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Date: January, 21, 2018

“Opportunity is always knocking at your door, only you need to open the order and welcome it. Open your door.”

Date: January, 20, 2018

“Life is full of risks, sometimes risk does not pay off but it should not break the confidence to take risk again. Always ready to take calculated risk.”

Date: January, 19, 2018

“Expectations are very heavy, it can’t be bear by many near and dear ones, but many times it lifted by least expected ones. Always expect the unexpected. “

Date: January, 04, 2018

“Ups and Downs are the phases of life, down comes to make us down to earth and ups tells the height, we can achieve. Both are important.”

Date: January, 03, 2018

“Inequality of opportunities is the difference of man and woman, if we give equal options to both, man would be overshadow by woman. Both are equally needed to run the society”

Date: January, 02, 2018

“New year celebration is over, now it’s time to run again for bread and butter, 2018 is one day old now, get up the bed and come out from party hang over. Run for life.”

Date: January, 01, 2018

“We are welcoming new hope, new resolutions, new dreams, new era, new opportunities, new desire, new relationship, new projects and new life. Happy New Year 2018. we wish that every reader of MyThoughts reach to highest level of peace and happiness.”

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Date: December, 31, 2017

“With passing year, we might think of good or bad happened this year, if good one is special then bad one is even more special, it gave us experience which will be helpful in next years. Happy New Year Eve.”

Date: December, 30, 2017

“People may different, culture may different, language may different but thought process of everyone is same. Everybody wants Happiness and Peace in life. Happy Life. “

Date: December, 29, 2017

“Perception is the one thing which is hard to change, but change is the one which is permanent. Time changes people and people change with time. Don’t be judgmental”

Date: December, 27, 2017

“If you feel like that nobody loves you then it is the time to think that why none loves you. Love and respect is reciprocated one. Give first, then expect receipt. “

Date: December, 25, 2017

“Few are celebrating today, few are crying today, Same day can be reason for smile for some and sorrow for some. Life is also like that, few can find opportunity in challenging situation,  few broke into that. Be Optimistic”

Date: December, 23, 2017

25587183_1874074449570342_2898996011165689581_o Happy Birrhday Shubhi – Your Chachu

“There were days when your smile make us smile, there are days when your smile make us cry, We still remember when your arrival made our promotion in relationships, today is that day but you are not with us. We will remember you everyday not only on your Birthday. Now you will celebrate your birthday in the arms of Almighty instead of parents”

Date: December, 22, 2017

“Life is all about exploring new things, new people, new ideas, you never know what surprise is waiting. Keep Exploring.”

Date: December, 21, 2017

“We can get knowledge from books or web, but experience is the experience which will come through experience only. Always respect experience.

Date: December, 19, 2017

“Gratitude towards gravity, gravity towards gratitude, this shows sensitivity and attitude”

Date: December, 15, 2017

“Many times we survived tougher deliveries but got out on juicy full toss. Be careful while you are playing on the pitch of life. No Second chance available.”

Date: December, 12, 2017

“Nothing is permanent in this world, neither sadness nor happiness. A person who can control his/her emotions in both situations is the real one.”

Date: December, 07, 2017

“Cry in alone, laugh in crowd, there is so much sorrow in this world, reduce it by spreading happiness.”

Date: December, 05, 2017

“Life is full of unexceptations, when you think that everything is working as expected, it will give you shock and when you think nothing is working, it will give you positive surprises. Always expect the unexpected.”

Date: November, 20, 2017

“Alone you can walk but with team you can conquer. It really gives immense confidence if you have somebody besides you. Have someone at your side.”

Date: November, 19, 2017

“Keywords are the keys to search your desire, Dream is big thing but we need to put keywords for that to reach that.Set Your Keyword today. “

Date: November, 13, 2017

“Silence is always dangerous, usually storm comes after silence. Don’t be silent. “

Date: November, 08, 2017

“Life is like rose petals, the more you spread, the more it looks beautiful. Spread Yourself. “


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