September Thoughts

Date: September, 30, 2017

“We all are son/daughter of God, our main responsibility to take care of God’s creation and do not destroy it. We all are God for ourselves not for others. Keep Helping.”

Date: September, 29, 2017

“People used to say that every successful man has woman behind but what about the successful men who are unmarried or divorcee. Only you are reason for your success. Believe in yourself.”

Date: September, 28, 2017

“Visiting different places is great learning, meeting new people gives you new perspective, do not hesitate to talk with people, communication is strength of human life. Keep Communicating.”

“Help is that much rare in the world that the person who helps, called as God. It happened with me during Mumbai Trip.”

Date: September, 27, 2017

“A morning in the Mumbai is the busiest one, every person is running towards to earn their bread and butter. Breathing also needs to wait till weekend, do not visit anybody there during weekdays.”

Date: September, 26, 2017

“Exploring Hyderabad to Mumbai. India is very beautiful, the people who are praising other countries, should do road trip and feel the beauty of India.”

Date: September, 25, 2017

“Meeting with new people gives you new experience,few people acknowledge your effort to initiate and few become your lifelong friends.”

Date: September, 24, 2017

“When you feel alone,when nobody understands you,trust on almighty, he is filtering out 99% to get your 1%.”

Date: September, 23, 2017

“We have been taught that do not talk to strangers, they may be dangerous, but if you are wise enough with your selection, you can get your special person.”

Date: September, 22, 2017

“Help can not be differentiate between rich and poor, it is not for any benefit, it should be done with Service mentality. Keep Helping.”

Date: September, 21, 2017

“Life is the best teacher, when it gives you hard times, it is trying to teach you some lesson. Take it positively”.

“Good Time gives you happiness, bad time is giving you experience. Both are equally important in life. Cherish both in the same way.”

Date: September, 20, 2017

“It is tough to stand again after fall,It is taking a lot of courage to start again, but once you stand on your own, Nobody can stop you to run.”

Date: September, 14, 2017

“When first thing in the morning, you get criticism, it means you are on the verge of success. Always take criticism in positive way. Stay blessed.”

Date: September, 13, 2017

“Life provides a lot of positive. We need to change our perception to see it. When tough times come, you should be ready to welcome positive surprise from Life.”

Date: September, 12, 2017

“Whenever you are feeling low,spend time with kids, it will bring not even smile on your face but uplift your mood as well. Kids are the best Mood Therapist in the world.”

Date: September, 11, 2017

“Nobody in this world live for oneself only. Everyone has atleast one person for whom he/she lives for. Always respect that person who make you alive everyday. “

Date: September, 10, 2017

When you failed, you feel hurted, when you insulted, you feel dejected, when you criticized, you feel demotivated, then light of hope comes which takes you to new heights.”

Date: September, 9, 2017

“Love and Care is the best therapy to win the world. If you want to win the heart of anyone, just love and care for that person. No matter, how much that person hates you, you will win that person one day. Spread Love.”

Date: September, 8, 2017

“Friday is for Fun Related Initiative day. Enjoy your weekend. Don’t hurt anyone, don’t make joke of anyone.”

When you wake up and your family is beside you, you feel alive, it gives you sense of responsibility, feeling of love and respect. Take care of your family.

Date: September, 7, 2017

“The sleep after working for yourself is the sound and relaxed sleep. The feeling of satisfaction is huge.”
“It’s easy to give guidance to others, but difficult to guide yourself.People tell Kohli which shot to make when he gets out despite of the fact that they are not able to play cricket for country.”

Date: September, 6, 2017

“The definition of happy person is : A person, who manages his finance well, having love and respect in personal life and has respect, growth in his professional life.”

Date: September, 5, 2017

“It’s impossible to make everyone happy, but it’s not impossible to make happy yourself. So only do those tasks which make you happy, give a damn to others criticism.”

“Today is the day to acknowledge everyone from whom you learn anything, the biggest donation is knowledge. That is why all teachers have been respected. I am thankful to everyone from whom I learn. Happy Teacher’s Day”

Date: September, 1, 2017

“People who are wishing their near and dear ones their birthdays and Anniversaries on social network. I request, please wish the concern person personally and make him/her feel special. Don’t post on others wall that how much you love your wife/husband mamma/papa, brother/sister. We hardly care about it. instead of tell them personally how much you love them.”

“When I help, people say I am crazy,
When I speak up, people say I am rebellion,
When I suggest, people say I am over smart,
When I share, People say I am over talkative,
When I concerned, people say I am an emotional fool.
Everybody is suggesting but do not know what they are. It’s easy to point finger at others despite of the fact that 3 fingers are pointing at you.”

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