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Surprise Call from God during Road Trip: Bhimashankar

Surprise call from bhimashankar jyoterlinga

Hear it in English  Hear in in Hindi   “Surprise Call from God during Road Trip”, this topic is the extension of “Unplanned Road Trip : Adventurous and Dangerous” . I started my journey from Mumbai around 8 AM from my friend’s house. In the first Toll Booth of Mumbai-Pune Expressway, one person asked me for lift, he…

Unplanned Road Trip : Adventurous and Dangerous

Hear It  I was not in a good mood, little depressed. I got a call from my favorite senior from Mumbai, I told him that I was not in good mood, he asked me to come down to Mumbai. I did not give a second thought and decided to go as my family was in hometown.…

A Drive to God: God drives me

Hear It  It was 17th July 2017, Monday. I was on leave from office so thought to watch movie with my family. My wife told that our family friend also wanted to watch the same movie so should check them as well. She called her friend and came to know that they were going to…

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