4 Years old girl who took my heart away.

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      4 Years old girl who took my heart away

      Meeting with Girl

      I met with one girl 4 years old in Kanpur Kidwai Nagar, in front of Mickey Shop, she was pulling my T-Shirt and asking something to eat, I gave 10 Rs. to her. Shop keeper was cursing me to do that, he told that with money you can’t help these kids, she will give money to her father and he will bring bottle of whisky. I told him that I tried to help everyone, might be 5/100 would genuinely need that help. But to my curiosity I was watching that girl and she bought Maaza and was drinking it.

      Verify her needfulness

      I went to that girl as her lips were badly injured, suddenly her mother came, who looked fine, I asked her why would she forcing her kids to beg, she should work and earn. She told me that her husband threw them out because she produced two girls, I asked where is other one, she showed me, she was around 1 year old and on footpath around 1:30 PM. Then that 4 years old girl told me that her father beaten her.

      Heartbeat started for her

      I got sympathized and asked whether she was hungry , I took her to Poori Bhaji shop and bought two plates and water. Her Name is Pramita or Pramila. Till the time I came back I am disturbed and thinking about that little girl. I wanted to bring her home but couldn’t . Still thinking what is happening to that girl in this cruel world. People may say that these kids are trained to get sympathy but there might be some genuine case as well. I request everyone who can help those two girls to save them from this cruel world. She was just 4 years old who took my heart away.


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      4 Years Old girl who took my heart away

      4 Years Old girl who took my heart away

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