A Drive to God: God drives me

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It was 17th July 2017, Monday. I was on leave from office so thought to watch movie with my family. My wife told that our family friend also wanted to watch the same movie so should check them as well. She called her friend and came to know that they were going to Mallikarjun, Jyoterlinga, Srisailam. She asked us as well. I thought that during Saawan, its good to go there. I said Yes to them and started getting ready. We asked to leave our place by 10 AM.

Let me tell you about the place. It is 230 KM far away from Hyderabad. after 150 KM, there is forest of 50 KM, where after 9 PM entry is not permitted. There is no light on road and road is also in zigzag fashion with slant. That is why I always target to start by 10 or 11 AM and crossed the forest before getting dark. Earlier two times, I followed this very strictly so crossed the forest after darshan before 5:30 PM. Temple closes between 4 PM to 6 PM and reopened around 6:30 PM.

So we started at 12 Noon instead of 10 AM. I was worried but my friend seems to be like adventurous. The moment we got down from outer ring road, it started raining. Slowly rain got heavier, visibility was also fading. Everyone was hungry and I was also needed tea badly. My friend was rigid to stop car but because of my force, we stopped finally where we spent 30 minutes. Then I was driving and we reached around 4:30 PM. Temple was shut down so we needed to wait till 6:30 PM.

We paid 150 bucks for each person, usually I hate to pay for darshan. Because I believe that GOD is for everyone, it is not personal property of anyone. But anyways, we did darshan with a lot of crowd and came out around 7:30 PM. My friend wanted to do some Puja but as everyone needed to get back on the same day, so I forced him to leave immediately. I was having fear in my mind that in this rainy season with no light, it was difficult to cross that 70 KM.

Finally we started around 7:45 PM, my friend was driving. With in 5 minutes we got big jerk, as my friend was not able to see road clearly. He switched ON GPS Navigation as road was not clear and turns were very much unexpected. We got into forest around 8:55 PM. It was very scary so I stopped looking at the road, went to back seat. My wife went to sleep and I started talking to my friend’s sister, Priyansha Dubey, an Indian Actress now. We were talking about passion of individual, she is actress in Telugu movie. So we were discussing and I was also looking for some parallel system as Information Technology field is very unstable now. She suggested me to do whatever I am passionate about, she never get bored with acting so I started thinking what passionate me. Suddenly I felt that we were out of forest and stopped for tea. I saw one cow, which was coming to us to eat our snacks, shopkeeper beat her. I felt bad, I told him that we were coming from Mallikarjun (Lord Shiva Place) and cow is his Vaahan. I went to her with dozen of bananas and feed her. I touched her head, I felt that she was giving me some blessings.

We got into the car and  again I started talking with her. This time I told her that somebody told me that I could be very good writer. She told that then I should start writing. I took it seriously and after reaching out to home I wrote article on Kashmir on Google docs. Now I wanted to evaluate myself that how did I write.

As I was writing from class 7th but never wrote for public, it was quite personal and also in Hindi. When I thought to write for world, I started with Facebook, but as it was very long so crossed Facebook character limit, I posted my article in 3 posts.

Somebody told me that why are you posting such long on Facebook, it was filling his wall. If I had that long content, then I should write blog. That gave me way to search on word press and I launched My Thoughts on 18th July 2017. Now it seems like that I write quite good. People are liking it. Thanks for that.


Network or Chain Marketing: Financial Freedom or Trap

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Companies follow many ways to sell their products, Advertisements, Branding, Promotion, Campaigning etc. Direct Selling or Network marketing is also one of them. In this, company use their customers as sales representative and if they help them for their product sell, they will get commission. To earn big money, people sell the products to their friends and relatives, which in future create a problem. Although, this kind of marketing is very much successful in other countries but why this model get failed in India. Let me explain with some factors

Friend is Customer: We are making friends on our own and when we start any business or anything new, we share with our friends first. Sometimes it is for financial benefits or sometimes for appreciation only. Friends, with whom we cherish foods, studies, games and many more. Now after getting into Direct Marketing, we start seeing them as prospects. To gain financial benefits, we used to try every trick to get him into business. Many times we do Emotional Blackmail. In India, people are ready to kill their time with friends but do not like to give any financial benefits.

Lacking of Self Believe in Product: It has been observed that product sold through Direct marketing are not common products or many times it is not very useful for common man. If they are consumer products also, they are highly priced compared to their competitors. In India, people never get into it for products, they are very much interested in commission by selling products. This is the main disadvantage that they are not able to sell the product with confidence.

Wrong Approach: If we observe the company instruction or procedure to selling is quite very good, but many people never go through it completely. People think that it is quick rich scheme. The more you sell, the more you get. So they are trying unconventional approaches to sell products. Like, emotional blackmail, forcing people, mentally torture, keep calling people. New salesperson, who get into this, used to have some experience person to provide info. The only job of salesperson is to call his prospects. As there is lack of self belief, they call their friends by hook or crook. They call them for lunch, dinner or drink and surprise them with business plan. This make prospect as cheated or fooled. 

Greedy for Financial Freedom: There is another reason for which people get into this type of marketing, i.e. Financial Freedom. What is financial freedom, that is if you do not work also, you will get money. People will work for you by adding hours. Simple concept, if you have 10 people, who work 8 hours daily along with you then cumulatively, it is 88 hours per day. It is in theory but in direct marketing, it is not the case. There are many people who do not work as they get into it because of force or fear to lose friendship. Also nobody likes that if he is working and his friend is getting benefit without doing anything.

If I take example of any organization, we might feel that we are doing all the work but our boss is getting benefit, but in actual he is doing some other task as his role is changed. Same with CEO of the company, his job is to get work for his people. So in my terms there is no term called “Financial Freedom” in that perspective. According to me “Financial Freedom” is that if you are sick for one week or you are on vacation for few days, then too, your earnings are not going to stop. In that case every person who is doing job is financially free for few days. We all have casual, sick leaves. If we are on vacation or sick, our salary does not get deducted. Today, Ratan Tata, Ambani, Aditya Birla, they are financially free, but not sitting idle. We need to understand this.

Bad Investment Procedure: You have heard many people that they lost a lot of money in Direct Marketing may be 10 times of the cost of product which they purchased to get in. How? The answer is that they approached their friends and show them that if you work for 1 year, you will (instead of can be) get X amount of income. Many friends say that you invest for my behalf and I will return once I get my money back through commission. We invest for them and he will never come back or stop picking up your call. Many people think that it is Pump and Show business. We buy car, house or any expensive things and tell our friends, relatives, colleagues that you got it from direct selling. If you get into this, you can also get all these things in very short span of time.

If you ask me that whether direct marketing is good or bad, I can say that it is good but not in India because people are not understanding it correctly. It is successful in other countries because relations are not that much strong over there or they do not do hook and crook method to sell products. They walk slow, took it as business and know that return will come after investing good amount of time. When we open a shop, we can not expect that in few days we will have multiple franchisee in all cities. It may take years or sometimes never happened, depending on the efforts we put.

“Direct Marketing can be Financial Freedom, if it does in correct way else it is Financial Trap”

99% People are pulling you down, 1% are enough to bring you up

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You have seen many people around you, who always want you to do conventional things. The moment you start doing anything different, they start criticizing you. Have you ever thought, why it is like that? The reason is very simple, the people who does not want you to grow, they criticize, but people who care for you, they protect you to fail. So they always tell you that it may be tough, try something conventional or easy. These are our parents, who never want their kid to try unconventional tasks. They also have fear of society, “Log kya Kahenge?” (What will people say?).

It is rule of nature, the more you try, the more success you get. If you take example of any famous personality, you can feel that they faced criticism, started from their family, relatives, so-called friends, teachers etc. Dhiru Bhai Ambani, a name which does not require any introduction today. His journey was not easy in initial days, he was criticized by his father, teachers etc. He went to other country where he was selling Petrol Tanks. The moment he realized his potential, he left the job and started his own work. He faced a lot of criticism but what he achieved in his lifetime, needs no explanation. The story of successful people never ends here. Conventional tasks are easy to do and very common. But unconventional tasks need courage to start and difficult, because of criticism.

Another example of the person who taught us, how to face criticism. Narendra Modi, my inspiration, my strength, his journey was never smooth. He is still on nails throne. He had/has been criticized a lot but he never stops his Karma. He was shaken so many times because of criticism or tough situations, but he kept on doing whatever is required. Today, he is most respected person on the earth, Prime Minister of India.  

 I always think that what was the source of their motivation, while observing deeply, I found that they had few people, who always encouraged them to keep moving. Then I came to the point that you need few people in your life, who always encourage you, motivates you. Those few people are your 1%, who will make you feel that you can do it and these are more than enough. We should not be worry for remaining 99% because they will keep you criticizing till you succeed. These 99% are also your strength, who make benchmark of success for you. When I started writing or did any unconventional thing, I got criticism, but what made me to keep moving? Narendra Modi, Yes he is the one, I used to see his videos, speeches, to make myself motivated.

Our parents used to taught us, think about yourself, don’t worry about others. I want to tell, all those parents that you are making your kid selfish and self-centered. One day, when he will grown up and think about himself and his family only, then you would feel dejected. Try to teach him feeling of sharing, love, importance of togetherness, this will make him mentally and emotionally very strong. This is important for him to face the world.

Whenever you start any thing which is unconventional, it is difficult for the society around you to digest, they do not want you to proceed, either they feel that you will be successful or they are having fear that they can not do the same. So whenever you face criticism, feel like that you are doing something which others are not able to do. You should feel proud on it.

Many times we do not do things, because of society. We want to dance in rain but don’t do because of image spoil. You want to play, but not, because you think that you are old enough to play. There are many people, who do not want to do any unconventional things because of fear of criticism. These people want every other person in their surrounding to be fearful to make them comfortable. You might heard of Frog in Well, he always want that all frogs should be in Well only.

So never afraid about these 99% people, they are sick and can not help you by any means. Search for those 1%, who will become your strength and motivate you, towards your goal”.

Survival in IT: What does it take?

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Being an IT person, it was expected from me to write something about my IT experience. I spent 11 years into this IT world. I came across various challenges and also came up with my own perspective that what made me to survive this long. You can relate yourself with this post, if you are less experience but lost your job because of performance issue or you are 5+ years of experienced but lost your job because of some organization politics, performance or cost cutting. If you are in any private job then also you can relate yourself with this post. This post is not only for those people who lost their job but for those people as well who are in stress or fear to lose job. Now coming to the point, what is required to keep you in your job. In my opinion, three basic things are required, if you want to survive in IT world.

Knowledge:  Knowledge is the first requirement to be in any job. If you do not have knowledge, you would not be in IT industry or any job. I am B.Tech in Electronics and Communication but needed to study C language to get into IT world. So it is required that you should keep updating yourself with latest technology because Technology is changing very quickly and it is required that we should be updated with latest trends in market.

For example, if you know Relational databases like My SQL, Oracle, but organization is decided to move towards No SQL Databases, then to continue with database field for you, it is required to know No SQL Databases like Mongo DB or Cassandra etc. Try to get Professional certifications whenever you get chance. I personally feel that knowledge of anything, is never wasted.

Attitude: Attitude towards learning is most important in IT world. I have seen many people, who does not want to change their stream. Like if someone is working on JAVA or UNIX, they want to continue or explore options only in these fields. These people may be the first one, who will lose their job, when project in those technologies is not available in the organization. Organizations run with people and people run with organization. Company needs you more than you need organization, that is why organization tries to fit you in some or other project.

To survive in IT industry, you should be flexible and, always ready to learn new technology because “Technology will change but Attitude towards learning should not be changed”.  

Connections: This is also very important to sustain in IT industry. I worked in four organizations so far in 11 years, but I am still in touch with my first company folks. I have seen many people, who leave the current organization and never put efforts to connect with their previous organization bosses or peer. Remember one thing, if you are growing in IT industry, your peers and bosses are also growing. we know very well that “Out of sight is out of mind“. We have heard this statement many times “Pehle batana the yaar, mere paas opening thi, par tumne bataya hi nahi” (You should have told me before, I was having opening but you did not tell me earlier). Also don’t call your ex colleagues or bosses only when you need help. They should not feel like that you call them only in need, that will give a wrong impression. 

Many times, your connections help you to get job during your dark days. IT industry progresses in Sinusoidal curve, so you will see ups and down for sure. You never know, that your friend or your boss is in that position, where he/she can take you in their organization very easily but as you did not have connection, you might lose the opportunity. 

The beauty of private job is that, it is not permanent, so whenever you are not liking organization or people or city, you can switch. Never creep about your organization or peer because it may spoil your image. Try to maintain good image in your circle because it’s very hard to change the perception. I learnt from one of my previous manager, “Either Love it or leave it, don’t creep about it”.

Legendary Tennis Player: Playing on Nails Court

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This is very common mentality that women should be under shelter of men. The society is like that. Although this thinking is changing slightly but there is still one religion where the condition of women is not that good. They are just house worker or baby delivering machine. They are getting married by the age of 18-20 years. They are not allowed to think about their aspirations. They are not allowed to wear clothes of their choices. They are not allowed to go out without covering their head or face. In this situation, a woman thinks to make her career in sports, is this possible? Answer would be BIG NO. Are you crazy?

But we have one daring woman in our country who made this possible. Who undergone lot of criticism but we are thankful to her family who stand by her side in all situations. She has chosen that sports which no other woman in our country can think of. If you ask Muslim girl, it would be impossible. She selected ‘TENNIS‘ and became number one player of the country because she is the only one from country. She was criticized for her dress, her physical architecture, people made her morphed photos. Nobody appreciated her game. I am also from that culprit who did not like her, but after seeing her game, I became a fan of her game.

Sania Mirza, she is the lady who made our country proud in Tennis. Why she was able to do that because she belongs to the Sports City of India, Hyderabad. I see that Muslim families from this city are more advanced compare to other parts of country. I see ladies are going out, doing job, playing sports from this community but why no other Muslim girl is in sports. Because still ladies or their families are not that much strong enough to face the criticism from the care takers of this community. You might heard of issuing Fatwa to Sania Mirza and her family for wearing skirt. Few people are saying that she belongs to our neighbor country because she married to sportsperson of neighbor country. There might be a scenario that she did not get person from our own country or she has been put into condition where she had to sacrifice her first love “Tennis”. Today she is playing for India and making our country proud. She is among the top 50 women players in Tennis. She won a lot of Grand Slams in Doubles.Today she is the best in doubles. She almost won Olympic medal for country in Rio Olympics. People threw stones on her but she took it as tennis ball and faced it with her back hand and forward hand strokes, and able to win all.

We should proud on this lady, Sania Mirza, who should be idol of every Muslim girl. Her family should receive kudos from world who took courage to put their daughter in sports. Today she is one of the most respected person in Sports World.

I am also fan of you, Sania Mirza. Keep playing and make our country proud. 

0 to 100, 100 to 0 then again 0 to 100

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This topic gives you insight of people who got success in their life and when they are not able to retain their success, they lost, but again, Regain their confidence and come back strongly and become more successful than earlier. The examples around the world will give you strength as well as direction to become successful. What should you do when you are feeling low. Also I will share my experience that how did I come out from few toughest phase of my life. I know that I am not that much famous person on the earth but definition of success is different for every individual. For few folks settle down in abroad is success, for few, known to millions is success and for few to make one person smile everyday is success.

Highs and Lows are the part of life, if it’s not there then life would be very boring. Failure is important to taste the feeling of success. Bad is the one who gives importance to good. So don’t be afraid from lows or bad phase of life. Remember one thing, nothing is permanent in this life. I remember famous dialogue of Late Rajesh Khanna jiChahte, Shohrate, Ulfate, kuch bhi hamesha rehta nahi, Aaj jahan main hun, kal waha koi aur tha, yeh bhi ek daur hai, woh bhi ek daur tha” (Nothing is permanent in life, whatever you are today, somebody else was there, this is also an era, that was also an era). I strongly believe in these words. If you take the example of Sports, Lala Amarnath to Virat Kohli, era is changing and we got new players for every decade.

But there are few players who really got lot of respect, Sachin Tendulkar (God of Cricket), Sourav Ganguly (Dada of Cricket) and  my favorite Yuvraaj Singh (The fighter of cricket). You know why these players are the most respected ones because they showed how to reach 0 to 100. They know the Mantra to reach 0 to 100. They are not afraid from 100 to 0 because of Success Mantra they have.

If you take the example of Film industry, enormous actors, actress who came back strongly, but above them all Mr. Amitabh Bachhan. He had big loss in 90s but came back strongly and now he is financially/Mentally very strong. Still performing and entertaining us. Although there are many other actor/actress but Amitabh Bachhan is known as “Mahanayak of the Century”.

The life of mine is also like roller coaster, I have started my life so many times from zero.That is why I am not very much worried from challenges but my family do.  The life taught me a lot. I took inspiration from our PM Narendra Modi. our sportsperson, our business kings/queens, and top of that our women. If you see your mother, wife, daughter you feel that how strong and how multitasking they are. 

You might watched Women Cricket World Cup 2017. There is one player from winning team, Sarah Taylor. Very few know about her but she is the one who was going through mental problem 1 year ago. I read that she had gone through mental treatment. I am surprised to see her in Women World Cup 2017 where she won many games for her team England and played very important role in winning the title.

If you ask me the mantra of success, I say that whenever you are feeling down or dejected, when you feel that nobody cares for you, nobody loves you, that should be. Because nobody wants to talk with the dejected or sad person. Now how to make yourself  motivated, go back to your life, find out the moments when you were top of the world, when everybody appraising you, when you were surrounded with love and affection. Just pluck those memories from your life, play them. You will feel good. It might help you to bring back positive attitude. Before loving anyone else, first love yourself. It does not mean to be selfish but don’t do those things which hurt you or made you to compromise with your values. Once you start loving yourself, you will want to win again, live again, love again.  Just try it once.

Watch this video from famous movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

“Life is very beautiful, just change your perspective to see it”


Broken Heart with Pride

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Cricket, this is the one sport which I live for. I usually connect with this sport in any form, if not able to play, I watch, if not able to watch, read. Cricket is all over in my mind and heart. I started following Women Cricket since 2007 through Cricinfo, but always wanted to see these players live, this desire fulfilled in 2009 when Women World Cup first time televised. I saw Jhulan (highest wicket taker), Mithali (highest run getter) first time. I started enjoying watching them. I enjoyed cricket with beauty. Yes, these players are very beautiful. I remember, I started searching EA Perry, an Australian all-rounder. She was very young by that time but extremely beautiful, still the same. I started following their rankings, stats and amazed to see that out of Ten, four were Indians in Top 10 Batters, Jhulan was always there in Top 10 bowlers list. I felt proud because this is not the case with Men’s Cricket.

Women World Cup 2017, I think this is the time when ICC decided to uplift the game, it was televised and marketed well. WomenInBlue responded very well as well, they started winning match by match. Started the tournament by beating mighty England, then West Indies. But people started praising India when they beat Pakistan, against which we never want to lose. Although in Ranking India was way ahead of Pakistan, but as we lost Champions Trophy against Pakistan in Men Cricket, so winning against them was very soothing. Then we beat Srilanka. But there was no buzz. India lost winning streak against South Africa, an underdog of this tournament. Very few people would know about it that SA captain D van Niekerk is the only player among Men or Women Cricket who has figure of 4/0 (4 wickets without conceding a single run). 

Then we have match against Australia, 6 times world champions, we lost very badly. The chances of progressing further of #WomenInBlue was shaken. To proceed we have to beat New Zealand. A mighty one in #WomenCricket. Mithali Raj took the responsibility on her shoulder as always and took India to a big score. Then RS Gayakwad sealed the win by taking five for. We won it by 186 runs, a biggest win ever for us. We were in Semifinals against mighty Australians. I was afraid we might lose, but I know if India played with their potential they could beat them. I bet with one of my friend of my optimism.

I know Australians are beaten by Punjabi so far. If you take a look in history of Men’s Cricket, Australians have been beaten by Yuvraaj Singh in 2007, 2011 world cups, their 16 tests winning streak broken by Harbhajan Singh. in #WomenCricket Harmanpreet Kaur, a great fan of most destructive batsman,Virender Sehwag, took the responsibility, crushed the bowling of Australians and made 171*. Posted highest score of India in worldcup. We won by 36 runs. we are into World Cup Finals. I started dreaming of ,Mithali holding world cup in her hand and revolution in Women cricket is just one match away.

England is the side which we already beaten but one thing to be noticed that they picked up the momentum and did not lose a single match after that. Whenever they batted first, they posted total which is beyond reach of opposition. 377 against Pakistan, 373 against South Africa (a very good bowling unit). I was afraid if they bat first they might post total more than 300 but kudos to Jhulan, supported by Poonam Raut, Deepti. We restricted them at the score of 228. But I know that this is WorldCup final, the match can be won with 200, they had 28 runs extra. The responsibility of batters were more. We proceed well also after losing Smriti (disappointed me a lot after raising expectation) and Mithali (Biggest wicket, like Suicide), Punam and Harman played cautiously and I was thinking we are in home for sure. The score is 197/3 in 44 overs. Punam and Veda were batting. I don’t think that any team would lose from that position but the most challenging part that these girls were playing World cup final first time. Nervousness was building, wanted to win as soon as possible, we started loosing wickets. score became 200/7. I thought we lose but then Shikha and Deepti scored few runs, we were cruising to win and left with just 15 runs and suddenly what happened, Shikha ran for suicidal run and left Deepti to take home. She is very young to bear this huge pressure as she is only 19 years old, Saharanpur girl. We lost by 9 runs.

But what a fight India gave to England, it won the heart of Indians. First time I saw that Indians heart was beating for WomenInBlue. I have seen these girls cried many times but first time I saw whole India was crying for you.

WomenInBlue, YOU DID IT.

Mithali Raj the most composed player I have ever seen after MS Dhoni. Watch her Post match presentation of World Cup 2017 Final

Taking Sports as a Profession in India – What is stopping you?

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Since childhood we are listening from our Parents and elders that “Padhoge Likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to hoge kharab” ,Study will make you rich, Playing will spoil you. In movie MS Dhoni – An Untold Story reversed this through this song.

There are many parts of country where child decides to make Sports as a profession, he must be criticized. In India Sports is just hobby or the way to make yourself fit, not more than that. But then too few are decided to make it profession but there are following challenges

Convince Parents: This is the biggest hurdle in Indian society. Parents always want their kids to become Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, CA etc but not a sportsperson. I remember when I was in class 9th, I wanted to become cricketer in 2000 but my father wanted me to make career in some white color job. He asked me just one thing how many player are there in Indian Team from our state (UP), the answer was NO.


There were many players in cricket who played 15+ years for State but never got chance, Ashish Viston Zaidi, highest wicket taker in Ranji, but never get selected in Indian Cricket Team. And there was lot of state biased selection at that time. Now time is changing parents are trying their kid to become Sachin Tendulkar but not in other sports, Why? But knowing the challenge in this field they always put study in priority.

Money Factor: Lets say you are able to convince your parents or they wanted you to be in sports. Parents always put their kids in that kind of sports where lot of money is there. So Cricket is always first choice.


I was just thinking that Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Have they started playing cricket to become rich, the answer should be NO, they wanted to play for country and make India proud. They are passionate about cricket, I think if you ask Sachin to bat 24 hours without food, he would do that because he was passionate about batting. Yes he is multi billionaire but he never run after that, money ran after him. How?

Competition Factor: The easiest way to earn is study and get job, rest all other fields have a lot of competition. Lets say if you want to play cricket for country, there is high possibility that you won’t get chance because there are only 15 players selected in the team and usually they don’t leave the team. Now answer is why not other sports, the reason is clear ,“Money Factor”. Cricketers are like celebrity in India, Media is following them like “Ants behind Sweets” whatever they are doing, is in news, which movie they are watching, with whom they are shopping, which girl they are dating etc. that is why they have a lot of ads. but in other sports this is not the condition. Once the event is over, nobody care about the game.

I remember during Olympics everybody was talking about prospects of medals. We won 3 medals in Olympics that is also because of our powerful girls, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik. People were proud about that, but I felt shame on our Country. We are 1.3 Billions and won 3 medals (1 Silver, 2 Bronze). In Olympics, 206 countries participate and in Cricket World Cup,12 countries. So the insult is much more over there. We are famous for Technology, Literature, Science, Medical around the world but what is our image in Sports, we only know how to play cricket. Why?

Support Factor:  The other biggest reason is support factor in India for sports. In Cricket BCCI is separate organization and spends/earns lot of money but in other sports the condition is much worst. Abhinav Bindra won Olympics Gold Medal in 2008 because of his father not because of support from our country. It’s insane that many of our National players struggled for support in big events. In recent Olympics, one of our Player fainted in Marathon because no one was there to give her water.

We are thankful to few rich people of country who are investing in sports now and get Support factor from outside. Mukesh Ambani supported cricket in IPL (which at least saved the future of cricketers), Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly promoted Football, to provide platform and support to Football players. Abhishek Bachhan promoted Kabaddi and Aamir Khan is promoting Table Tennis. Yes these are the people who are giving back to sports what they got from it but how long?

Career after Sports: Usually Sportsperson has career max 30-35 years depends on sports he/she plays. Now what after that because life never stops there. what kind of profession he will choose, either dependent on the job offered by Govt (Very Few), or do business of something. There was one movie came sometime back “Paan Singh Tomar” starred Irfan KhanThat movie really  ask questions about the future of sportsperson in India.

People may blame Government for this but I will blame people of our country. If they put their kids in sports other than cricket, and get professional coaching from them their future will automatically secure. Government can not give job to everyone its responsibility of us to take care of our sportsperson who made our country proud. In India, if you are Teacher by profession you can easily survive on your own but if you are sportsperson you can’t. Why?

Watch the view of Narendra Modi on Sports in India

Non-mandatory Curriculum :  In school sports is never be a priority. School is known by its academic results not by sports. Now a days few schools are trying to make students to play at least one sports but that is non-mandatory curriculum.

Means if student doesn’t perform in sports its okay but if he doesn’t perform in academics he is not allowed to proceed in next standard. Shouldn’t be sports examination there and if kid is not able to perform then he should not proceed? Shouldn’t we make sports mandatory in all schools like other subjects? Shouldn’t we send our kids for professional sports coaching after school like academics. Why playing sports important only during summers?

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Interest Factor: We have interest only in those sports which we ever played or know the rules. I don’t think anyone in India is there who do not know the rules of Cricket but it is not the same for other sports. I myself played 10+ sports and watch all games in Olympics except Golf. If you ask anyone to watch hockey match that person won’t, in fact if you ask anyone to name hockey players, people would failed to do that but in cricket they can tell you players of three generations.

During any big events of other sports, interest built but vanish as soon as it get over. Olympics also comes once in four years but we watch other sports only during Olympics, why not the same with Cricket. The reason is BUZZ created by media for men’s cricket, which is not there for other sports including women cricket too. Have you seen “Mauka Maukaadvertisements?

I feel like that if we make sports as mandatory like other subjects in all schools it will be fruitful in many ways, we will take care of our sportsperson and win more medals in Olympics. Lets target at least 10 medals in Olympics 2020.


Abhinav Bindra: The only individual Olympic Gold Medalist –  Olympics 2008 

Bonding of Mars and Venus in Four Phases : MARVEN

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Most of you read about “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus“. Marriage is bonding between these two planets. The bonding is never be easy. It’s a journey which would be completed in four phases.

FIRST PHASE – Getting Married: The first Phase of marriage starts just after marriage, when Mars and Venus attract towards each other and wanted to spend more and more time with each other. Venus likes bad odor of Mars, and Mars loves time taken by Venus to get ready. This is most Cozy Phase. Usually couple doesn’t want this Phase to end. But end is always there, so duration of this Phase is usually 2 years. After that automatically relation get into Second Phase (The most challenging Phase when the real problem starts).

SECOND PHASE – Mars and Venus are two different planets
: The second Phase of Marriage is most critical, 90% of relationship ends in this Phase. This Phase starts when third one (Kid) comes in the life or longer first phase. So, when kid comes in between Mars and Venus then things started changing. Couples are becoming Mother and Father from Wife and Husband. It is kind of hormonal changes, when irritation, fight, ignorance everything comes. Love is changing to hate, quarrel started. At that time role of experience holders is very important to retain the bonding. 90% Separation happened during this time. Mars and Venus hit each other, so if support system is weak then it will destroy both Mars and Venus, kid(s) are also affected. Whoever sustain this second Phase will surely get into fourth Phase. As other phases, this Phase has also end. Duration is max 4 years. You will observe that every next phase is longer than before.

THIRD PHASE- Merging In: – This phase is the busiest phase, where Mars and Venus are Father and Mother before Husband and wife. They put their efforts to settle down their kids. Mars is doing his duty and Venus hers. This looks from outside but in actual Mars and Venus are merging into each other. This Phase also has end like others. Duration is 20-25 years depending on kids age.

FOURTH PHASE- Made for each other: – Fourth phase is the phase for which Mars and Venus started their journey because by this time, they do not have strong parents and kids left them to stay with them. In this Phase, Mars and Venus merged into each other completely. They are no more two, they become one. I call it new planet MAR-VEN, in this Phase less talk but more understanding. Venus knows how to deal with in-laws and bad habits of Mars and Mars knows how to bear in-laws and chitchat of Venus. Interestingly this Phase has no End. It only ends when death separates them. This is the phase when Mars and Venus can’t spend one day without each other. It does not require attention to each other, it’s feeling of togetherness. Mar-Ven enjoys cricket and daily soap together.

So, at the end only Mars and Venus are there for each other. Parents are important, but Venus for Mars and Mars for Venus is much-much more important. Kids are busy in their new life. So, Mars and Venus should not destroy because of them. Parents are important for Second Phase time. MARVEN, the destiny of Mars and Venus.


With my Venus and our little planet Aaradhye our Son.

Woman in Sports in India – A challenging job to do

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I am a sports lover so whoever makes my country proud by winning medal or title, I feel good. I have seen that perspective of our own country towards Man and Woman in sports is entirely different. When Sachin Tendulkar made 100th century, everywhere people were talking about Sachin, but when Women cricketer Mithali Raj made highest runs in women cricket, no post or very few. She is captain of Indian Women cricket team and representing India in World cup. Roger Federer won Wimbledon title, my Facebook was filled with his achievements, just before one day India reached Semifinal of world cup but did not see any posts related to that in my Facebook wall. Isn’t it double standard of people who talk about their love for India?

I don’t know that people know about it or not but taking Sports as a profession in India, a woman does a lot of sacrifices. I don’t know any woman in Indian Cricket team married but in Men cricket most of the cricketers get married at right age. Because after marriage their sports doesn’t affected, they do not fear whether his wife or in-laws will let him play or not. But women do have that fear that is why they don’t want to get married. Mithali Raj is real example of that. She started her career in 1999 at the age of 16 now she is 34 unmarried. Very few men in the country want their wife as sportsperson. Yeah they may want their wife to be a beautician or an Actress but not Sportsperson. Why?

Women who are in sports today only because their parents supported. Don’t know any woman who became sportsperson without their parents support.Saina NehwalPV Sindhu (Badminton Legends),  Sania Mirza (Only Woman Tennis Player) , all women cricketers are example of that, But in the case of Man so many examples are there. MS Dhoni is one of them. A woman can not leave home to live her dreams because then she needs to fight with cruel male dominating society to protect herself from lustful eyes. In my college there was one phrase boys used “Akeli ladki open invitation hoti hai, turant accept karo” (Alone girl is open invitation, Grab it without fear). People in India always make their Idol who are Male why not female. There was interview of Mithali before world cup and reporter asked who is your favorite male cricketer, she answered beautifully , Said “Have you ever asked any male cricketer that who is their favorite Woman Cricketer.” Wonderful reply. How many ads Mithali is having compare to Virat Kohli? Both are Captain of Indian Cricket Team. A question to be asked?

I am cheering for Indian Women Cricket Team in World cup, ARE YOU???

Direct from Heart – Mithali Raj watch

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Kashmiri, Born in Boon, Die in Curse in so called “Heaven on Earth”

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“Kashmiri, Born in boon, die in curse, in so called ‘Heaven of Earth'” is an article about one Kashmiri boy who brought up with the dream of become doctor, engineer, sportsperson or writer etc. May be any person can ask me what you know about Kashmir, have you ever been over there or have you seen any moves over there so the answer is YES, yes I went there in Nov 2013 just few months before our general election. Might be people ask me that why I have soft feeling for Kashmiri, am I supporting neighbor country or I am Anti National, so the Answer is BIG NO, I am very much patriotic and love my country very much because I live in the part of country where I am free to choose my profession .Where I can roam freely, watch movie with my family with no fear or very minimal fear. Where I can go for work without any worry about my near and dear ones. Where I can spend, buy whatever I can afford. That’s Why I love my country because country is doing enough for me, I got education, job, freedom to speak, everything, so I don’t have any reason to hate my country.

Can we say the same thing about Kashmiri? We got freedom in 1947 almost 70 years before but still a Kashmiris are not free. Coming back to the story of that Kashmiri boy, to give you better understanding I would like to give example of movie Haider a Bollywood movie, starring Shahid Kapoor, Tabu. So that boy wanted to do study and serve the country. Make his parents proud etc. He went to school, he was in 10th, when there was blast in his home, he was in school so saved, but lost all his family, when he came back to his house, nothing was there, and he was crying like anything. At that time few people came to him and told that few terrorists entered in his house and Indian Army was chasing them. Army mercilessly exploded his house. Now that boy left with no dream, no money, then some terror organization offered him shelter but at the cost of whatever they say he had to follow. He got Army kind of training and one day he did blast in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and lost his life in Mumbai blast. Was he becoming terrorist by choice, who made him, Ask Yourself?


A story of Great Actor Anupam Kher

When I was there in Kashmir on 29th November-8th Dec 2013, our PM was doing aggressive rallies, I visited main market of Srinagar,  Lal chowk, some shopkeeper told me that there was blast here yesterday, I got scared but he told me that there is no problem to you, you should not be worry, it won’t harm any tourist, they are fighting for their freedom. There was coming up rally of PM candidate and people of Kashmir were protesting that. I ask, that is crime they should not do that, they should love their country etc. The answer I got was shocking and painful too. For few mins I lost the faith in my country for the people of Kashmir. I feel like I am blessed that I born in that part of country which is not J&K. I am blessed that I am educated, I am blessed I have infra, medical and transport facilities. I am blessed that I can do my job without worry, I am blessed I can send my son to school without fear. Yes, I am Blessed that I am lucky to not born in the “Heaven of Earth”.

Watch this scene of Haider

Haider Shooting was going on during 29th Nov – 8th Dec 2013

Heaven of Earth –  Now Hell


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