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        FIFA World Cup amazing stats

      This topic is the topic to tell you about FIFA World Cup which you might not know about it.

        1. Do you know that India has qualified for FIFA World Cup? They refused to play in 1950 and denied by FIFA in 1954.

        2. Do you know that Brazil was not able to qualify for second round in FIFA World Cup? Yes in 1966, they were two time defending champion and after that they always proceed to at least second stage.

        3. Do you know which Asian team is most successful in Fifa World Cup? South Korea is the only Asian team who played Semifinal in FIFA World cup 2002? No other Asian Team able to reach quarter final till now, North Korea reached QF in 1966 but failed to qualify till 2010 and finished last.

        4. Do you know which team played most finals in FIFA World Cup? Germany, who played 8 finals and won 4 titles. Winners(1954, 1974, 1990, 2014) and Runners Ups (1966, 1982,1986,2002). Brazil is next to it, 7 finals.

        5. Do you know which team won maximum titles in FIFA World Cup? Brazil, 5 out of 7 Finals. 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002. Brazil is the only team who never fail to qualify for FIFA World Cup.

        6. Do you know that which team is four time champion but failed to qualify in 2018? Italy, they last won the title in 2006, then out from league stage in 2010 and failed to qualify in 2018,lost their place to Sweden.

        7. Do you know which Asian team qualified most for World Cup? South Korea is the only team who featured in 10 FIFA World Cup? Next is Japan, 6 times.

        Post some amazing facts about FIFA World Cup , isn’t it fun?

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      Do you know who is the highest goal scorer in World Cup?

      Answer: M. Klose (Germany) – 16 Goals – Played a key role in 2014 to win the title for his team.

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      Amazing, I always thought that Pele or Mardana would be highest goal scorer. I checked and Ronaldo is second highest goal scorer for Brazil 15 goals in 19 matches

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      Do you know that what are the awards given in FIFA World Cup and when it was introduced?

        1. Golden Ball – This award started in 1982 and given to best player of the tournament
        2. Golden Boot (Golden Shoe)- This award was started in 1982 and given to Top Goal Scorer.
        3. Golden Glove – This award was started in 1994 and given to best goal keeper of the tournament.

      Argentina and Brazil are the teams who won Golden Ball twice.
      Germany is the only team who won Golden Glove and Golden Boot award twice.

      Do you know the player who scored maximum goal in a single world cup?

      Just Fontaine from France. 13 goals in 1958
      Second is Sandor Kocksis from Switzerland. 11 goals in 1954.
      Third is Gerd Muller from Germany. 10 Goals in 1970.

        Fontaine played only one world cup while others played atleast two world cups. But still he is fourth highest goal scorer in all time in FIFA World Cup.

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      Do you know that how many goals Messi and Ronaldo scored in World Cup Knock out matches?

      Answer: ZERO, Yes both Messi and Ronaldo did not score a single goal in world cup knockout matches. Messi Played 750+ minutes and Ronaldo played 500+ minutes in Knock out games.

      Do you know who was top goal scorer in FIFA World Cup 2014?

      Answer: James Rodriquez (Columbia). He scored 6 goals. His team was knocked out in Quarter Final. Thomas Muller (Germany) was next to him. 5 Goals

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      Do you know the top 5 teams of the world as per FIFA ranking?

      Answer: Top 5 teams are :

        1. Gremany -Not able to qualify for Round 2
        2. Brazil – Knockout in Quarterfinal
        3.Belgium – Finished at third place
        4. Portugal– Knock out from Round of 16
        5. Argentina – Knock out from Round of 16

      None out of 5 top teams is able to win FIFA World Cup 2018. France is the winner

      See for complete list of FIFA Ranking

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      Do you know how many world cups happened so far and how many teams get chance to win?

      Answer: There are 20 World cups happened so far. 2018 is 21st. Only 8 teams get chance to win the World cup.

      1. Brazil (5 Times)
      2. Germany (4 Times)
      3. Italy (4 Times)
      4. Argentina (2 Times)
      5. Uruguay(2 Times)
      6. Spain (1 Time)
      7. England (1 Time)
      8. France (1 Time)

      Surprisingly 3 teams are already out and 1 team was not able to qualify. One more winner will be out in first quarter final France vs Uruguay.

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      Do You know who has better conversion rate among Messi, Neymar and C. Ronaldo in FIFA World Cup?
      Answer: Neymar, he scored 6 goals out of his 38 shots, while Messi took 67 shots to score 6 goals and Ronaldo took 74 shots.

      Do you know how many teams won after conceding 2 or more goals in FIFA World Cup knock outs?
      Answer: Belgium and Portugal. Belgium won against Japan by 3-2 after conceding 2 goals in 2018 (2nd July 2018) while Portugal won against Korea 5-3 after conceding 3 goals in 1966.

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      Do you know that who are the winners when there is no South American Country in Semi-Final?
      Answer: There are only four world cups when no South American Country in Semi-Final before this world cup. Winners of all these four world cups are as below:

        1934 – Italy
        1966 – England
        1982 – Italy
        2006 – Italy

      Unfortunately Italy is not qualified in this world Cup, who was three time champions. Only England is the winner left in the contention.

      Do you know that how many host countries lost match in quarter finals?

      Answer: France, Switzerland, Mexico (2 times) and Russia. Out of 21 World Cups before this, 13 Host Countries reached to at least Semi-Finals and four were able to reach quarters. Below Countries are the ones who lost in quarterfinals

        1938 – France
        1954 – Switzerland
        1970 – Mexico
        1986 – Mexico
        2018 – Russia

      Status of the Host countries who reached to at least semifinal

        1930 – Uruguay (Host Country and Winner)
        1934 – Italy (Host Country and Winner)
        1950 – Brazil (Host Country and Runner Up)
        1958 – Sweden (Host Country and Runner Up)
        1962 – Chile (Host Country and Third Place)
        1966 – England (Host Country and Winner)
        1974 – West Germany (Host Country and Winner)
        1978 – Argentina (Host Country and Winner)
        1990 – Italy (Host Country and Third Place)
        1998 – France (Host Country and Winner)
        2002 – South Korea (Host Country and Fourth Place)
        2006 – Germany (Host Country and Third Place)
        2014 – Brazil (Host Country and Fourth Place)

      Do you know that president of Croatia is how much big fan of Football?

      Answer: President of Croatia is a big fan and supporter of her team. She traveled in economy class from Croatia to Russia and watched Round of 16 match in stands

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      FIFA World Cup 2018 has been end. But it would never be complete without featuring best goals.
      Here are all 169 goals of FIFA World cup 2018

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