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Coming out of Depression : Is it possible?

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Coming out of Depression: is it possible? This topic will tell that depression is not a disease, it is a state of mind which can be changed. Depression is a state which affects an individual very badly. It eats all the productivity and happiness of a person. I mentioned in my previous article “Make or Break Order:Bipolar Disorder

What is Depression?

Depression is a state in which person feels that we are useless person on the planet, nobody loves us. We are not able to do anything, do not want to face the world. We want to be alone and in dark. Lights are also seeming like our enemy. We do not want to look good. We feel that everybody is leaving us. We are feeling regret for everything we did in past. We are not able to judge what is right or wrong. Small tasks are big for us like bathing, taking glass of water, brushing our teeth etc.

Symptoms of Depression 

As I said, depression is not a disease, it is just a state.
There are following states which we would be in during depression

  1. Feeling very low
  2. Zero productivity
  3. Suicidal Thoughts
  4. Regretting for everything in past
  5. Less or No decision power
  6. Wanted to be alone and in dark
  7. Not able to do small tasks
  8. Do not want to face people
  9. Over sleepy or very lazy

How can we help?

Now, we know that the symptoms of depression, so how we help these people. First, we need to understand that these people are suffering from depression, so we need to be very kind with these people. We should listen them and win their confidence that we are there no matter what. They might try to be away from us, but we should keep trying till we win their confidence. Do not use harsh words for them. When they are discussing their regrets or mistakes of their past, we should listen them carefully and make them realize that whatever happened is not their mistake completely. We should take them out and try to change their mood. The biggest problem of these people that they do not have anyone who can understand them or listen them. Many times, we suggest going to psychiatrist which might not be correct advice.  

How can we come out of depression?

There might be scenarios, where we do not get any person to help us. Then we need to help ourselves. How can we do that? First, we should find something which relax ourselves like writing, dancing, singing, painting, playing, travelling etc. We should focus on those things and start reinventing ourselves. We should find those moments when people praised us, loved us. Always keep those moments in hard form and see whenever we feel like that we are useless fellow.

Nobody in this world born without any quality, only we need to explore that within ourselves. Many times, people are suggesting meditation or visiting to psychiatrist, but it is not necessary that it will work for us as well. Anything which relax us is a kind of meditation. Read about the people who came out of depression. Make our mind to understand that this is just bad state and small effort can change it to good state.

“Depression is not a disease, it is just a state which can be changed just like any other state.” 


Make or Break Order: Bipolar Disorder

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Is bipolar a mental disorder? There is a myth that Bipolar is mental disorder. It is just mood swing not more than that. Sometimes we feel very happy and sometimes we feel very sad. Usually we termed as that it is very common phenomenon in any individual. Nobody can be in same mood always.

In our life, sometimes things are not going in our way then we feel bad but when things are going as expected we feel happy. We have heard these words so many times in our life, one “Leave me Alone” and second “I am on the top of the world today“. It clearly shows that in which mood are we in. But there are many things which need to be noticed whenever you hear these two words either by ourselves or by somebody else. If  we have left most or right most feelings in following things during our mood swing then we need little help.

If we are lying into left most column then we are Hypermanic and if we have right most then we are having depression. If any person has both then that person is having BIPOLAR DISORDER.

In medical terms, our mood lies in the scale of 1-10. 1 is for low and 10 is for hyper. Usually our mood swing is happened between 4-6 but bipolar disorder person has mood swing from 1-10.  Hyper is very dangerous for relations, usually we lost relations during this time, while depression is very tough to do small tasks as well like taking bath, having brush, wake up from bed etc.

Bipolar is not any disease, it is a neurological imbalance, which can be happened because of many reasons, like

  • loneliness is one of the biggest reason
  • heavy load of expectation
  • fear in work
  • tension in relationship
  • stressful environment
  • improper timetable etc

In USA more than 10 million people are affected with that but there is a huge list of people who do not believe that they have any problem or they need any help. I feel like that people affected from bipolar have some special qualities. Just go through this list to know ,12 most famous people who affected with bipolar in the world. There are so many Indians as well.  Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Honey Singh, Randeep Hooda are just few of them.

People who suffered from Bipolar, need help. Need someone to be with them. Understand them, listen them, they should not be judgmental. Bipolar may say bad words or abuse others but in actual they are not like that. They might be not able to do small tasks but I am sure, they are trying their level best. Just bear with them for sometime. Go through this link to understand, how can we help.

Bipolar affected people are special people. If they get help, they can conquer the world, else they leave the world with BIG Question. Whenever you see any kind of person around you, don’t ignore them and never ever use word MAD for them, because “mad is a very mad word”.