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Never Give Up: It’s not a trait, it’s an attitude

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When we face any tough situation in our life, we always curse that situation. Actually we are afraid from the failure and can not accept the failure. If we start anything new, we leave it just after one or two failures. But when we see any person around us, who is keep on trying then we tell that this person has some special quality. 

Success is never be an easy fruit, it requires a lot of effort and hard work. It is similar that when you rope one seed, you can not expect fruit in very next day, it will take its own time. We need to plant it, watered it, take care of it, then it will be ready to give us fruit. If we take example of many successful people around us, we find that taking initiative is courage but continue with that initiative is bigger courage. There are many people who are very good in initiative but failed to sustain with that. The reason is very simple, fear of failure or they feel that if they continue, they might fail again.

If we take example of Sachin Tendulkar, who was once in a situation, where he was suffered from Back Injury and Tennis Elbow issues. He was 33 years, earned enough money but then too he never wanted to end his career because of health issue. He went to basics and tried very hard, finally he got the place back in Indian team and lifted World Cup in 2011, his ultimate dream. He is known as “God of Cricket”. Similarly if we take example of Amitabh Bachchan, he is second name of Never Give Up. He started his journey with struggle, but after featured in 100 movies, he started again at the age of 58 years. He went to basics and asked for work to producers and directors. He featured in Television first time through “Kaun Banega Crorepati”(Who will be Millionaire?). He has been known as “Mahanayak of the Century“. 

Many people say that Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan are special people. They have special trait which everyone does not have. Yes they have God gifted talent but never give up is not their trait, it’s an attitude towards their dream. If you strongly dream for something, if you are determined for it then definitely God would be enforced to fulfill that.

We used to enforce “Never Give Up” to our kids, like if they fail in one standard, we are asking to appear it again, Why? Because we know that if he/she keeps on trying, success will come. Then why don’t we implement the same on ourselves. We should understand that talent can be God gifted but “Never Give up” is not a trait, it’s an Attitude.



0 to 100, 100 to 0 then again 0 to 100

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This topic gives you insight of people who got success in their life and when they are not able to retain their success, they lost, but again, Regain their confidence and come back strongly and become more successful than earlier. The examples around the world will give you strength as well as direction to become successful. What should you do when you are feeling low. Also I will share my experience that how did I come out from few toughest phase of my life. I know that I am not that much famous person on the earth but definition of success is different for every individual. For few folks settle down in abroad is success, for few, known to millions is success and for few to make one person smile everyday is success.

Highs and Lows are the part of life, if it’s not there then life would be very boring. Failure is important to taste the feeling of success. Bad is the one who gives importance to good. So don’t be afraid from lows or bad phase of life. Remember one thing, nothing is permanent in this life. I remember famous dialogue of Late Rajesh Khanna jiChahte, Shohrate, Ulfate, kuch bhi hamesha rehta nahi, Aaj jahan main hun, kal waha koi aur tha, yeh bhi ek daur hai, woh bhi ek daur tha” (Nothing is permanent in life, whatever you are today, somebody else was there, this is also an era, that was also an era). I strongly believe in these words. If you take the example of Sports, Lala Amarnath to Virat Kohli, era is changing and we got new players for every decade.

But there are few players who really got lot of respect, Sachin Tendulkar (God of Cricket), Sourav Ganguly (Dada of Cricket) and  my favorite Yuvraaj Singh (The fighter of cricket). You know why these players are the most respected ones because they showed how to reach 0 to 100. They know the Mantra to reach 0 to 100. They are not afraid from 100 to 0 because of Success Mantra they have.

If you take the example of Film industry, enormous actors, actress who came back strongly, but above them all Mr. Amitabh Bachhan. He had big loss in 90s but came back strongly and now he is financially/Mentally very strong. Still performing and entertaining us. Although there are many other actor/actress but Amitabh Bachhan is known as “Mahanayak of the Century”.

The life of mine is also like roller coaster, I have started my life so many times from zero.That is why I am not very much worried from challenges but my family do.  The life taught me a lot. I took inspiration from our PM Narendra Modi. our sportsperson, our business kings/queens, and top of that our women. If you see your mother, wife, daughter you feel that how strong and how multitasking they are. 

You might watched Women Cricket World Cup 2017. There is one player from winning team, Sarah Taylor. Very few know about her but she is the one who was going through mental problem 1 year ago. I read that she had gone through mental treatment. I am surprised to see her in Women World Cup 2017 where she won many games for her team England and played very important role in winning the title.

If you ask me the mantra of success, I say that whenever you are feeling down or dejected, when you feel that nobody cares for you, nobody loves you, that should be. Because nobody wants to talk with the dejected or sad person. Now how to make yourself  motivated, go back to your life, find out the moments when you were top of the world, when everybody appraising you, when you were surrounded with love and affection. Just pluck those memories from your life, play them. You will feel good. It might help you to bring back positive attitude. Before loving anyone else, first love yourself. It does not mean to be selfish but don’t do those things which hurt you or made you to compromise with your values. Once you start loving yourself, you will want to win again, live again, love again.  Just try it once.

Watch this video from famous movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

“Life is very beautiful, just change your perspective to see it”


Taking Sports as a Profession in India – What is stopping you?

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Since childhood we are listening from our Parents and elders that “Padhoge Likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab” ,Study will make you rich, Playing will spoil you. In movie MS Dhoni – An Untold Story reversed this through this song.

There are many parts of country where child decides to make Sports as a profession, he must be criticized. In India Sports is just hobby or the way to make yourself fit, not more than that. But then too few are decided to make it profession but there are following challenges

Convince Parents: This is the biggest hurdle in Indian society. Parents always want their kids to become Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, CA etc but not a sportsperson. I remember when I was in class 9th, I wanted to become cricketer in 2000 but my father wanted me to make career in some white color job. He asked me just one thing how many player are there in Indian Team from our state (UP), the answer was NO.


There were many players in cricket who played 15+ years for State but never got chance, Ashish Viston Zaidi, highest wicket taker in Ranji, but never get selected in Indian Cricket Team. And there was lot of state biased selection at that time. Now time is changing parents are trying their kid to become Sachin Tendulkar but not in other sports, Why? But knowing the challenge in this field they always put study in priority.

Money Factor: Lets say you are able to convince your parents or they wanted you to be in sports. Parents always put their kids in that kind of sports where lot of money is there. So Cricket is always first choice.


I was just thinking that Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Have they started playing cricket to become rich, the answer should be NO, they wanted to play for country and make India proud. They are passionate about cricket, I think if you ask Sachin to bat 24 hours without food, he would do that because he was passionate about batting. Yes he is multi billionaire but he never run after that, money ran after him. How?

Competition Factor: The easiest way to earn is study and get job, rest all other fields have a lot of competition. Lets say if you want to play cricket for country, there is high possibility that you won’t get chance because there are only 15 players selected in the team and usually they don’t leave the team. Now answer is why not other sports, the reason is clear ,“Money Factor”. Cricketers are like celebrity in India, Media is following them like “Ants behind Sweets” whatever they are doing, is in news, which movie they are watching, with whom they are shopping, which girl they are dating etc. that is why they have a lot of ads. but in other sports this is not the condition. Once the event is over, nobody care about the game.

I remember during Olympics everybody was talking about prospects of medals. We won 3 medals in Olympics that is also because of our powerful girls, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik. People were proud about that, but I felt shame on our Country. We are 1.3 Billions and won 3 medals (1 Silver, 2 Bronze). In Olympics, 206 countries participate and in Cricket World Cup,12 countries. So the insult is much more over there. We are famous for Technology, Literature, Science, Medical around the world but what is our image in Sports, we only know how to play cricket. Why?

Support Factor:  The other biggest reason is support factor in India for sports. In Cricket BCCI is separate organization and spends/earns lot of money but in other sports the condition is much worst. Abhinav Bindra won Olympics Gold Medal in 2008 because of his father not because of support from our country. It’s insane that many of our National players struggled for support in big events. In recent Olympics, one of our Player fainted in Marathon because no one was there to give her water.

We are thankful to few rich people of country who are investing in sports now and get Support factor from outside. Mukesh Ambani supported cricket in IPL (which at least saved the future of cricketers), Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly promoted Football, to provide platform and support to Football players. Abhishek Bachhan promoted Kabaddi and Aamir Khan is promoting Table Tennis. Yes these are the people who are giving back to sports what they got from it but how long?

Career after Sports: Usually Sportsperson has career max 30-35 years depends on sports he/she plays. Now what after that because life never stops there. what kind of profession he will choose, either dependent on the job offered by Govt (Very Few), or do business of something. There was one movie came sometime back “Paan Singh Tomar” starred Irfan KhanThat movie really  ask questions about the future of sportsperson in India.

People may blame Government for this but I will blame people of our country. If they put their kids in sports other than cricket, and get professional coaching from them their future will automatically secure. Government can not give job to everyone its responsibility of us to take care of our sportsperson who made our country proud. In India, if you are Teacher by profession you can easily survive on your own but if you are sportsperson you can’t. Why?

Watch the view of Narendra Modi on Sports in India

Non-mandatory Curriculum :  In school sports is never be a priority. School is known by its academic results not by sports. Now a days few schools are trying to make students to play at least one sports but that is non-mandatory curriculum.

Means if student doesn’t perform in sports its okay but if he doesn’t perform in academics he is not allowed to proceed in next standard. Shouldn’t be sports examination there and if kid is not able to perform then he should not proceed? Shouldn’t we make sports mandatory in all schools like other subjects? Shouldn’t we send our kids for professional sports coaching after school like academics. Why playing sports important only during summers?

Thank you TATA TEA – JAAGO Re, who started campaign to make Sports as serious business. Watch this. Support by giving Miss Call7847844444

Interest Factor: We have interest only in those sports which we ever played or know the rules. I don’t think anyone in India is there who do not know the rules of Cricket but it is not the same for other sports. I myself played 10+ sports and watch all games in Olympics except Golf. If you ask anyone to watch hockey match that person won’t, in fact if you ask anyone to name hockey players, people would failed to do that but in cricket they can tell you players of three generations.

During any big events of other sports, interest built but vanish as soon as it get over. Olympics also comes once in four years but we watch other sports only during Olympics, why not the same with Cricket. The reason is BUZZ created by media for men’s cricket, which is not there for other sports including women cricket too. Have you seen “Mauka Maukaadvertisements?

I feel like that if we make sports as mandatory like other subjects in all schools it will be fruitful in many ways, we will take care of our sportsperson and win more medals in Olympics. Lets target at least 10 medals in Olympics 2020.


Abhinav Bindra: The only individual Olympic Gold Medalist –  Olympics 2008 

Woman in Sports in India – A challenging job to do

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I am a sports lover so whoever makes my country proud by winning medal or title, I feel good. I have seen that perspective of our own country towards Man and Woman in sports is entirely different. When Sachin Tendulkar made 100th century, everywhere people were talking about Sachin, but when Women cricketer Mithali Raj made highest runs in women cricket, no post or very few. She is captain of Indian Women cricket team and representing India in World cup. Roger Federer won Wimbledon title, my Facebook was filled with his achievements, just before one day India reached Semifinal of world cup but did not see any posts related to that in my Facebook wall. Isn’t it double standard of people who talk about their love for India?

I don’t know that people know about it or not but taking Sports as a profession in India, a woman does a lot of sacrifices. I don’t know any woman in Indian Cricket team married but in Men cricket most of the cricketers get married at right age. Because after marriage their sports doesn’t affected, they do not fear whether his wife or in-laws will let him play or not. But women do have that fear that is why they don’t want to get married. Mithali Raj is real example of that. She started her career in 1999 at the age of 16 now she is 34 unmarried. Very few men in the country want their wife as sportsperson. Yeah they may want their wife to be a beautician or an Actress but not Sportsperson. Why?

Women who are in sports today only because their parents supported. Don’t know any woman who became sportsperson without their parents support.Saina NehwalPV Sindhu (Badminton Legends),  Sania Mirza (Only Woman Tennis Player) , all women cricketers are example of that, But in the case of Man so many examples are there. MS Dhoni is one of them. A woman can not leave home to live her dreams because then she needs to fight with cruel male dominating society to protect herself from lustful eyes. In my college there was one phrase boys used “Akeli ladki open invitation hoti hai, turant accept karo” (Alone girl is open invitation, Grab it without fear). People in India always make their Idol who are Male why not female. There was interview of Mithali before world cup and reporter asked who is your favorite male cricketer, she answered beautifully , Said “Have you ever asked any male cricketer that who is their favorite Woman Cricketer.” Wonderful reply. How many ads Mithali is having compare to Virat Kohli? Both are Captain of Indian Cricket Team. A question to be asked?

I am cheering for Indian Women Cricket Team in World cup, ARE YOU???

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