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A Journey of Needful to Needy

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A journey of needful to needy is a story of 11 years old boy who is begging for survival but what made him beggar? Was he beggar since childhood or does he become because of any circumstances? These questions were going in my mind when I first saw him at one Tea shop. His leg was broken, and not having any finger in his right hand. Due to curiosity I started talking to him. I don’t know what made him to open his heart in front of me. Usually these children do not talk to people much.

So here is his story in his words:

My name is Chhotu Langda, this is not my real name. My real name was Aaryan, this was the name given by my parents. I don’t remember that how did I get separated from my parents. I was very small, might be 5-6 years old. I don’t remember that how many nights I was without food in dark. But I have not forgotten my real name.  I remember that one day, I was enforced to go on signal for begging with one girl. I used to call her “Didi” (Sister). But she said that in signal call her “Amma” (Mother). She was 12-13 years old at that time. 

That was the day when I become beggar. I tried very hard to beg but I was not getting anything from anyone. Few kind people gave me biscuits/breads to eat. But our master evaluates our begging skills based on pennies. No Money, no food. But I was happy because I was getting food on the signal to feed myself. This was going on for seven days. After seventh day, our master decided that I was not able to get money because I did not have pity look. So, he broke my one leg. That’s how I became “Chhotu Langda”.

His trick worked, or I was afraid, whenever anyone is giving me food, I simply deny and ask for money. This game was going on for few years. Every day I went along with “Didi”, who was so called my “Amma” in front of rich people. 

One day, I came to know that my “Didi” would not come with me. I was sad. I came to know from other people that our boss sold her to some filthy rich person. At that time, I realized that I should run from this place. I tried 2-3 times, when I caught, I have been beaten very badly. I was not able to sleep for 2-3 days because of pain but I couldn’t say no for work (beg). 

One final day, I ran from that hell. I went to railway station and took one train. I did not know the destination, but I did not have any destination to go. I was first time in the train so sit near door and feeling air on my face. I did not know that where I was going but I was feeling very good. I was into different world, but suddenly one loud voice broke my imaginary world. That was voice of Ticket Collector with some policemen. They asked for ticket, I did not know by that time that I should buy ticket to travel in train. I nodded in silence. They took me out from train in next station, that station was Solapur (Maharashtra).

They took me to police station and inquired about me. I told about myself. They asked me that from where I boarded, I told that. They asked for my id cards, I was not having any, but I had one identity card of beggars (which my boss made for me). Police Inspector had pity on me and he send me to “Bal Sudhar Grih” (Child Care Home). Now new story started.

I have been taken to one big hostel where so many kids were there. I have been told that now I would get chance to study, play and eat. I asked where I should beg to get all this. They told that I did not need to beg. For few days, I was very happy. I used to study, play and eat. I was feeling that I am in heaven.

But after few days, one fat guy came to the hostel. He picked few boys/girls and took us in a factory, where we needed to work very hard and for small mistakes, we were not getting food. We must sleep in small bunker where no light, no air. I was smallest and handicapped so was not able to work that much. I was hungry for 3 days, I was not able to sleep. I steal food to feed myself but caught by one security guard. They cut my one finger for the punishment. In this way, I lost my all fingers. 

I ran away from that place and boarded one bus. I spent most of my nights on roadside and dependent on people who waste food and throw in dustbin. I picked that to feed myself.

Back to Present

I asked him that how is he surviving, he asked that he is doing whatever he knows. “Begging”. He is cleaning cars on signals and begging. Sleeping on the roadside. I asked about his parents, but he does not remember. I was trying to help him but after hearing his story, I was not able to do anything. Only thing I did, I took him to restaurant and feed him with full meal. That was the only thing which I could do. 

I don’t know where is he now, but if he can get help in any means will be very helpful. Unfortunately I do not have any picture of him.



Effects of Demonetization on People and Indian Economy

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Effects of Demonetization on people and Indian economy is a topic which will explain demonetization, its need and effects.

What is Demonetization and its need?

Demonetization is a process, in which government of country can ban the current currency in the market and replace it with new currency. There could be several reasons for that,

  1. Increase of Black Money
  2. Increase in fraud currency
  3. Increase in Terror Funding
  4. Do not have knowledge of cash flow in market etc.

On 8th November 2016, government of India took decision to demonetize. In this 500/1000 INR became illegal in the market but with caution to give time of 53 days. That is 31st December 2016. After the decision took effect, people of India had been given 53 days’ time to deposit all of their currency to bank and exchange it with new currency. As per the stats, there were 85% of the total currency available was in the form of 500/1000. So new currency of 2000 INR released to control the economy. This decision was taken with surprise so that no person could convert his/her black money to materialistic things like real state or luxury.

Effects on the People

Many people were thinking that it is unplanned decision by government, but it was properly planned. We have seen that in 2014, government asked everyone to open account and there is Jan-Dhan account for poor people with zero balance. Then, they asked to link Aadhar card with account. On 1st November 2016, “Benami Sampati Law”(Any person cannot have property in the city where he/she never lived in lifetime). Therefore, it is clearly visible that it was planned decision. Demonetization was due since 1980, but because of political benefits, government of that time did not take decision.

Options for People

Following are the options given to people during demonetization:

  1. Limit of 2 lacs: People who were depositing 2 lac or less, were not asked any question and they could easily deposit in their account. If the people were depositing more than 2 lac then they had to give proper justification.
  2. Exchange of Currency: People could exchange their currency with the new currency up to 4000 INR daily. That was for the people who did not have bank account and were working on daily wages.
  3. Marriage Expense: People who were getting married during that time and need cash for them there was provision that they could get up to 5 lac INR from bank after showing valid proof of marriage. This option could be availed by the people who were main organizers like Parents of Bride and Groom or Bride/Groom.
  4. Unlimited Online Transaction: There was no limit on the online transaction. This was to encourage electronic transaction and discourage cash transaction. Because of demonetization, so many people learnt online transaction and PayTM got the major benefit as it was only recognized Mobile transfer option available during that time.
  5. Limit in cash with-drawl: There was limit of cash with-drawl up to 2500 INR because of lack of currency available. As we knew that 85% currency was demonetized so to balance the economy would take time.
  6. Valid in various places: Although, government made 500/1000 currency invalid post 8th November 2018, but then too there were various places where these currencies were valid like petrol pumps, post offices, water bills, electricity bills etc.

Effects in Indian Economy

Before demonetization, the share of tax payers was 2-3% but after demonetization, this share increased to 7%. As per RBI (Reserve Bank of India), 99% cash came back to banks. People were saying that there was only 1% black money. But, it was not the case. Banks put hefty fines like 40% on the amount, which did not have proper explanation. Government of India gave time to people till 30th September 2016 to pay their due taxes but if people did not follow that, they had to pay hefty fines and got 60% or less of their amount. After that, there were a lot of raids and recovered almost 7000 crore INR as per the news. This helped the economy of the country, during that time economy went down because of unavailability of cash flow but that was only for time being. People learnt online transaction and small vendors like Pan Shop, vegetable hawkers etc started taking electronic money. I, myself taught hundreds of people about online transaction.

“If anybody asked about demonetization, I personally feel that it was very much required and benefit the entire country. Thanks to the Government to take this tough decision. Big transformation needs small sacrifices and kudos to the people of country who took it positively. Biggest example is my father who is working in bank and 10th Nov was his birthday and he told that he was blessed to have this opportunity before his retirement.”

Girl Child who never get chance to become lady

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Today, I have chosen a topic, Girl child who never get chance to become lady, which is a huge embarrassment to our society, RAPE. If I define Rape, it is an act which happens without consent of the women/girl. It is a forced physical relationship with a lady. This is happening since ages. In our ancient history, strong people are using their power to take control of women, one man in those days used to have multiple women to fulfill their desires. But as the rule changed or law incorporated, people are trying to fulfill their desires forcefully.

Women of our society, when raped, they feel ashamed to disclose. Society blames women for the act happened with her, she is a victim, but society accuses her. I do not understand that when someone does something forcefully to you, how come it is your fault. If there is a robbery in a house, who should be caught, Victim or Robber(s)?

Now a days, our country is known as Rape Country, and capital of our country is known as rape capital, because it has maximum registered cases of rape. but the number would be huge because unregistered cases are much higher than registered ones. People often blame young ladies for this incident because of their dresses or often blame to give wrong indications to their colleagues or friends.

Recently, there was an incident of rape with 2 months old girl, I ask you, what is her fault? Is it like, She made her nappy wet while she was with her 28 years old uncle. Her uncle got aroused and did that cruel incident. What do we think, will that girl ever get a chance to become a lady? Today, when a girl child is born, the biggest worry of her parents is that how can they save their daughter from this cruel world. I too have this worry, but I have a solution too.

When Nibhaya Incident happened on 16th December 2012, people were on streets with candles, but according to the news that there was no one who took courage to save that daughter when she was on the main road, NAKED. I urge everyone, nothing is happened post incident, we can punish those rapist but can not bring the womanhood or confidence in our women.

Let’s take an oath, that we will make this country #RapeFreeCountry. I took the pledge already and started working for the same.But have you??

Marriages are more expensive than Education

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Today, I picked up a very controversial topic.In  which every one agrees with it but is afraid to implement it in their own life. Strange, isn’t it? In our society, when a girl child is born what is the first thing comes  to  parent’s mind. Well the question is that , how can they  save their  princess from this cruel world. How much money do the parents need to save to get the best prince for their princess.While, some orthodox people of society will ponder on the thought that God gave them a burden for their entire life to bear. 
Our sophisticated society does not think much for the education of a girl child. Our government is running campaigns since ages, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.We keep discussing about girl power etc. But how much we really believe it? In a family which is not financially strong, sister needs to sacrifice education for her brother. Very few families are there, who give equal importance to both gender  in terms of education. But I ask you all a question that, Why do we have a burden of marriage only on bride’s family, why not groom?
If I ask anyone to do marriage in a  very simple manner, they might say that marriage happens only once, we should spend our heart/pocket out in that. Correct, but what about education, it is for whole life. Grand Marriage would be remembered, for few days, months or maximum a year but Professional Education will remain with us forever. If you see around and calculate the amount spend on marriage, it would be much higher than the total amount spent in one girl child’s education. We used to think  that if son has good education, he will get beautiful bride and heavy dowry too. Yes, dowry is illegal but it is still there in the form of expensive gifts which is implicit in the marriages. 
Whenever I used to see grand marriage ceremonies, I used to feel that spending in marriage is only show off. There is no financial benefit. If they give that hefty amount to the newly wed couple, that would be of  much more help for them. If we give our daughters best education then match-making would be equal and easy. In this expensive world, both need to earn, so both need to be qualified too. 
“Although it is very tough to accept or implement in their own life, but if new generation enforced their parents, to not waste money in Grand ceremony of marriages and utilize that amount in better education, Every day would be ceremony.”

marriages are more expensive than education

Education is one thing that makes a human, wise to take decisions and grow in life. Learning never stops. We should give equal opportunities to both girl and boy child. Equality for All, Education for All. Marriage should happen when we get educated and settles in our life. So our utmost priority should be, to educate our kids whether girl or boy. Then the nation will grow. 

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How to Prevent Certificates, Which Certify Us?

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Certificates are the most important documents of our life because it certify us that we are Graduate, Post-Graduate, Ph.d etc. Not only Educational certificates, there are so many other documents, which are our proof of identity. If somebody ask our birth date or name, it would not be authenticated until and unless we produce some valid document. Similarly, our professional career is also authorized with service certificates or relieving letters of all previous organizations.

Above mentioned certificates are mandatory ones, which every individual would have, but as we grow older, number of important documents keep on increasing, like if we buy house, there is a lot of property related documents, which authorize our ownership of property, we buy car, gas connection or water connection etc., everything is authorized with documents. If we travel to other countries that VISA documents or other countries ids would become important documents. Once we get married then marriage certificate and once we have kid, then birth certificates of kids will become very important documents. 

Experience of any Private Job Folk

Few people might be thinking that this is obvious thing, what special I am talking about in this article. So, let me come to the point of reason. I got my first valid certificate in 1999 as my Class X certificate, which acted as my date of birth proof. After that wherever date of birth proof was required, I carry my Class X original certificate. I was always worried that what happen if I lose it. Getting duplicate certificate in India at that time was very tough and tedious task. Then I completed Class XII. Travel to other city for my graduation. Traveled multiple cities during my professional career and carrying all my certificates with the tension that what happened if I lose this document file. I never let Movers and Packers to carry that bag which carries my documents. After my marriage and kid, the burden of documents increased. 

Solution to avoid anxiousness

Fortunately, I belong from IT industry, so whenever I switch my profession, they asked soft copies of the documents. So I have scanned all those documents, which required to get job, like mandatory documents. But I always worried about my other documents, I lost my Driving license while somebody stole my wallet, I got duplicate one by giving some bribe to RTO (Regional Transport Office). So I was thinking, that there should be some place where we upload digital copies of our documents and it should be authorized as well.

Just couple of years back, Government of India launched digital locker which is mapped with Aadhar Number (UIDAI). It is very easy, and we can e-Verify it. Once we verify our documents and mapped the scan copy with document name, we are done. Valid format is PDF, JPEG and PNG. We can upload up to 1 GB of data. I have already updated all my documents over there and found that it is worth to share with all. It is verified with government and mobile app is also available.


Prevention is always better than cure and awareness is much better than being dumb

Education Temple became Butcher House: What a shame?

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This article was never in my list and also I never thought that I would be forced to write on Education topic. But in recent past I heard so many incidents happened in schools of National Capital region which enforced me to write my perspective on it.

A kid, who carried by Mom for 9 months in her womb, brought up on the shoulders of Dad. A little cry of a baby made its parents worried, no matter what is the time. Every parents remember their sleepless nights to feed, to care for their kid. Then that baby grown up and with lot of investigations, parents find best school for their kid. This is the place, where they dream to make their kid knowledgeable, where he/she learns social circle, where parents feel as the safest place on the planet for their kid. But recent past, the incidents happened made them scared. Now parents are afraid to send their kid to school, which is called Education Temple.

You all have been read in newspaper or watched in news that recently two small kids, one is 7 years old and one is 8 years old, lost their lives in school. What was their mistake? The incidents happened just few minutes after school started. Who is responsible, that is the craziest thing, No Body!!!!!.

School managements are having strong connections in law and order, which left normal parents just to cry on their fortune. They cry on their broken dream, they cry on their kids body. They cry, cry and cry. What else they can do? But thanks to our sensible society who pressurized the government that much that they had to wake up from their sleep. Not sure what our Education Minister is doing. 

I read in news that school managements offered financial cost of somebody’s piece of heart. How much money anyone can give for the broken dreams, for those sleepless nights, for their love, for the life of kid. I do not think that there is any price for that. You can buy bed, but can not buy sleep, You can buy women, but can not buy love, you can buy coffin, but can not buy life. There is no cost of Mother’s milk, no cost of affection of father. 

I really feel deep condolences for those parents who lost their piece of heart in so-called Education Temple, which has been made to Butcher House by its richest management, who do not value education, for them it is pure business and kids are just source to generate money. Schools in National Capital Region are becoming Hell, where ratio of spoiling kids are much more than learned ones. I request all parents, please do not take step back, whatever stand you have taken for those kids, stick to that, because if you become weak today, it may be your kid next.

“We always learnt that School is Temple of Education but now it is Butcher House for our kids. Stop sending your kid to school. Teach them in home, at least they will be alive and safe.”

Mobile: A Strong Companion or Dangerous Enemy

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Mobile, a great invention, which reduced the distances. It also allows you to carry your talking device along with you wherever you go. It became great after it became smart. I do not think that anyone in the world is not aware of this device. Every invention has some pros and cons so do Mobile has. Smart mobile is smart and getting smarter day by day with so many Apps development. You can do video calling, voice calling to other city, state or country. Now you can learn with so many education applications, you can explore new places with Google Map. You can connect with your old friends and relatives using Social Networking apps like Facebook, Google+ etc. You can connect with your favorite celebrities using Twitter, Instagram. Seems like Mobile is great invention. Yes it is, but people are not using it wisely every time. 

I have seen that road accidents are increased by 500% because of mobile. I have seen numerous people, who are talking on mobile while driving, specially two-wheeler. I personally stopped so many people to talk on mobile while driving. Parents are spending more time with mobile than their kids. They are giving mobile to their kids just to avoid their responsibilities. For kids too, mobile is much more important than their parents. Mobile is very personal gadget for everyone, no body wants that their parents, elders or friends open their device and see their stuffs.

Mobile is using in constructive way as well. Business is increased by 200% by using mobile. You can see that now all services are available on mobile. No need to go out from your home or office. People are becoming lazy because of Mobile. Now kids are having spectacles at very young age because of excessive usage of mobile. I have seen that outdoor sports is decreased by 70% in kids. Crime rate is also increased a lot because of usage of mobile. Pornography is easily available to teens, which increased crime against girls. Yes, information is also easily available and people are more knowledgeable than before. Earlier we were having TV and newspaper only as source of information. Now we can easily validate everything on Google. 

I see people are talking very less among friends and relatives, but everyone is connected in Whats App or Facebook. People may have 1000+ friends in social networking sites but not having any real friend in their life. Now no body is going to each other house for tea or dinner instead they are sending tea smiley to each other. I have seen many people to congratulate their near and dear ones for their birthday and anniversary on social networking sites instead of personally. People are showing their love to their parents, sisters, brothers, wife, husband on Facebook instead of telling them directly. Parents do not know about their kids, kids do not care about their parents. Society is spoiling. I do not see that kids are playing cricket, football in evening instead of they are spending time to play on their highly price gadgets. Parents also think, that buying expensive gadgets and toys, their responsibility finishes. Mother and Father both need to do job, just to fulfill those  expensive responsibilities and kids have been brought up by grand parents or maids. I have seen very good video recently on one joint family. You might find it in your Facebook or Whats App. People are sharing these kind of videos very frequently but actually what they are doing in their personal life?

“Mobile is a great invention but people do not use it in constructive way. It can be a very good companion, if you use its feature for betterment, but it is very dangerous enemy, if you give importance  to it more than humans”

Taking Sports as a Profession in India – What is stopping you?

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Since childhood we are listening from our Parents and elders that “Padhoge Likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab” ,Study will make you rich, Playing will spoil you. In movie MS Dhoni – An Untold Story reversed this through this song.

There are many parts of country where child decides to make Sports as a profession, he must be criticized. In India Sports is just hobby or the way to make yourself fit, not more than that. But then too few are decided to make it profession but there are following challenges

Convince Parents: This is the biggest hurdle in Indian society. Parents always want their kids to become Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, CA etc but not a sportsperson. I remember when I was in class 9th, I wanted to become cricketer in 2000 but my father wanted me to make career in some white color job. He asked me just one thing how many player are there in Indian Team from our state (UP), the answer was NO.


There were many players in cricket who played 15+ years for State but never got chance, Ashish Viston Zaidi, highest wicket taker in Ranji, but never get selected in Indian Cricket Team. And there was lot of state biased selection at that time. Now time is changing parents are trying their kid to become Sachin Tendulkar but not in other sports, Why? But knowing the challenge in this field they always put study in priority.

Money Factor: Lets say you are able to convince your parents or they wanted you to be in sports. Parents always put their kids in that kind of sports where lot of money is there. So Cricket is always first choice.


I was just thinking that Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Have they started playing cricket to become rich, the answer should be NO, they wanted to play for country and make India proud. They are passionate about cricket, I think if you ask Sachin to bat 24 hours without food, he would do that because he was passionate about batting. Yes he is multi billionaire but he never run after that, money ran after him. How?

Competition Factor: The easiest way to earn is study and get job, rest all other fields have a lot of competition. Lets say if you want to play cricket for country, there is high possibility that you won’t get chance because there are only 15 players selected in the team and usually they don’t leave the team. Now answer is why not other sports, the reason is clear ,“Money Factor”. Cricketers are like celebrity in India, Media is following them like “Ants behind Sweets” whatever they are doing, is in news, which movie they are watching, with whom they are shopping, which girl they are dating etc. that is why they have a lot of ads. but in other sports this is not the condition. Once the event is over, nobody care about the game.

I remember during Olympics everybody was talking about prospects of medals. We won 3 medals in Olympics that is also because of our powerful girls, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik. People were proud about that, but I felt shame on our Country. We are 1.3 Billions and won 3 medals (1 Silver, 2 Bronze). In Olympics, 206 countries participate and in Cricket World Cup,12 countries. So the insult is much more over there. We are famous for Technology, Literature, Science, Medical around the world but what is our image in Sports, we only know how to play cricket. Why?

Support Factor:  The other biggest reason is support factor in India for sports. In Cricket BCCI is separate organization and spends/earns lot of money but in other sports the condition is much worst. Abhinav Bindra won Olympics Gold Medal in 2008 because of his father not because of support from our country. It’s insane that many of our National players struggled for support in big events. In recent Olympics, one of our Player fainted in Marathon because no one was there to give her water.

We are thankful to few rich people of country who are investing in sports now and get Support factor from outside. Mukesh Ambani supported cricket in IPL (which at least saved the future of cricketers), Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly promoted Football, to provide platform and support to Football players. Abhishek Bachhan promoted Kabaddi and Aamir Khan is promoting Table Tennis. Yes these are the people who are giving back to sports what they got from it but how long?

Career after Sports: Usually Sportsperson has career max 30-35 years depends on sports he/she plays. Now what after that because life never stops there. what kind of profession he will choose, either dependent on the job offered by Govt (Very Few), or do business of something. There was one movie came sometime back “Paan Singh Tomar” starred Irfan KhanThat movie really  ask questions about the future of sportsperson in India.

People may blame Government for this but I will blame people of our country. If they put their kids in sports other than cricket, and get professional coaching from them their future will automatically secure. Government can not give job to everyone its responsibility of us to take care of our sportsperson who made our country proud. In India, if you are Teacher by profession you can easily survive on your own but if you are sportsperson you can’t. Why?

Watch the view of Narendra Modi on Sports in India

Non-mandatory Curriculum :  In school sports is never be a priority. School is known by its academic results not by sports. Now a days few schools are trying to make students to play at least one sports but that is non-mandatory curriculum.

Means if student doesn’t perform in sports its okay but if he doesn’t perform in academics he is not allowed to proceed in next standard. Shouldn’t be sports examination there and if kid is not able to perform then he should not proceed? Shouldn’t we make sports mandatory in all schools like other subjects? Shouldn’t we send our kids for professional sports coaching after school like academics. Why playing sports important only during summers?

Thank you TATA TEA – JAAGO Re, who started campaign to make Sports as serious business. Watch this. Support by giving Miss Call7847844444

Interest Factor: We have interest only in those sports which we ever played or know the rules. I don’t think anyone in India is there who do not know the rules of Cricket but it is not the same for other sports. I myself played 10+ sports and watch all games in Olympics except Golf. If you ask anyone to watch hockey match that person won’t, in fact if you ask anyone to name hockey players, people would failed to do that but in cricket they can tell you players of three generations.

During any big events of other sports, interest built but vanish as soon as it get over. Olympics also comes once in four years but we watch other sports only during Olympics, why not the same with Cricket. The reason is BUZZ created by media for men’s cricket, which is not there for other sports including women cricket too. Have you seen “Mauka Maukaadvertisements?

I feel like that if we make sports as mandatory like other subjects in all schools it will be fruitful in many ways, we will take care of our sportsperson and win more medals in Olympics. Lets target at least 10 medals in Olympics 2020.


Abhinav Bindra: The only individual Olympic Gold Medalist –  Olympics 2008 

Kashmiri, Born in Boon, Die in Curse in so called “Heaven on Earth”

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Today I want to share my feelings and thoughts about one youngster of Kashmir who brought up with the dream of become doctor, engineer, sportsperson or writer etc. May be any person can ask me what you know about Kashmir, have you ever been over there or have you seen any moves over there so the answer is YES, yes I went there in Nov 2013 just few months before our general election. Might be people ask me that why I have soft feeling for Kashmiri, am I supporting neighbor country or I am Anti National, so the Answer is BIG NO, I am very much patriotic and love my country very much because I live in the part of country where I am free to choose my profession .Where I can roam freely, watch movie with my family with no fear or very minimal fear. Where I can go for work without any worry about my near and dear ones. Where I can spend, buy whatever I can afford. That’s Why I love my country because country is doing enough for me, I got education, job, freedom to speak, everything, so I don’t have any reason to hate my country.

Can we say the same thing about Kashmiri? We got freedom in 1947 almost 70 years before but still a Kashmiris are not free. Coming back to the story of that Kashmiri boy, to give you better understanding I would like to give example of movie Haider a Bollywood movie, starring Shahid Kapoor, Tabu. So that boy wanted to do study and serve the country. Make his parents proud etc. He went to school, he was in 10th, when there was blast in his home, he was in school so saved, but lost all his family, when he came back to his house, nothing was there, and he was crying like anything. At that time few people came to him and told that few terrorists entered in his house and Indian Army was chasing them. Army mercilessly exploded his house. Now that boy left with no dream, no money, then some terror organization offered him shelter but at the cost of whatever they say he had to follow. He got Army kind of training and one day he did blast in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and lost his life in Mumbai blast. Was he becoming terrorist by choice, who made him, Ask Yourself?

A story of Great Actor Anupam Kher

When I was there in Kashmir on 29th November-8th Dec 2013, our PM was doing aggressive rallies, I visited main market of Srinagar,  Lal chowk, some shopkeeper told me that there was blast here yesterday, I got scared but he told me that there is no problem to you, you should not be worry, it won’t harm any tourist, they are fighting for their freedom. There was coming up rally of PM candidate and people of Kashmir were protesting that. I ask, that is crime they should not do that, they should love their country etc. The answer I got was shocking and painful too. For few mins I lost the faith in my country for the people of Kashmir. I feel like I am blessed that I born in that part of country which is not J&K. I am blessed that I am educated, I am blessed I have infra, medical and transport facilities. I am blessed that I can do my job without worry, I am blessed I can send my son to school without fear. Yes, I am Blessed that I am lucky to not born in the “Heaven of Earth”.

Watch this scene of Haider

Haider Shooting was going on during 29th Nov – 8th Dec 2013

Heaven of Earth –  Now Hell