October Thoughts

Date: October, 30, 2017

“The best time to analyze ourselves when we lay down and think what we did till now. We should not regret what we did, we should take it as learning. Analyze yourself.”

Date: October, 29, 2017

“Educational Institutes are responsible to make future of students, Not only to make money. I have seen that Institutes are trying only to do business irrespective of that whether their students are becoming knowledgeable. Build Future not only Prosperity.”

Date: October, 28, 2017

“Tough situations test our character. Whoever broke would always curse the situation but who faced strongly always feel good. Be Strong.”

Date: October, 27, 2017

“Life is a journey to Death, Everyone has to complete, few do it with sorrow, few do it with Joy. Enjoy. “

Date: October, 26, 2017

“To walk first step is always tough, but after few steps, it’s easy to walk in fact we can run too. Take your first step.”

Date: October, 25, 2017

“New Start brings new hope, new dreams, new people, new ventures but along with that it brings new failures, new criticism, new nervousness and new experience. Both are important. Do not hesitate to start.”

Date: October, 24, 2017

“Everyday I wake up, I have fear that whether I will be able to do what I supposed to do, But good thing is that Every Night I sleep with peace that I helped one person today. Help Someone, it feels good.”

Date: October, 23, 2017

“Money is not only thing which makes you rich, Rich is the person who has good thoughts, good heart, good mood, good sleep, good people, good knowledge. Be Good.”

Date: October, 22, 2017

“When we start something, many times fear of failure comes, many times we fail also, but we should not lose focus, Success will come for sure. Be Focus”

Date: October, 21, 2017

“Festival is over, now everybody will go back to their normal schedule, but few people whose business run only on festivals, they are waiting for other one. Did you make smile anyone in this festival.”

Date: October, 19, 2017

“A festival of come back home, A cheer to win over bad, An enlighten after dark. A hand over crown to correct person. Wish you a very Happy Diwali. Try to make one person smile today.”

Date: October, 18, 2017

“Smile is very precious and has silent words, you can make or break with your Smile. Smile Positively.”

Date: October, 17, 2017

“A person who speak with confidence usually has clean heart, Black heart people are not able to speak. Speak Up.”

Date: October, 16, 2017

“A Strong Dreamer make dream real, a day dreamer always left to others to make dream real, which will never happen. Be Strong Dreamer.”

“I have seen during appraisal time, Employees are fighting to be Best Employee of the organization. I wish my servants also fight like that to become Best Servant of the house.”

Date: October, 15, 2017

“Today, one more year is decreased from my life, I should be thankful or worried, As almighty gave me one more year of experience. Life is filled with experiences, you have to taste it by coming out from your comfort zone. It is best teacher of yours.”

“People used to call me crazy but history is witnessed that crazy people have conquer the world. Be Crazy”

Date: October, 13, 2017

“We used to try change people by comparing with other people, but we need to understand Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple only. Be Yourself.”

Date: October, 12, 2017

“Few people have the nature of criticizing, they try to find something or other in whatever you do. If you are giving attention to these people, you can’t proceed. Learn to avoid.”

Date: October, 11, 2017

“Many people say that there should be Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, few says Babri Masjid should be there. I feel, instead of making religious monuments, make some college or university with that money and let both religion people study together. I think that is the true tribute to Almighty.”

Date: October, 10, 2017

“Corrupt people may happy for a short while but they have to face their Karma in this life only. Be Honest.”

Date: October, 09, 2017

“Path of Truth may tough, but it is much more soothing than easy path of wrong one. Be Truthful”

Date: October, 08, 2017

“One better half is taking care of another better half, if one half is fasting for one then other half should also fasting for this. Because both exist because of each other.”

Date: October, 07, 2017

“Truthfulness or honesty is conditional, if culprit is known then you are crazy, if he is unknown then you are very good person. What a double standard. “

Date: October, 05, 2017

“Criticism is a boon, everybody doesn’t get that. If people are trying to let you down, means you are going up. Keep Raising.”

Date: October, 04, 2017

“Parenthood is a blessing,it is responsibility with love and care. It is not burden, having kids is boon, many do not have this. Respect it.”

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