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Leaving our own country: Motherland has been cheated

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Leaving our own country: Motherland has been cheated, is an article about the people who left country to pursue their dreams of earning big, settle down in better place etc. I know many people who got education in India, got job in India and then put their day and nights to get into cream list of high performers to settle in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, UAE etc. I see following challenges and consequences of doing this.

Unsatisfied from Pay Cheques

Most of the people who left the country have strong reason of not getting proper pay cheques. They always have very high expectations from themselves and think that going to abroad is only way to earn big. They target those countries whose economy or financial condition is better than India so that they get good conversion rate against Indian Rupee.

These people never understand that money is not everything and anything beyond need is useless. Nothing is free in this world and these people pay heavy price for the same by leaving their birth place, parents, food, friends etc. They realize it after so many years when things can’t be reverted.

Status Symbol in the Society

In our society, going abroad is a status symbol. The parameter of success is judged based on getting On-Site opportunity. Parents proudly explain to their relatives and friends that their son or daughter is in USA, Canada, Australia etc. The person himself feels that he is recognized as successful if he gets on-site opportunity. Many people spent years and years in those organization where they are never satisfied just to get on-site opportunity.

Many Service Industries of India are having millions of these kinds of employees. But these people never understand that they must slog hard in abroad compared to India. Because they are paid well so they must work more. Most of the Indian employees slogged 16-18 hours every day during stay in abroad while in India they don’t work more than 8-9 hours in a day. They don’t understand that Indians are accepted in around the globe because of foreign policy of India. If we would have in different country, then going abroad would not be this much easy.

Aspiration from the Childhood

In our country, many cities are there where kids are brought up with the aspiration to go abroad. They have been enforced to take courses or professions like that where scope of going abroad is highest. Like Information Technology field. I know one person in Hyderabad, who did his engineering in Civil, but his relatives and parents enforced him to learn UI technologies to get into Information Technology field.

Now a days, both parents are earning for their livelihood so cannot give time to their kids. They thought that taking kids to Playing area in Mall, buying expensive gifts and gadgets are enough for them. Kids are also bringing up with money minded attitude and that reflects in their growing age. These parents will be left alone because of their dreams of sending their kid to abroad and feel proud in outside world with tears inside.

Problem Escape Attitude

There are many people who do not want to face any problem in their life. They always try shortcut or escape route from the challenges of life. These are also those folks who would like to leave their country if they see any problem. There is huge amount of folks, who left country in every challenging phase of the country whether it is partition, riots, earth quake, drought etc. It is just like that when there is any problem in the family better to leave them instead of solving it.

These people will never able to solve any problem in their life, they always try to have shortcuts in their life. They are ready to marry unknown person to get the citizenship of other countries. They are doing buttering to their bosses to get on-site opportunities. I personally feel them like Escapers. They try to escape from every problem and end in escaping from everywhere. They thought that pay offs their liability is possible by going abroad and earn big. Sometimes few folks like this get trapped in fraudsters.


People may say that leaving country is cheating with motherland, but it is same as when we leave our city to earn. To answer them that it is true in some way, but we are within our country, if country is house then states are rooms in the house but when we leave our country, it is like we left our house and secondly there are a lot of opportunity in India and one tax, one constitution is followed in whole India.

 “Our Former President ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam told in his autobiography that when any young talent of India leaves his own country, he had been hurt.” There are many folks who left India for finance, better life etc. but they forgot that they are enforced to follow rules of that country which they are not aware of and those countrymen treat them as you come from poor country, the way we think about countries whose citizens come to India to earn.


A Fruit, which made Tree Sweet

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A Fruit, which made tree sweet is about my second son “Adhrit”. I got new job on 19th February 2018 after a long break. I was very happy that finally I could take care of my small family (Aaradhye and my wife).

Shocking News

On 20th March 2018, I got the news that my wife was expecting, I was little shocked and nervous. My wife was very afraid that whether we are in position of handle two kids. My break from job was still in our mind. We thought to abort the child. We went to doctor and doctor said that we should decide soon and also, she told that we should not kill fetus. I was confused but my wife was rigid that she would not do that. I gave this decision to my wife and agreed as per her choice. My wife needed to travel on 27th March 2018, so I told doctor and she said that its not safe to travel post abortion. Then we decided that we would do it once she was back.

Decision of New Child

She left and came back on 30th March 2018. We went to doctor on 2nd April 2018, Doctor that now it could not be done through medicine and she needed to operation. By that time, I made my mind that we would have this baby. I convinced my wife and finally agreed. My wife needed to leave her job because of that. She was little upset, but I consoled her.

Fortune Changed

I always wanted to have girl child and we thought all girl names. I have seen that my fortune started changing. 12th October 2018, my first book (Life Transition Step) was launched in my organization campus. We saw one house to purchase and luckily, we both liked that house. I told owner of the house that I would pay the token amount as per birth date of my daughter.

Hospital Kios

It was 31st October 2018, when we went for Ultrasound and NSG test and came to know that my wife would have delivery date on the same day. I already did all the booking in Apollo Cradle Hospital, Hyderabad. My son was in school and I left to pick him up and left my wife alone in hospital. I came back after 2 hours and came to know that because of non-availability of room, we got most expensive room (Golconda). My wife went for delivery at 4:15 PM. My younger brother also came to hospital. Our family friends were also ran to hospital.

Baby Arrived in “Brahma Muhurat”(Prestigious Moment)

I got call from my in-laws that I should ask doctor to have delivery post 5 PM. It was “Ahoi Ashtami” and 5 PM to 5:30 PM was “Brahma Muharat” (Very Prestigious Moment) because Sun, Moon and Stars all would be present, and child born on that time would be “Vishnu Avataar”. I told, I couldn’t do anything as she was already in room, but doctor got some emergency case and she was not able to attend my wife till 4:50 PM. I also got opportunity to get into Operation Theater. I was expecting girl child but at 5:03 PM, doctor told it was BOY.

Shock with Love

I was shocked in the Operation Theater itself, I went out. Switch OFF my mobile and very much in tension. I got call from Doctor through some ward boy and went back to OT. Doctor scolded me for having difference between gender of child. He came into my hand and smiled. My all anger vanished, and I smiled back to him. My elder son was also very happy.

Make it Memorable with own House and Name

Once my wife got back to room, I went to meet owner to pay token amount of 3,11,000 INR as per my son’s date of birth “31/10”. I thought to name my son as “Saanidhye” to make rhythm to my elder son “Aaradhye” and nick name as “Vishu” according to my elder son’s nick name “Hanu” but my wife told that she would consult “Jyotishi” to get the letter for main name, we both were agreed on nick name. We got letter “A”, I started thinking of his name and came with name “ADHRIT”. The meaning of this name is “Lord Vishnu” or a person who doesn’t get support but support everyone. Yes, I am blessed with another son who was “Vishnu” of our family.

The moment he came to our life, our fortune started changing and all problems started vanishing automatically. It also filled me with positive attitude and made me sweet day by day. “Adhrit” is a fruit of mine which made “Tree” (me) sweet.

Changing Expression of my little Adhrit

Life of a Man: Full of compromises and sacrifices

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Life of a man: full of compromises and sacrifices is an article about men. Thought process of men have changed a lot in cosmopolitan cities. There were days when men were dominated but in cosmopolitan cities, men are very supportive in the families. I would like to share the life of a man is filled with expectations.

Life of a Man as Son

In the young age, man used to have loads of expectation from the family. Parents used to worry about future of a man. If he gets less marks in examinations, he used to criticize. People around that man also put benchmark of success and he feels pressure through out of his life. He always brought up with the expectation that he should have run the family and earn for the family. After certain age, if he is not settled then people start judging his capability. There was not much pressure on woman of the family. If she is earning, then she is self-dependent but if she is not able to do so then also not much criticism for her.

Life of a Man as Husband

Married man in the cosmopolitan cities sacrificed a lot in his life. During bachelor life, he used to enjoy with friends but now he must choose friends as per the choice of his wife. He has to leave many close friends because his wife does not like them. He used to sacrifice his own time and should accompanied his wife in shopping or traveling whether he likes or not. He is not only sacrificing his friends even he should leave couple of family members also as per his wife choice.

Many times, he has been blackmailed by his wife to get love or he should be perfect husband to get respect. I have seen that in many families, husband is struggle to get some respect. Now ladies are equally qualified and financially independent, so they don’t listen to their better half. If they are not earning, then too they know the cost of running the house. She knows that if she is cleaning the house then it costs 3000 INR monthly, if she is cooking food then it is 10000 INR monthly. Husband is not even have earning pressure but saving pressure too and he must listen all complains of his wife.

Life of a Man as Father

The life of a father is much challenging. Now he must help his wife to bring up kids, whether his wife is working or not, but after office hours, he should play with kids, taking care of kids. Weekends used to spend in buying groceries, shopping and babysitting. He should sacrifice all his friend circle and try to make bonding with husbands of his wife’s friends. He must slog harder to fulfill the wishes of kids and family.

Many times, he should sacrifice his own wishes for kids. He cannot live his life in his own way for even one day. He can’t even talk on phone with his friends and relatives because he is occupied with his responsibilities. Many times, nobody asks for a glass of water when he came back from work. He can’t share his pain or problems and involved himself in complains of kids and wife while he is in home. He needs to tell lies to find some time for himself. Mother is also taking pressure to grow the kids but she is having one man to transfer all her pressure and irritation, but father does not have that privilege.

I know that above is not correct for every family but that is the case for most of the nuclear families in cosmopolitan cities. I have written a lot about women empowerment but I thought to share the life of a man also who is now paying the price to earn respect and value in the family.

I request every educated woman that now days, men are very cooperative which they were not earlier, respect their cooperation and understand them. They also need some time for themselves, they are slogging whole day to earn bread and butter for the family and many times they get irritated at their workplace but daily they wake up and going the same place to feed their family. If they are not sharing their problems, it does not mean that they do not have challenges. They do not want to give tension, try to understand them and provide some free time to them. That applies equally to men as well. Women also need time for themselves.

“We need to share the responsibilities and respect each other. It will make life much better and easy.”

Change of Relations affects Life

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Change of Relations affects Life is a topic which will describe the change of relations as growing age. We start our own relations as we grow older. Blood relations are not that much important any more. New relations attract us. Relations, which we made are the most precious for us. Many times, we fight with our parents, siblings for our new relations. Our happiness and sadness depend on the nurturing of our own made relations.

First Stage of Relation

When we are young, about 6-7 years of age. At that time our parents are the most precious relation we have. Our happiness increased when we see our father arrives from office. We always want us surrounded by our parents. We share smallest thing of our life with our parents. Many times, parents do not have time to listen all our stories but then too we keep telling them.

Second Stage of Relation

Second stage of relation is when we age around 10+ years. This is the age we start making friends. Now playing with them in the evening is more important than staying home. Now our story is around them only. This is the age when we learn to involve in gadgets. Now we become more demanding to our parents just to show our new friends. If we fight with our newly made friends, we feel sad. Now our sharing with parents decreased . We do not cherish as before on the arrival of father. we start making our own world.

Third Stage of Relation

Third stage of relation is very critical for anyone’s age. This is the age when we start making intimate relations. This relation demands privacy, so we used to isolate with our parents and siblings. Sometimes siblings are important if they support us in that. Usually this age is after 16 years. We almost stop sharing anything with our parents. Sometimes parents are cooperative, and we do share little but not that much as before. Our happiness and sadness depend on the status of relationship. Now breakup and proposal affect our nervous systems. In this techno world, we have so many mediums to make these relations like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tinder, dating apps etc. Now we invest more time in exploring the profile of our newly made relation. We feel the authority in the relation that we own the person with whom we have intimate relation.

Fourth Stage of Relation

Fourth stage is the stage when we leave our house to build our career. This is the time when we completely exposed to the outside world and our survival depends on our social behavior. Now making new relation is not our wish only, need to as well to survive emotionally. Our parents worry for us, but we make sure them that we are alright. We make new relations but every time we are not lucky enough to get good relations. That is the reason of depression for most of the cases. If we have breakup, nobody is there to take care of ourselves. If we have any bad phases in our relations, we cannot discuss with our parents or siblings, who are our true well-wishers. But we do not consider them as we think that they do not know anything about it.

Fifth Stage of Relation

If we can survive fourth stage, we get into fifth stage. A time when we get married and get life partner. This stage is just like transforming era for any person. Suddenly, everything gets changed. No more bachelor parties, no more shopping outing with friends etc. But then too we are liking it because of newness of the relation. This is very challenging to cop up with each other. If it is our decision, then we can’t go to our parents but if it is arranged marriage then involvement of parents is more. Parents still treat us as young kid and keep guiding for everything. Few take it as positively, but few feel offended.

Sixth Stage of Relation

Sixth stage of the relation is the stage when we become parents. This is another transforming stage of our life. We feel responsible and our own family formed. This is our sixth stage but for our kids it is first stage and this cycle keep on going. Now we start feeling the pain of our parents being a parent.

“The important aspect of this cycle that people who are our true well-wishers will remain as it is. We ignore them many times in our life, but they are always there for us. Whenever we need emotional support, despite of looking out, we should reach to them.”

A Journey of Needful to Needy

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A journey of needful to needy is a story of 11 years old boy who is begging for survival but what made him beggar? Was he beggar since childhood or does he become because of any circumstances? These questions were going in my mind when I first saw him at one Tea shop. His leg was broken, and not having any finger in his right hand. Due to curiosity I started talking to him. I don’t know what made him to open his heart in front of me. Usually these children do not talk to people much.

So here is his story in his words:

My name is Chhotu Langda, this is not my real name. My real name was Aaryan, this was the name given by my parents. I don’t remember that how did I get separated from my parents. I was very small, might be 5-6 years old. I don’t remember that how many nights I was without food in dark. But I have not forgotten my real name.  I remember that one day, I was enforced to go on signal for begging with one girl. I used to call her “Didi” (Sister). But she said that in signal call her “Amma” (Mother). She was 12-13 years old at that time. 

That was the day when I become beggar. I tried very hard to beg but I was not getting anything from anyone. Few kind people gave me biscuits/breads to eat. But our master evaluates our begging skills based on pennies. No Money, no food. But I was happy because I was getting food on the signal to feed myself. This was going on for seven days. After seventh day, our master decided that I was not able to get money because I did not have pity look. So, he broke my one leg. That’s how I became “Chhotu Langda”.

His trick worked, or I was afraid, whenever anyone is giving me food, I simply deny and ask for money. This game was going on for few years. Every day I went along with “Didi”, who was so called my “Amma” in front of rich people. 

One day, I came to know that my “Didi” would not come with me. I was sad. I came to know from other people that our boss sold her to some filthy rich person. At that time, I realized that I should run from this place. I tried 2-3 times, when I caught, I have been beaten very badly. I was not able to sleep for 2-3 days because of pain but I couldn’t say no for work (beg). 

One final day, I ran from that hell. I went to railway station and took one train. I did not know the destination, but I did not have any destination to go. I was first time in the train so sit near door and feeling air on my face. I did not know that where I was going but I was feeling very good. I was into different world, but suddenly one loud voice broke my imaginary world. That was voice of Ticket Collector with some policemen. They asked for ticket, I did not know by that time that I should buy ticket to travel in train. I nodded in silence. They took me out from train in next station, that station was Solapur (Maharashtra).

They took me to police station and inquired about me. I told about myself. They asked me that from where I boarded, I told that. They asked for my id cards, I was not having any, but I had one identity card of beggars (which my boss made for me). Police Inspector had pity on me and he send me to “Bal Sudhar Grih” (Child Care Home). Now new story started.

I have been taken to one big hostel where so many kids were there. I have been told that now I would get chance to study, play and eat. I asked where I should beg to get all this. They told that I did not need to beg. For few days, I was very happy. I used to study, play and eat. I was feeling that I am in heaven.

But after few days, one fat guy came to the hostel. He picked few boys/girls and took us in a factory, where we needed to work very hard and for small mistakes, we were not getting food. We must sleep in small bunker where no light, no air. I was smallest and handicapped so was not able to work that much. I was hungry for 3 days, I was not able to sleep. I steal food to feed myself but caught by one security guard. They cut my one finger for the punishment. In this way, I lost my all fingers. 

I ran away from that place and boarded one bus. I spent most of my nights on roadside and dependent on people who waste food and throw in dustbin. I picked that to feed myself.

Back to Present

I asked him that how is he surviving, he asked that he is doing whatever he knows. “Begging”. He is cleaning cars on signals and begging. Sleeping on the roadside. I asked about his parents, but he does not remember. I was trying to help him but after hearing his story, I was not able to do anything. Only thing I did, I took him to restaurant and feed him with full meal. That was the only thing which I could do. 

I don’t know where is he now, but if he can get help in any means will be very helpful. Unfortunately I do not have any picture of him.


Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple only

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Start of Comparison

Before we born in this world, people start to evaluate us with our actions which we never know. The moment we come into the womb, our mother discuss with other mothers like that how many kicks in one go, compare to theirs, what is our pulse rate comparatively etc. Although this comparison is done to increase the knowledge of new parents. But comparison is everywhere in our entire life.

 Once we come out into this world, then our growth is compared with other kids like, at what time our tooth comes, when do we start walking, talking etc. By comparing these natural things, we worry ourselves which might be unnecessary. So my point is very simple, that every child is special and unique. Comparison is good to set goals or also understand whether that task is achievable or not, but it should not be reason of inferiority.

 When our academic results come out, all students who are into same standard during that time, everyone’s marks are compared. This made so many students complex and few take unwanted decisions because of stress. Our society have been made like, that motivation can come only by comparison, which is not 100% true.

Effect of Comparison

 Once we complete our graduation, teachers, parents, relatives all start comparing and judging our capabilities on the basis of job offers. I have seen many of my friends broke because of this comparison, many did not go home because they did not have offers in hand. Many took degree programs because of society pressure. Parents put their child into program because their friend’s kids are taking up. Comparison and Expectations are the main reasons for stress and anxiety.

Now a day, society is accepting uniqueness of individuals but comparison is always there. When we try to make one individual like other, it is like, we are trying to make Apple to Orange irrespective of fact that both are different fruits and can’t be same. Both fruits have unique tastes. Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple Only.

I would like to share one video of Evelyn Parham, who told How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – 10 Tips”

A Tree tastes its own fruit: It’s Sweet

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I still remember, it was 9th January 2015. I took my wife to doctor, who was 8 months pregnant. Doctor asked me to go for heartbeat test for baby. We submitted report and doctor told that heartbeat dropped and needed test again. We again went for test but doctor had doubt in her mind. So she told that she needed to get baby out.

We were not mentally ready and it was very cold and foggy so no one could come by train or road. So we asked doctor how much we could postpone, she told we had to choose either 12th or 13th. We chose 13th January 2015. Finally that day came, I went along with my wife to hospital on 12th night. Doctor first tried for normal delivery by giving artificial pain but it did not work out so finally she operated and at 3:03 PM, I got the news of arrival of baby. I immediately went to NBICU (New Born Intensive Care Unit), as its weight was very less, around 2.3 Kg, family people were caring about girl or boy, I was caring about healthy baby. I checked with nurse and asked about heartbeat rate of the baby. Then checked gender and it was boy. 

I was very happy, I was going out immediately to buy sweets but I stopped, I thought that I became selfish, I should think about that lady too, who took that baby for more than eight months in her womb, being a husband, I should check whether she was fine, I went back to hospital again. I stopped by Operation Theater. I was waiting for my wife to came out and accompanied her till room. She was very much in pain. Next day baby came to our hospital room. We clicked few snaps. Finally my wife and son discharged on 15th January 2015. Our house was at third floor without lift. So three ambulance  people and I took her on stretcher to third floor.

Suddenly everything got changed, I was sleeping in next room and my mother-in law was sleeping with our son and wife. I was feeling that our son separated me from my wife. I was confused that what was happening to me. I was not giving attention to son as well as my wife. My wife was emotionally weak and needed me badly but I was not able to give her that time and care. I was feeling responsible and my motive was just to fulfill that. So I was worried whether I would be able to do that or not?

After few days, my wife, mother-in law and our son left for hometown. At that time, I was feeling lonely and thinking about my family. Some feeling was coming in me and I started loving and missing our son. That feeling was Fatherhood feeling. I started dreaming about what would I do for our son and what should I do to make him better person and provide happy environment. It was amazing feeling, I became father now. Yes, this is very sweet feeling. This was the time, I tasted my own fruit and it was delicious.


Mobile: A Strong Companion or Dangerous Enemy

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Mobile, a great invention, which reduced the distances. It also allows you to carry your talking device along with you wherever you go. It became great after it became smart. I do not think that anyone in the world is not aware of this device. Every invention has some pros and cons so do Mobile has. Smart mobile is smart and getting smarter day by day with so many Apps development. You can do video calling, voice calling to other city, state or country. Now you can learn with so many education applications, you can explore new places with Google Map. You can connect with your old friends and relatives using Social Networking apps like Facebook, Google+ etc. You can connect with your favorite celebrities using Twitter, Instagram. Seems like Mobile is great invention. Yes it is, but people are not using it wisely every time. 

I have seen that road accidents are increased by 500% because of mobile. I have seen numerous people, who are talking on mobile while driving, specially two-wheeler. I personally stopped so many people to talk on mobile while driving. Parents are spending more time with mobile than their kids. They are giving mobile to their kids just to avoid their responsibilities. For kids too, mobile is much more important than their parents. Mobile is very personal gadget for everyone, no body wants that their parents, elders or friends open their device and see their stuffs.

Mobile is using in constructive way as well. Business is increased by 200% by using mobile. You can see that now all services are available on mobile. No need to go out from your home or office. People are becoming lazy because of Mobile. Now kids are having spectacles at very young age because of excessive usage of mobile. I have seen that outdoor sports is decreased by 70% in kids. Crime rate is also increased a lot because of usage of mobile. Pornography is easily available to teens, which increased crime against girls. Yes, information is also easily available and people are more knowledgeable than before. Earlier we were having TV and newspaper only as source of information. Now we can easily validate everything on Google. 

I see people are talking very less among friends and relatives, but everyone is connected in Whats App or Facebook. People may have 1000+ friends in social networking sites but not having any real friend in their life. Now no body is going to each other house for tea or dinner instead they are sending tea smiley to each other. I have seen many people to congratulate their near and dear ones for their birthday and anniversary on social networking sites instead of personally. People are showing their love to their parents, sisters, brothers, wife, husband on Facebook instead of telling them directly. Parents do not know about their kids, kids do not care about their parents. Society is spoiling. I do not see that kids are playing cricket, football in evening instead of they are spending time to play on their highly price gadgets. Parents also think, that buying expensive gadgets and toys, their responsibility finishes. Mother and Father both need to do job, just to fulfill those  expensive responsibilities and kids have been brought up by grand parents or maids. I have seen very good video recently on one joint family. You might find it in your Facebook or Whats App. People are sharing these kind of videos very frequently but actually what they are doing in their personal life?

“Mobile is a great invention but people do not use it in constructive way. It can be a very good companion, if you use its feature for betterment, but it is very dangerous enemy, if you give importance  to it more than humans”

Plan your future, Future will plan for you

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Whenever we are talking about finance, we become very attentive. We always give preference to our source of finance. The definition of happy person is : A person, who manages his finance well, having love and respect in personal life and has respect, growth in his professional life. Here, I will focus on first happiness, managing finance well. So if you think that you are very young to manage finance, then you are wrong because you can get maximum benefits if you start financial management as soon as possible. 

Divide your Monthly Income

If you are thinking that what is the correct age to start manage finance and how do you divide your income into sections. So here are my few points to divide your income.

Basic Expenditure: Everyone need to spend on their basic expenditure like food, stay, travel, basic amenities, enjoyments etc. Ideally it should be 40% of your income. You should not spend more than this. You can stretch it to max 50% not more than that.

Long Term Investment: If you are doing investment for saving tax only then you are not financially wise person. Let’s say you are in 30% bracket of tax in India, to save 30,000 INR, you have to invest 1,00,000 INR, which is never be a wise decision. Whenever you are going for long-term investment, it should give you huge return that is 5 to 6 times of your invested amount. You should spend 20% of your monthly income in long-term investments for more than 5 years. 

Short Term Investment: Before doing any short-term investment, you should understand what is short term investment. It is an investment where you can withdraw funds anytime or in short notice. Let’s say you need to shift your house and your expenditure of shifting is 50,000 INR, in that case you should get funds in a day or two. Short-term investment is constant process, it should not be stop till the time you are getting your income.

Emergency Expenditure: You can not plan your emergency but you can plan your funds for emergency, like medical emergency or any kind of situation where you need funds immediately. You can not wait for few hours or days, so for that sake you should either put funds in your account or you should have Medical insurance or Term Plan. if you have medical insurance from your organization one, then too you should have your personal one. You can put 10% max to this planning. This is variable share where you can decrease and increase in your basic expenditure. That is why I mentioned that you should spend maximum 50% in your Basic expenditure of your total income. Emergency fund is also used for Term Plan as well.

So total = Basic Expenditure(40%) + Long-term Investment(20%) + Short-Term Investment(30%) + Emergency Investment(10%)

Relationship between Family Planning and Financial Planning

Now you understand your division of your income. Now coming to the point that when should be your family planning closes. Strange!  right? I am talking about financial planning, what is relation with your family planning? Yes it is. Kids are your responsibility and it is duty of every parents to help their kids to settle down financially with their income. So your family planning should be done by the age, you are 35. Because it is normal understanding that 25 years is the maximum age to settle down for any individual. It is better advice to settle your kids while you are earning.

Manage Emergency

I already mentioned the share of Emergency fund in your monthly income. There are majorly two plans you need to take to manage emergency.

Medical Insurance: The moment you are out of coverage from your parents insurance cover, you need to take medical insurance. Despite of the fact that your organization is already giving you medical cover. but you should have your personal one. The benefit is that you are not dependent on your organization and it will be valid till the time you are with organization. The beauty of emergency is that it is Emergency, it comes without notice. Always take Medical insurance as Floater. I took cover, in which my wife and kid is covered with floater. So if all three get sick in the same year, they can use it with floater plan.

Term Plan: If you are having confusion that when to take term plan. First you analyze the value of you financially, like how many people are dependent on you, So what is the best time to take term plan and what should be the mode of payment. Term plan should be taken immediately you have your first kid for sure.  My son was born on 13th January and I took term plan a very next day. There are cases where you need to take term insurance, if you have dependents and apart from you, nobody is there to look after. Few people may have doubt that their spouse is their responsibility if she/he is not working. Yes it is, but she does not qualify for term insurance. Your kid is your financial responsibility as well as your duty. Nominee should always be your kid  till he/she turns 18 years or settle down instead of any adult one because you took it for your kid. Once your kid is settled then your spouse is qualified for term insurance and nominee should be your spouse.  If you have two kids then you should have two term plan.

I hope you like this article and it is somewhat helpful for you. Please do comment in the comment section below. 

There are many more articles will come on financial planning, next I will explain long term and short-term investments along with Tax Planning. Till then

“Plan Your Future, Future will plan for you”

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Bonding of Mars and Venus in Four Phases : MARVEN

Hear It 

Most of you read about “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus“. Marriage is bonding between these two planets. The bonding is never be easy. It’s a journey which would be completed in four phases.

FIRST PHASE – Getting Married: The first Phase of marriage starts just after marriage, when Mars and Venus attract towards each other and wanted to spend more and more time with each other. Venus likes bad odor of Mars, and Mars loves time taken by Venus to get ready. This is most Cozy Phase. Usually couple doesn’t want this Phase to end. But end is always there, so duration of this Phase is usually 2 years. After that automatically relation get into Second Phase (The most challenging Phase when the real problem starts).

SECOND PHASE – Mars and Venus are two different planets
: The second Phase of Marriage is most critical, 90% of relationship ends in this Phase. This Phase starts when third one (Kid) comes in the life or longer first phase. So, when kid comes in between Mars and Venus then things started changing. Couples are becoming Mother and Father from Wife and Husband. It is kind of hormonal changes, when irritation, fight, ignorance everything comes. Love is changing to hate, quarrel started. At that time role of experience holders is very important to retain the bonding. 90% Separation happened during this time. Mars and Venus hit each other, so if support system is weak then it will destroy both Mars and Venus, kid(s) are also affected. Whoever sustain this second Phase will surely get into fourth Phase. As other phases, this Phase has also end. Duration is max 4 years. You will observe that every next phase is longer than before.

THIRD PHASE- Merging In: – This phase is the busiest phase, where Mars and Venus are Father and Mother before Husband and wife. They put their efforts to settle down their kids. Mars is doing his duty and Venus hers. This looks from outside but in actual Mars and Venus are merging into each other. This Phase also has end like others. Duration is 20-25 years depending on kids age.

FOURTH PHASE- Made for each other: – Fourth phase is the phase for which Mars and Venus started their journey because by this time, they do not have strong parents and kids left them to stay with them. In this Phase, Mars and Venus merged into each other completely. They are no more two, they become one. I call it new planet MAR-VEN, in this Phase less talk but more understanding. Venus knows how to deal with in-laws and bad habits of Mars and Mars knows how to bear in-laws and chitchat of Venus. Interestingly this Phase has no End. It only ends when death separates them. This is the phase when Mars and Venus can’t spend one day without each other. It does not require attention to each other, it’s feeling of togetherness. Mar-Ven enjoys cricket and daily soap together.

So, at the end only Mars and Venus are there for each other. Parents are important, but Venus for Mars and Mars for Venus is much-much more important. Kids are busy in their new life. So, Mars and Venus should not destroy because of them. Parents are important for Second Phase time. MARVEN, the destiny of Mars and Venus.


With my Venus and our little planet Aaradhye our Son.