Investments is Good or Bad: Parameters to decide

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Whenever we are looking for investments, we expect returns. Many people are worried for good investments or bad investments. Here I am trying to explain what is good or bad investment in my perspective. So first I start with Bad Investments

Bad Investments: In our initial phase of our job, we give some amount to family to save or invest, and our family members like father, mother are one generation behind, so usually they put money in account or make FD which only they know about it. ROI of FD is only 7% and locking period is also there. Or they take any policy like LIC or other. Many times we give money to our friends and relatives, which they promised to return in one year or more without interest or very less. Also we give hand loans to others in huge interest rates. All are bad investments in my perspective. There is slight difference between investment or charity. When we give money to our family, friends or relatives, we should consider as charity, where return is not certain or very less. Many people invest a huge amount in real state but as per me that is also bad investment in certain way. I have seen that when we need funds, at that time we don’t get buyer so we enforced to sell to brokers at their rates which they sell higher rates to needy.  Also putting funds in liability more than asset is always bad investment. Putting money into shares without knowledge is always bad move. Gambling or betting would never make us rich for sure, it is trap.

Good Investments: During our initial phase of our career, if we start investing in mutual funds through SIP is always good investments, because SIP is much safer and high returning move. If we are interested in real states then we should buy house for ourselves first. Let’s say we get a job in some metro city, where rent is 30k INR per month, but if we buy house then our EMI is 32K per month then we should definitely go for purchase, but if rent is 10k per month and EMI is 30K per month then we should continue with rent. Also if we have good knowledge of Share market then stock market is always high returning investments. If we want to go for long-term investments then we should consider what kind of policy is required, like if we are unmarried or married but not have kids then never go for Term Insurance, but personal medical insurance is always good option. I see many people invest to save their tax, but if you invest 100,000 INR to save 20k or 30k INR is never be a wise decision. Investment should be done only for return not to save tax, If we are getting tax saving, that can be extra benefit but that should not be main criteria. If we are investing to build our parallel system then it is always good investment. To know about parallel system, go through my article “Building Parallel System is Essential if you are in J.O.B.”  and if you know about division of your salary for investments then go through “Plan your future, future will plan for you”

“Bad Investment can make you bankrupt but Good Investments will make you financially free. Keep Investing Good.”

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  1. Rajat
    January 25, 2018 at 2:06 PM

    Very good article, keep writing

  2. sowjanya
    February 2, 2018 at 3:48 PM

    very well written

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