Marriage or Education, what is more important?

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    Hello All,
    Please share your views on importance of marriage or education in women life?
    We know that in our Indian society people are spending their heart out in marriage while for education people thinking many times.
    Check out this article in the site, Marriages are more expensive than Education

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    Marriage is equally important in Indian society like education, In India women can live without education but can’t live without marriage. In metros this culture is changing but in rural areas still the condition is commenting on this particular question is point of debate. I personally feel that education is much more important than getting married

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    Ankur : A good topic but why is it gender biased. Isn’t it the same in the case of men.Marraige and education are two different aspects of life and both play an equal role in everybody’s life. Education will help you with all the available knowledge and depends on the individual on how it’s channelised where as marraige is an occasion where you start taking up new responsibilities and teaches many life related lessons.

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    Education is much more important for everyone

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    Syed Rauf

    Education is much more important

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    Syed Rauf

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