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“Life Transition Step” is a book form of, Author has shared his perspective towards life in various categories like Finance, Motivation, Travelling, Relationship, IT, Burning topic , Mythology and many more. This book is completely Non-Fiction book. Please visit Amazon to see book review.

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“Life Transition Step” is book about different phases of our life. This book is the form of Hard copy of

In our life, we would like to achieve a lot but there are few hiccups s. What should we do, how should we do, that is a challenge. This book will help you to overcome that. Author has around 12 years of professional experience and has gone through so many tough phases in his life. He is experiencing real and true experience of his life and what are the right steps in his perspective.

This book would never be complete without the guidance of Prof. A.K. Poddar, Brad Roberson,  Brad Roberson, Barkha Gupta and support of Dr. Manoj Choubey, my siblings Akshay, Aman, Akanksha, my wife Apoorva and my cute sons Aaradhye and Adhrit.

We are also thankful to all teachers, friends and relatives, who are reason behind this book in someway or other and special thanks to criticizers because of them, we enforced to raise our standard.

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“Life is too short to explore the world, but it is long enough to explore yourself”


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