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Bonding of Mars and Venus in Four Phases : MARVEN

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Most of you read about “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus“. Marriage is bonding between these two planets. The bonding is never be easy. It’s a journey which would be completed in four phases.

FIRST PHASE – Getting Married: The first Phase of marriage starts just after marriage, when Mars and Venus attract towards each other and wanted to spend more and more time with each other. Venus likes bad odor of Mars, and Mars loves time taken by Venus to get ready. This is most Cozy Phase. Usually couple doesn’t want this Phase to end. But end is always there, so duration of this Phase is usually 2 years. After that automatically relation get into Second Phase (The most challenging Phase when the real problem starts).

SECOND PHASE – Mars and Venus are two different planets
: The second Phase of Marriage is most critical, 90% of relationship ends in this Phase. This Phase starts when third one (Kid) comes in the life or longer first phase. So, when kid comes in between Mars and Venus then things started changing. Couples are becoming Mother and Father from Wife and Husband. It is kind of hormonal changes, when irritation, fight, ignorance everything comes. Love is changing to hate, quarrel started. At that time role of experience holders is very important to retain the bonding. 90% Separation happened during this time. Mars and Venus hit each other, so if support system is weak then it will destroy both Mars and Venus, kid(s) are also affected. Whoever sustain this second Phase will surely get into fourth Phase. As other phases, this Phase has also end. Duration is max 4 years. You will observe that every next phase is longer than before.

THIRD PHASE- Merging In: – This phase is the busiest phase, where Mars and Venus are Father and Mother before Husband and wife. They put their efforts to settle down their kids. Mars is doing his duty and Venus hers. This looks from outside but in actual Mars and Venus are merging into each other. This Phase also has end like others. Duration is 20-25 years depending on kids age.

FOURTH PHASE- Made for each other: – Fourth phase is the phase for which Mars and Venus started their journey because by this time, they do not have strong parents and kids left them to stay with them. In this Phase, Mars and Venus merged into each other completely. They are no more two, they become one. I call it new planet MAR-VEN, in this Phase less talk but more understanding. Venus knows how to deal with in-laws and bad habits of Mars and Mars knows how to bear in-laws and chitchat of Venus. Interestingly this Phase has no End. It only ends when death separates them. This is the phase when Mars and Venus can’t spend one day without each other. It does not require attention to each other, it’s feeling of togetherness. Mar-Ven enjoys cricket and daily soap together.

So, at the end only Mars and Venus are there for each other. Parents are important, but Venus for Mars and Mars for Venus is much-much more important. Kids are busy in their new life. So, Mars and Venus should not destroy because of them. Parents are important for Second Phase time. MARVEN, the destiny of Mars and Venus.


With my Venus and our little planet Aaradhye our Son.


Woman in Sports in India – A challenging job to do

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I am a sports lover so whoever makes my country proud by winning medal or title, I feel good. I have seen that perspective of our own country towards Man and Woman in sports is entirely different. When Sachin Tendulkar made 100th century, everywhere people were talking about Sachin, but when Women cricketer Mithali Raj made highest runs in women cricket, no post or very few. She is captain of Indian Women cricket team and representing India in World cup. Roger Federer won Wimbledon title, my Facebook was filled with his achievements, just before one day India reached Semifinal of world cup but did not see any posts related to that in my Facebook wall. Isn’t it double standard of people who talk about their love for India?

I don’t know that people know about it or not but taking Sports as a profession in India, a woman does a lot of sacrifices. I don’t know any woman in Indian Cricket team married but in Men cricket most of the cricketers get married at right age. Because after marriage their sports doesn’t affected, they do not fear whether his wife or in-laws will let him play or not. But women do have that fear that is why they don’t want to get married. Mithali Raj is real example of that. She started her career in 1999 at the age of 16 now she is 34 unmarried. Very few men in the country want their wife as sportsperson. Yeah they may want their wife to be a beautician or an Actress but not Sportsperson. Why?

Women who are in sports today only because their parents supported. Don’t know any woman who became sportsperson without their parents support.Saina NehwalPV Sindhu (Badminton Legends),  Sania Mirza (Only Woman Tennis Player) , all women cricketers are example of that, But in the case of Man so many examples are there. MS Dhoni is one of them. A woman can not leave home to live her dreams because then she needs to fight with cruel male dominating society to protect herself from lustful eyes. In my college there was one phrase boys used “Akeli ladki open invitation hoti hai, turant accept karo” (Alone girl is open invitation, Grab it without fear). People in India always make their Idol who are Male why not female. There was interview of Mithali before world cup and reporter asked who is your favorite male cricketer, she answered beautifully , Said “Have you ever asked any male cricketer that who is their favorite Woman Cricketer.” Wonderful reply. How many ads Mithali is having compare to Virat Kohli? Both are Captain of Indian Cricket Team. A question to be asked?

I am cheering for Indian Women Cricket Team in World cup, ARE YOU???

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