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Legendary Tennis Player: Playing on Nails Court

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This is very common mentality that women should be under shelter of men. The society is like that. Although this thinking is changing slightly but there is still one religion where the condition of women is not that good. They are just house worker or baby delivering machine. They are getting married by the age of 18-20 years. They are not allowed to think about their aspirations. They are not allowed to wear clothes of their choices. They are not allowed to go out without covering their head or face. In this situation, a woman thinks to make her career in sports, is this possible? Answer would be BIG NO. Are you crazy?

But we have one daring woman in our country who made this possible. Who undergone lot of criticism but we are thankful to her family who stand by her side in all situations. She has chosen that sports which no other woman in our country can think of. If you ask Muslim girl, it would be impossible. She selected ‘TENNIS‘ and became number one player of the country because she is the only one from country. She was criticized for her dress, her physical architecture, people made her morphed photos. Nobody appreciated her game. I am also from that culprit who did not like her, but after seeing her game, I became a fan of her game.

Sania Mirza, she is the lady who made our country proud in Tennis. Why she was able to do that because she belongs to the Sports City of India, Hyderabad. I see that Muslim families from this city are more advanced compare to other parts of country. I see ladies are going out, doing job, playing sports from this community but why no other Muslim girl is in sports. Because still ladies or their families are not that much strong enough to face the criticism from the care takers of this community. You might heard of issuing Fatwa to Sania Mirza and her family for wearing skirt. Few people are saying that she belongs to our neighbor country because she married to sportsperson of neighbor country. There might be a scenario that she did not get person from our own country or she has been put into condition where she had to sacrifice her first love “Tennis”. Today she is playing for India and making our country proud. She is among the top 50 women players in Tennis. She won a lot of Grand Slams in Doubles.Today she is the best in doubles. She almost won Olympic medal for country in Rio Olympics. People threw stones on her but she took it as tennis ball and faced it with her back hand and forward hand strokes, and able to win all.

We should proud on this lady, Sania Mirza, who should be idol of every Muslim girl. Her family should receive kudos from world who took courage to put their daughter in sports. Today she is one of the most respected person in Sports World.

I am also fan of you, Sania Mirza. Keep playing and make our country proud. 


Broken Heart with Pride

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Cricket, this is the one sport which I live for. I usually connect with this sport in any form, if not able to play, I watch, if not able to watch, read. Cricket is all over in my mind and heart. I started following Women Cricket since 2007 through Cricinfo, but always wanted to see these players live, this desire fulfilled in 2009 when Women World Cup first time televised. I saw Jhulan (highest wicket taker), Mithali (highest run getter) first time. I started enjoying watching them. I enjoyed cricket with beauty. Yes, these players are very beautiful. I remember, I started searching EA Perry, an Australian all-rounder. She was very young by that time but extremely beautiful, still the same. I started following their rankings, stats and amazed to see that out of Ten, four were Indians in Top 10 Batters, Jhulan was always there in Top 10 bowlers list. I felt proud because this is not the case with Men’s Cricket.

Women World Cup 2017, I think this is the time when ICC decided to uplift the game, it was televised and marketed well. WomenInBlue responded very well as well, they started winning match by match. Started the tournament by beating mighty England, then West Indies. But people started praising India when they beat Pakistan, against which we never want to lose. Although in Ranking India was way ahead of Pakistan, but as we lost Champions Trophy against Pakistan in Men Cricket, so winning against them was very soothing. Then we beat Srilanka. But there was no buzz. India lost winning streak against South Africa, an underdog of this tournament. Very few people would know about it that SA captain D van Niekerk is the only player among Men or Women Cricket who has figure of 4/0 (4 wickets without conceding a single run). 

Then we have match against Australia, 6 times world champions, we lost very badly. The chances of progressing further of #WomenInBlue was shaken. To proceed we have to beat New Zealand. A mighty one in #WomenCricket. Mithali Raj took the responsibility on her shoulder as always and took India to a big score. Then RS Gayakwad sealed the win by taking five for. We won it by 186 runs, a biggest win ever for us. We were in Semifinals against mighty Australians. I was afraid we might lose, but I know if India played with their potential they could beat them. I bet with one of my friend of my optimism.

I know Australians are beaten by Punjabi so far. If you take a look in history of Men’s Cricket, Australians have been beaten by Yuvraaj Singh in 2007, 2011 world cups, their 16 tests winning streak broken by Harbhajan Singh. in #WomenCricket Harmanpreet Kaur, a great fan of most destructive batsman,Virender Sehwag, took the responsibility, crushed the bowling of Australians and made 171*. Posted highest score of India in worldcup. We won by 36 runs. we are into World Cup Finals. I started dreaming of ,Mithali holding world cup in her hand and revolution in Women cricket is just one match away.

England is the side which we already beaten but one thing to be noticed that they picked up the momentum and did not lose a single match after that. Whenever they batted first, they posted total which is beyond reach of opposition. 377 against Pakistan, 373 against South Africa (a very good bowling unit). I was afraid if they bat first they might post total more than 300 but kudos to Jhulan, supported by Poonam Raut, Deepti. We restricted them at the score of 228. But I know that this is WorldCup final, the match can be won with 200, they had 28 runs extra. The responsibility of batters were more. We proceed well also after losing Smriti (disappointed me a lot after raising expectation) and Mithali (Biggest wicket, like Suicide), Punam and Harman played cautiously and I was thinking we are in home for sure. The score is 197/3 in 44 overs. Punam and Veda were batting. I don’t think that any team would lose from that position but the most challenging part that these girls were playing World cup final first time. Nervousness was building, wanted to win as soon as possible, we started loosing wickets. score became 200/7. I thought we lose but then Shikha and Deepti scored few runs, we were cruising to win and left with just 15 runs and suddenly what happened, Shikha ran for suicidal run and left Deepti to take home. She is very young to bear this huge pressure as she is only 19 years old, Saharanpur girl. We lost by 9 runs.

But what a fight India gave to England, it won the heart of Indians. First time I saw that Indians heart was beating for WomenInBlue. I have seen these girls cried many times but first time I saw whole India was crying for you.

WomenInBlue, YOU DID IT.

Mithali Raj the most composed player I have ever seen after MS Dhoni. Watch her Post match presentation of World Cup 2017 Final

Woman in Sports in India – A challenging job to do

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I am a sports lover so whoever makes my country proud by winning medal or title, I feel good. I have seen that perspective of our own country towards Man and Woman in sports is entirely different. When Sachin Tendulkar made 100th century, everywhere people were talking about Sachin, but when Women cricketer Mithali Raj made highest runs in women cricket, no post or very few. She is captain of Indian Women cricket team and representing India in World cup. Roger Federer won Wimbledon title, my Facebook was filled with his achievements, just before one day India reached Semifinal of world cup but did not see any posts related to that in my Facebook wall. Isn’t it double standard of people who talk about their love for India?

I don’t know that people know about it or not but taking Sports as a profession in India, a woman does a lot of sacrifices. I don’t know any woman in Indian Cricket team married but in Men cricket most of the cricketers get married at right age. Because after marriage their sports doesn’t affected, they do not fear whether his wife or in-laws will let him play or not. But women do have that fear that is why they don’t want to get married. Mithali Raj is real example of that. She started her career in 1999 at the age of 16 now she is 34 unmarried. Very few men in the country want their wife as sportsperson. Yeah they may want their wife to be a beautician or an Actress but not Sportsperson. Why?

Women who are in sports today only because their parents supported. Don’t know any woman who became sportsperson without their parents support.Saina NehwalPV Sindhu (Badminton Legends),  Sania Mirza (Only Woman Tennis Player) , all women cricketers are example of that, But in the case of Man so many examples are there. MS Dhoni is one of them. A woman can not leave home to live her dreams because then she needs to fight with cruel male dominating society to protect herself from lustful eyes. In my college there was one phrase boys used “Akeli ladki open invitation hoti hai, turant accept karo” (Alone girl is open invitation, Grab it without fear). People in India always make their Idol who are Male why not female. There was interview of Mithali before world cup and reporter asked who is your favorite male cricketer, she answered beautifully , Said “Have you ever asked any male cricketer that who is their favorite Woman Cricketer.” Wonderful reply. How many ads Mithali is having compare to Virat Kohli? Both are Captain of Indian Cricket Team. A question to be asked?

I am cheering for Indian Women Cricket Team in World cup, ARE YOU???

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