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Leaving our own country: Motherland has been cheated

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Leaving our own country: Motherland has been cheated, is an article about the people who left country to pursue their dreams of earning big, settle down in better place etc. I know many people who got education in India, got job in India and then put their day and nights to get into cream list of high performers to settle in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, UAE etc. I see following challenges and consequences of doing this.

Unsatisfied from Pay Cheques

Most of the people who left the country have strong reason of not getting proper pay cheques. They always have very high expectations from themselves and think that going to abroad is only way to earn big. They target those countries whose economy or financial condition is better than India so that they get good conversion rate against Indian Rupee.

These people never understand that money is not everything and anything beyond need is useless. Nothing is free in this world and these people pay heavy price for the same by leaving their birth place, parents, food, friends etc. They realize it after so many years when things can’t be reverted.

Status Symbol in the Society

In our society, going abroad is a status symbol. The parameter of success is judged based on getting On-Site opportunity. Parents proudly explain to their relatives and friends that their son or daughter is in USA, Canada, Australia etc. The person himself feels that he is recognized as successful if he gets on-site opportunity. Many people spent years and years in those organization where they are never satisfied just to get on-site opportunity.

Many Service Industries of India are having millions of these kinds of employees. But these people never understand that they must slog hard in abroad compared to India. Because they are paid well so they must work more. Most of the Indian employees slogged 16-18 hours every day during stay in abroad while in India they don’t work more than 8-9 hours in a day. They don’t understand that Indians are accepted in around the globe because of foreign policy of India. If we would have in different country, then going abroad would not be this much easy.

Aspiration from the Childhood

In our country, many cities are there where kids are brought up with the aspiration to go abroad. They have been enforced to take courses or professions like that where scope of going abroad is highest. Like Information Technology field. I know one person in Hyderabad, who did his engineering in Civil, but his relatives and parents enforced him to learn UI technologies to get into Information Technology field.

Now a days, both parents are earning for their livelihood so cannot give time to their kids. They thought that taking kids to Playing area in Mall, buying expensive gifts and gadgets are enough for them. Kids are also bringing up with money minded attitude and that reflects in their growing age. These parents will be left alone because of their dreams of sending their kid to abroad and feel proud in outside world with tears inside.

Problem Escape Attitude

There are many people who do not want to face any problem in their life. They always try shortcut or escape route from the challenges of life. These are also those folks who would like to leave their country if they see any problem. There is huge amount of folks, who left country in every challenging phase of the country whether it is partition, riots, earth quake, drought etc. It is just like that when there is any problem in the family better to leave them instead of solving it.

These people will never able to solve any problem in their life, they always try to have shortcuts in their life. They are ready to marry unknown person to get the citizenship of other countries. They are doing buttering to their bosses to get on-site opportunities. I personally feel them like Escapers. They try to escape from every problem and end in escaping from everywhere. They thought that pay offs their liability is possible by going abroad and earn big. Sometimes few folks like this get trapped in fraudsters.


People may say that leaving country is cheating with motherland, but it is same as when we leave our city to earn. To answer them that it is true in some way, but we are within our country, if country is house then states are rooms in the house but when we leave our country, it is like we left our house and secondly there are a lot of opportunity in India and one tax, one constitution is followed in whole India.

 “Our Former President ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam told in his autobiography that when any young talent of India leaves his own country, he had been hurt.” There are many folks who left India for finance, better life etc. but they forgot that they are enforced to follow rules of that country which they are not aware of and those countrymen treat them as you come from poor country, the way we think about countries whose citizens come to India to earn.


Building Reputation in Office: Attitude Required

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When we join any organization, we are always worried about building our reputation. We want that every person in the organization should only think  positive about us. Is it happened automatically? No! There are a lot of efforts we have to put to make it happen. I have tried  to put few points which can be useful to build image in an organization. These are as follows

    Seven Steps to Build Reputation in Office
  • Sense of Ownership: This is a very important aspect to build image in the organization. Whenever any task is assigned to us, it is our own responsibility to finish it on time with quality. One of my previous manager told me that my deliverable are my baby. I have to nurture, develop it as my baby. This is my responsibility to develop error free and take it to production. The same applies to everyone who wants to build good image in the organization. The task which is assigned to us is not only organization’s or supervisor’s work. Management like those people who take ownership and drive it till the end.
  • Gratitude: This is second aspect in the organization, no matter whatever position we hold in the organization, we should always acknowledge and appreciate the person who helped us in our task by any means. Expressing gratitude does magic in workplace. People always love appreciation and it does not mean that if we are junior, we can not appreciate our seniors.
  • Listening Others: This also plays a very important role in building image. I personally learnt from my experience that listening to others is equally important to puttinv up our point. People do not like those who keep on putting their points without listening their peers and seniors. Many times, if we listen to others, our points are already covered.
  • Respect Everyone: I have seen that many people who are into senior positions, they are used to disrespect junior resources. That impacts our reputation badly. Every individual is special and we have to respect that one. All employees get into the organization because they have some skills. I learnt a lot from my juniors. Respect is give and take thing, if we respect others, it will reciprocate to us as well.
  • Dress Up: Many people think that dressing code is not very much important. Many organizations removed dress code in their organization. I personally feel that workplace is a temple, from where we are getting our bread and butter. So I strictly follow dress code in the organization. Monday to Thursday, formal wear and smart casual on Friday. Dressing up shows our attitude towards our organization and also gives us a lot of confidence. For example, in marriage, if we go in shorts and t-shirts, we will feel very awkward. 
  • Communication: This is very important in any organization. Management always love those folks, who communicate on time and effectively. If we do any mistake or blunder also, proper communication will be helpful to mitigate the risk. There are so many mediums of communication in the organization, we should utilize and communicate on time. This plays an important role in building reputation.
  • Respect Time: People always love punctual people. We have to respect time, then time will respect us. If we have any meeting, whether we are senior or junior, should try to be always on time, if we are getting late for any reason, it should be informed to all stakeholders. If our time is important, others is equally important.   

To summarize, building reputation is not tough, if we consider above mentioned points. Once we adopt the above mentioned points in  our attitude, then wherever we go, people will respect us.


Building Parallel System is essential if you are in J.O.B.

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When we get selected in Multi National Company, we are very excited. Our family also thinks that now our future is secure. We are going to earn for next 30-40 years and become financially stable. They start thinking about their next responsibility like getting perfect match, house planning etc. Then we get into the organization and amazed with infrastructure. Free lunches excite us. We enjoy Team Lunch and Outing. There is different meaning of enjoyment. In initial days we do not have much work, so getting hefty salary is too much for us. We start spending without thinking, we start buying which we always wanted to buy in our life, riding Royal En-field, iPhone getting spa in top class parlor, getting haircut in lavish saloons. We also buy expensive gifts for our family and friends. Life is perfect now.

Once we are 1-year-old into the organization, we start getting little pressure, we feel annoyed but our managers start making us realize that we are hired for work not for enjoyment. We get serious for work and also calculate hours we spend in work. We are paid only for 8 hours so will work only that much. Suddenly salary seems less. We are not able to enjoy the expensive gadgets, Xbox, Ducati etc we bought. This continues for next 5 years.

Once we complete 5 years, we need to pause and start thinking to earn something in parallel. Few are investing in stocks, few are looking for the scope of freelancing, restaurants etc. But there is major chunk of people who think that they are going to earn from their Job forever. Those folks are in fantasy world. They may continue for next 5 years with more focus or with routine work. This is the time, our honeymoon period in the industry is over. Now we start listening cost cuttings, ramp downs of our peers etc. We start worrying now, that we may also lose job. Then we think about job switch or start evaluating ourselves in the market. We prepare for interviews. In the first interview itself, we will come to know that market is very much demanding for 10 years experienced folk. We may think that might be getting job in other organizations is not easy. Few people went into depression because now we have so many loans to clear, take care of family, pressure to maintain lavish life.

The people who started something after 5 years, they are in much better position now. Stock market people may have very good portfolio and earning good from stock market. Freelancing people are on the verge of starting their own organization. Restaurant people are already earning more than their monthly salary. But what about us, now we thought to follow these people. Suddenly our number also come and we fired. We lost the job. We think that we are late in building parallel system initiative. 

In job, honeymoon period is for 10 years. People who spend all 10 years as honeymoon period, they are the ones who kicked out first. The people who spent only 1 or 2 years as honeymoon and other 8 years with dedication, they may survive for next 10 years. But they can also not guarantee for their job. 

Many times we have been targeted by folks to get into Multi Level Marketing by giving above reasons. Many people involved into that as well. But in my opinion it only makes worse our situation rather than improving. If you get your first earning today, Congratulations!! But start investing as well and work towards your parallel system.

“It is better to start as soon as possible to work towards building parallel system. Go through my another article ‘Plan Your future, future will plan for you‘”


Mobile: A Strong Companion or Dangerous Enemy

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Mobile, a great invention, which reduced the distances. It also allows you to carry your talking device along with you wherever you go. It became great after it became smart. I do not think that anyone in the world is not aware of this device. Every invention has some pros and cons so do Mobile has. Smart mobile is smart and getting smarter day by day with so many Apps development. You can do video calling, voice calling to other city, state or country. Now you can learn with so many education applications, you can explore new places with Google Map. You can connect with your old friends and relatives using Social Networking apps like Facebook, Google+ etc. You can connect with your favorite celebrities using Twitter, Instagram. Seems like Mobile is great invention. Yes it is, but people are not using it wisely every time. 

I have seen that road accidents are increased by 500% because of mobile. I have seen numerous people, who are talking on mobile while driving, specially two-wheeler. I personally stopped so many people to talk on mobile while driving. Parents are spending more time with mobile than their kids. They are giving mobile to their kids just to avoid their responsibilities. For kids too, mobile is much more important than their parents. Mobile is very personal gadget for everyone, no body wants that their parents, elders or friends open their device and see their stuffs.

Mobile is using in constructive way as well. Business is increased by 200% by using mobile. You can see that now all services are available on mobile. No need to go out from your home or office. People are becoming lazy because of Mobile. Now kids are having spectacles at very young age because of excessive usage of mobile. I have seen that outdoor sports is decreased by 70% in kids. Crime rate is also increased a lot because of usage of mobile. Pornography is easily available to teens, which increased crime against girls. Yes, information is also easily available and people are more knowledgeable than before. Earlier we were having TV and newspaper only as source of information. Now we can easily validate everything on Google. 

I see people are talking very less among friends and relatives, but everyone is connected in Whats App or Facebook. People may have 1000+ friends in social networking sites but not having any real friend in their life. Now no body is going to each other house for tea or dinner instead they are sending tea smiley to each other. I have seen many people to congratulate their near and dear ones for their birthday and anniversary on social networking sites instead of personally. People are showing their love to their parents, sisters, brothers, wife, husband on Facebook instead of telling them directly. Parents do not know about their kids, kids do not care about their parents. Society is spoiling. I do not see that kids are playing cricket, football in evening instead of they are spending time to play on their highly price gadgets. Parents also think, that buying expensive gadgets and toys, their responsibility finishes. Mother and Father both need to do job, just to fulfill those  expensive responsibilities and kids have been brought up by grand parents or maids. I have seen very good video recently on one joint family. You might find it in your Facebook or Whats App. People are sharing these kind of videos very frequently but actually what they are doing in their personal life?

“Mobile is a great invention but people do not use it in constructive way. It can be a very good companion, if you use its feature for betterment, but it is very dangerous enemy, if you give importance  to it more than humans”

Survival in IT: What does it take?

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Being an IT person, it was expected from me to write something about my IT experience. I spent 11 years into this IT world. I came across various challenges and also came up with my own perspective that what made me to survive this long. You can relate yourself with this post, if you are less experience but lost your job because of performance issue or you are 5+ years of experienced but lost your job because of some organization politics, performance or cost cutting. If you are in any private job then also you can relate yourself with this post. This post is not only for those people who lost their job but for those people as well who are in stress or fear to lose job. Now coming to the point, what is required to keep you in your job. In my opinion, three basic things are required, if you want to survive in IT world.

Knowledge:  Knowledge is the first requirement to be in any job. If you do not have knowledge, you would not be in IT industry or any job. I am B.Tech in Electronics and Communication but needed to study C language to get into IT world. So it is required that you should keep updating yourself with latest technology because Technology is changing very quickly and it is required that we should be updated with latest trends in market.

For example, if you know Relational databases like My SQL, Oracle, but organization is decided to move towards No SQL Databases, then to continue with database field for you, it is required to know No SQL Databases like Mongo DB or Cassandra etc. Try to get Professional certifications whenever you get chance. I personally feel that knowledge of anything, is never wasted.

Attitude: Attitude towards learning is most important in IT world. I have seen many people, who does not want to change their stream. Like if someone is working on JAVA or UNIX, they want to continue or explore options only in these fields. These people may be the first one, who will lose their job, when project in those technologies is not available in the organization. Organizations run with people and people run with organization. Company needs you more than you need organization, that is why organization tries to fit you in some or other project.

To survive in IT industry, you should be flexible and, always ready to learn new technology because “Technology will change but Attitude towards learning should not be changed”.  

Connections: This is also very important to sustain in IT industry. I worked in four organizations so far in 11 years, but I am still in touch with my first company folks. I have seen many people, who leave the current organization and never put efforts to connect with their previous organization bosses or peer. Remember one thing, if you are growing in IT industry, your peers and bosses are also growing. we know very well that “Out of sight is out of mind“. We have heard this statement many times “Pehle batana the yaar, mere paas opening thi, par tumne bataya hi nahi” (You should have told me before, I was having opening but you did not tell me earlier). Also don’t call your ex colleagues or bosses only when you need help. They should not feel like that you call them only in need, that will give a wrong impression. 

Many times, your connections help you to get job during your dark days. IT industry progresses in Sinusoidal curve, so you will see ups and down for sure. You never know, that your friend or your boss is in that position, where he/she can take you in their organization very easily but as you did not have connection, you might lose the opportunity. 

The beauty of private job is that, it is not permanent, so whenever you are not liking organization or people or city, you can switch. Never creep about your organization or peer because it may spoil your image. Try to maintain good image in your circle because it’s very hard to change the perception. I learnt from one of my previous manager, “Either Love it or leave it, don’t creep about it”.