, Semifinal and FINAL

    Closing this forum with Winner “FRANCE”

    Croatia is the runner up but won millions of heart with only 4.5 million population

    Heart Winners of FIFA 2018

    Here are the list of awards won by Team and players

      Luka Modric (Croatia) – Golden Ball Winner
      Kortawa (Belgium) – Golden Glove Winner
      Harry Kane (England) – Golden Boot Winner with 6 goals
      Mbappe (France) – Young Player of the Tournament
      France – World Cup Champion
      Croatia – Runner Up
      Belgium – Winner of Third Place



    Semi Final Clashes are as Below

      Semi-Final 1 – France vs Belgium – 10th July 2018 6:00 PM GMT – France won it by 1-0 and Advanced to Final
      Semi-Final 2 – England vs Croatia – 11th July 2018 – 6:00 PM GMT – Croatia won by 2-1 in extra time and Advanced to Final

    Select Your Winner and get chance to win exciting prize.

    We got first Finalist of World Cup 2018 from the first semi-final. As expected France was better team than Belgium and won the match by 1-0. Now waiting for another finalist from England vs Croatia Match.

    Croatia won against England after lagging by 1 goal in first half and won the match by 2-1 in Extra Time and become second finalist. Now Third place game would be England vs Belgium and FINAL would be France vs Croatia.

    Quarter Final Clashes are as Below

      France vs Uruguay – 6th July 2018 2:00 PM GMT – France beat Uruguay by 2-0.
      Brazil vs Belgium – 6th July 2018 6:00 PM GMT Belgium beat Brazil by 2-1
      England vs Sweden – – 7th July 2018 2:00 PM GMT – England beat Sweden by 2-0
      Russia vs Croatia – – 7th July 2018 6:00 PM GMT – Croatia beat Russia by (4) 2 – 2(3)

    Still you have chance to guess winner among 8 teams and get exciting prize.

    Two quarter finals happened and both were upset , Because both semifinalist beat stronger team than them. Uruguay lost to France and Brazil lost to Belgium. Now South American Challenge is over.

    Two more quarter finals results are out. England beat Sweden and Russia lost to Croatia in penalty shootout. Most exciting and dramatic quarterfinal match.

    Qualified Teams for Round of 16

      1. Russia – Advanced to Quarters
      2. Uruguay – Advanced to Quarters
      3. Portugal – Knock Out
      4. Spain – Knock Out
      5. France – Advanced to Quarters
      6. Denmark – Knock Out
      7. Croatia – Advanced to Quarters
      8. Argentina – Knock Out
      9. Mexico – Knock Out
      10. Sweden – Advanced to Quarters
      11. Brazil – Advanced to Quarters
      12. Switzerland
      13. Belgium – Advanced to Quarters
      14. England – Advanced to Quarters
      15. Japan – Knock Out
      16. Columbia

    Lets see your guess or love towards sport before knockout stage.
    Last world cup winner is out of the world cup in league stage itself. GERMANY!!!
    Other finalist of World Cup 2014 is also out. ARGENTINA!!!
    Euro Cup Winner is also Knock out. PORTUGAL!!!
    One more contender of World Cup is out. Spain. But the game was superb and was decided in Penalty Shootout.
    Denmark is also out after showing solid defense in Penalty Shootout against Croatia.
    Japan played very well, and lead the game by 2-0 but Belgium came back strongly and won in the penultimate time 3-2.
    Sweden proceed to QF after 24 years. England also won its game in Penalty Shootout.

    3 out of Games were decided in Penalty Shoot out in Round of 16.

    15th July 2018 is the date when we get our winner

    Before Final predict your winner here and Winner will exciting prize from Amazon

    How do you feel, when your favorite team wins the title and you get the prize for that, just for believing in the team. So do not wait, just guess your winner and if it is FIFA World Cup Winner, you will get surprise gift.
    Also no one is stopping you to add your moments of FIFA World Cup 2018. Contribute in other topic FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming up with surprises.

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    I support Brazil as always.

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      After Quarter Final, I would like to have new winner this time. So in this case Belgium is very strong. But my heart wants Croatia to lift the world cup..

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    Belgium might win 2018 world cup.

    But I support Argentina

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    My team is Croatia.

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    England or Spain.

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    Heart Broke
    Argentina out of world cup, now my stake on France

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      This is heart broken for most of the people. People are attached to Messi despite of the fact he never scored in 750 minutes of the knockout games in the world cup. Argentina lost the match after getting lead which usually doesn’t happen for Argentina earlier.

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      Portugal is also out to give some relief to Argentina Fan.

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    England was not able to secure third place as well. Belgium won it’s first Bronze medal. This is their best performance in the world cup. Now we will see that whether Croatia can make history and win their first world cup

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    Won with conviction 4-2 a rare score in World Cup Final from last 60+ years. Superb performance through out the tournament but


    showed great commitment and as per the stats, they are winner but score line told otherwise.

      Luka Modric (Croatia) (Golden Bowl Winner)

      Kortawa (Belgium) (Golden Glove Winner)

      Harry Kane (England) (Golden Boot Winner)

      Mbappe (France) (Young Player of the Tournament)

    Great World Cup and its a birth of new heroes

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