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Surprise Call from God during Road Trip: Bhimashankar

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“Surprise Call from God during Road Trip”, this topic is the extension of Unplanned Road Trip : Adventurous and Dangerous” . I started my journey from Mumbai around 8 AM from my friend’s house. In the first Toll Booth of Mumbai-Pune Expressway, one person asked me for lift, he was employee of Highway Toll Plaza therefore I was not afraid of giving him lift. We started chatting about each other and took halt at Lonavala for tea. I met one boy “Shankar” who was working there. And in chat he suggested me to visit Bhimashankar “Jyotirlinga in Pune-Maharashtra”. I asked about the distance and it was only 90 Km from there. I was supposed to reach Pune around 12 Noon, but I decided to go Bheemashankar.

Meeting Devram

I took halt at one restaurant and had lunch. I met four people over there, they were also insisted to come along with me, but my sixth sense told me that they were not right people to be accompanied with. Therefore, I decided not to take them. The road was not good to Bheemashankar but as I have decided, I kept moving. I met with one person named “Devram” who asked me for lift. He was around 50+ years old so I thought to give him lift. On the way, he told me that there was a shop where I can get Petrol bottles. I told him that my car tank is full, so I do not need it. He was very much impressed with me and offered me tea in his house which I politely refused. I reached Bheemashankar around 6 PM. I got very good “darshan” which used to be around 7:30 PM. There is forest of 10 Km and no light on the road. 

Meeting Sriram

In the temple, I met one more person “Sriram“, he was IT professional and came with his family. It was dark around 8:30 PM. He asked my help to guide him on the way as it was very dark, and he was scared to drive alone. I agreed to help him. He was following me, and we reached one hotel. That hotel was giving a scary movie like feeling. His father asked me that where was I going, I told him that I would go to Pune. He asked my help to guide them till Highway. Sriram was little upset because fuel in his car is about to empty and he is not sure whether he could reach to Highway or not. I told him, follow me, there is one shop nearby where you can get petrol bottles. He was very happy and started following me. Now I understood that why God sent “Devram” and told about that shop. We reached that shop in 20 mins and he was much more relaxed. 

Compliment of the Life

I got one of the best compliments in my life from his wife that “I came just like God and helped them, and they will never forget it”. I really felt very good. Because of my help, Sriram offered me dinner. Although I tried to refuse but his whole family was insisting me. We had our dinner around 12:30 midnight and they left to their destination and I left to mine. 

One more thing, I forgot to mentioned that Priest(Pujari) of Temple asked me to write about Bheemashankar that how holy that place is because I showed him, my article on “A Drive to God: God drives me”  and he was quite impressed. This journey increased my faith on God and find some amazing people.

Journey is to explore the world, when you are alone, you explore more. When we do the journey with friends and relatives, we enjoy the location but when we are alone, we really feel it. So, I am thankful for this “Surprise Call from God”.


Unplanned Road Trip : Adventurous and Dangerous

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I was not in a good mood, little depressed. I got a call from my favorite senior from Mumbai, I told him that I was not in good mood, he asked me to come down to Mumbai. I did not give a second thought and decided to go as my family was in hometown. I was alone so thought to go to Mumbai by road. As you all know that I love driving. So, I decided that I would do the ride on my car Swift Dzire ZXI. I spoke to our watchman to accompany me, but he ditched in very last moment.

Starting of Journey

I took my car around 1 AM and started. I drove almost for 6 hours and near Umarga, I felt sleepy, my car was almost about to hit the divider. I took a long breath and stopped car near a tree. I thought to take a halt at Solapur but that was 30 KM far away and I was not in the condition to drive so I took sleep around 8 AM in my car only.

Getting Refresh

When I woke up it was 11 AM. I took tea and again started driving. This time I was feeling refreshed and I had put songs at high volume. The moment I reached Solapur, the highway was very good, I drove at 160 KM/hr. speed. Near Pune I felt very hungry, but I decided not to stop, I got a call from my friend who was staying in Pune. He asked me to visit him for sure.

Feel God around

I stopped near one restaurant to collect Chocolates for kids, I was talking to manager, suddenly I heard the voice of a lady who was asking half plate of Sev-Puri (a Marathi Dish) but manager refused to give half plate, he was insisting to take full plate, but that lady told that she was alone and could not finish up full plate. The food would be wasted, I liked her this point, so I told her to take full plate and I would share half of that. I also paid my share too.

I spoke to her and she told me about herself. She was in UK, returned to India last month and was living in Pune with in-laws. I offered her lift, but she refused. She finished her food first and left. I quickly finished mine and thought to say thanks to her, but she was not there. I checked with Manager, but he told that she went, I went out and checked with passengers to check about any bus arrived, they told that there was no bus arrived from past 45 minutes. But she told me that she came by bus from Solapur which was 25 minutes back. I was confused but then thought might be God sent her to provide me food.  

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Enjoyed Mumbai-Pune Expressway

I reached Pune around 4 PM, visited my friend’s place and started to Mumbai at 11 PM after having dinner. Mumbai-Pune Expressway was awesome, so I switched on my Mobile camera and shot video of Night Vision. You can check video on my YouTube Channel.  

I reached Mumbai around 4:30 AM and met my favorite senior, whom I met after 12 years. We almost talked for 4 hours and at 9 AM he left for office and I went to sleep. I woke up around 2 PM, had lunch and then we went to Juhu Beach. I met few amazing people over there. Visited Amitabh Bachchan house “Jalsa“, then visited one more friend in BhikhaJi Cama Place after 11 years almost.

Next Day I started my return journey. That was much more adventurous and dangerous. Stay tuned with me. I will share that in my next article.