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    Journey of ThoughtsNViews in one year is amazing.
    It started with simple articles and now it has a lot of features.

    1. Forums
      Audio for every article. Started in Hindi Audio as well.
      Services Page launched with Skype/On Call booking.
      Covered FIFA World cup 2018 which attracted a lot of global audience.
      Raised many social issues.
      Praise all Sportsperson and promoting/encouraging people to involve in sports.
      It reached up to 70 countries.

    Check what people say about us

    Reader’s View

    There are few learning curves as well.

  • Spread more awareness to come and contribute in Discussion Forum
    Create video tutorial about site usage.
    Engage more people and provide platform to use the site features.
    Convert articles into Book to increase the reader base
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    Today is the best day to recap the birth story of ThoughtsNViews.

    A Drive to God: God drives me

    This is gift of Mallikarjun. Go through this article, A Drive to God and God Drives Me

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