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      Women in night shifts. This is very open and debatable topic. I have seen many girls in offices, who are doing night shifts, Either they are enforced or need to do to survive in the organization. There are many ladies who do not get chance to live their aspirations. This lead them to compromise with the shifts of challenging situations. This mainly happens in Service Industry.

      We would like to know the point of views of different people whether Women should do night shifts or not?

      Wait for upcoming blog on this issue.

      What kind of issues a lady can face while continuing night shift?

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      There’s no harm in doing night shifts. Shifts are need of the business/project or the industry. I have a feeling that night shifts( 10 pm to 6 am) are suitable for girls as they will be in office before its too dark and leave after the sun’s out. Health wise hazards are common to both male and female and that should not be a reason to not to do night shift. But i do agree that if anyone has a genuine reason for not doing night shift it should be considered. I generally will not buy in if anyone says that my parents are not agreeing as its made very clear in offer letter that you may need to work in shifts.

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        The problem is not only health, it is all about other issues, usually Night shifts are for US customers and timings are from 5 PM – 3 AM, so security issue and biggest issue is Next generation issue, Today women are responsible for next generation, it will take time for men to take responsibility. When every thing is same between men and women, treating them equal. Till then handle all women with care.

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      Providing proper security is company’s responsibility and now a days i see all companies ensuring proper security with pick up and drop and a male security escort if the cab only has female staff. Also with the POSH law many compaines are more concerned on female security.
      Should women do night shift should had been posted as is it safe for women to do night shift would had been more appropriate. So if there is no security or health concern women should do night shift.

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      Providing security to employees is companies responsibility.After the POSH law enforcement companies have taken extra care for the security of the women employees. It would had been good if the point would had been is it advicable for women to do night shift rather than should women donnight shift. As our clients are mostly in US in night shifts we get chance to interact with them more and understand the business culture giving us better exposure which adds to our skills. As long as the company provides safety and security and there arw no health hazarda night shifts are fine.

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      I don’t think there is any kind of harm in doing night shifts. If we are saying men and women are equal then it would be applicable everywhere. The only concern is safety of women. Sometimes in evening time also womens are not safe. So instead of discussing about night shift we should make sure proper safety for women.

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