August Thoughts

Date: August, 31, 2017

“I do not understand that how one man can make another man in place of GOD. If you really want to find God, see inside you, it’s everywhere. Please do not make any one as God or Guruji. These all are morons. Just find yourself, you yourself feel like God for yourself only.”

Date: August, 20, 2017

“When you fail, it does not mean that you are not trying, it is giving you strength to try harder to succeed.”

Date: August, 19, 2017

“When you try to change, World do not let you change, When you are succeed, Same world say “What a change” . “

Date: August, 18, 2017

“Change is one thing which is permanent, Coming out from your bad thoughts and getting into good thoughts is just like leaving your bad habits. Try to make change. “

Date: August, 17, 2017

“Help is very precious, Make sure it counts, When it reach out to needy, You get blessings from GOD. Help Someone today. “

Date: August, 15, 2017

“People who are celebrating Independence Day Today,
Ask yourself, are we really independent,
Few would be worry that they are not able to earn today,
Few are earning by selling flags,
No Indian sleep hungry which day,
My country will be independent really on that day.”

Date: August, 14, 2017

“Why are we criticizing our neighbor country. They are also our brothers and sisters. Did they ask for separate land for them? It was our Father of Nation, who took decision to divide. Is Terror only faced by us, our neighbor is facing much more than us. But they are weak to handle them but we blame them. Are we able to handle Kashmir problem well? If they come to our country for work because they do not have enough opportunity in their country, we criticize them but as the same way we are going to USA. If USA behaves the same way, we do with our neighbors. How do we feel?”

Date: August, 13, 2017

“Time is very precious but everyone gives importance to it as per interest. For some playing game is important, for some talking with people is important, for some earning money is important and for some earning blessings is important. we all have 24 hours, it’s your choice how you want to spend your time. “

Date: August, 12, 2017

“I have seen many posts, who says that if you are Hindu, then like or comment this, if you are Indian, like or comment this, If you love your country share this. I just want to say all those people who my religion, nationality and love towards my country would not decide by your posts. Please stop writing all these.”

“I have not joined many organizations because I did not find their Toilets clean. This is one of my criteria to get into the organization.”

“I have question for every woman, why do you need man to support you, have you ever heard that Man ask support from Woman. You are individual and do not need any support from anyone. Live however you want to live, Do, whatever you would like to.”

“Difference between North and South
Unconventional people always criticized in North, but encouraged in South. Sports is never serious business in North, but people live for it in South. Pump and Show is there in North, but People are down to Earth in South,People look smart in North,but People are actually smart in South.
Women are exploited in North but ladies are most respected in South,
Culture killed in North but alive in South.”

“Conventional people run the world but Unconventional people change the world. Try to change.”

Date: August, 11, 2017

“Few people utilize social media and few people utilized by Social media”

“If you do not like me personally that’s okay, but don’t discourage my thoughts, it’s just like , I do not like Virat Kohli, but always appreciate his batting”

“We made him, Father of Nation but he also did lot of mistakes in his life. No doubt he had great personal traits which we need to follow but his thought process or his acts should not be appreciated all the time.”

“When you have no one to tell complexity of work or difficulty of task, you are not hesitate to try for it. Lazy people of this world are the people who always try to prove that all tasks are difficult, actually it is difficult for them. Try something new today”

Date: August, 10, 2017

“The curse of our country is that, Woman exploits woman mostly whether in the form of Mother-in law, Sister-in law, daughter-in law, Mother, daughter,sister. That is why condition of woman in country never get improved until women support women.”

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