Basic Education is Necessary to Build Foundation

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Recently, I met a student who was studying in class 12th. During my talk with him, I came to know that his thought process is that, his parents wasted money on his education, he wants to become athlete and if his parents might have invested 7-7.5 lac amount to buy any plot instead of investing money on his education, he would have been more rich.. This thought enforced me to write an article on importance of basic education. Many students are thinking that they are getting education to do job, and all sportsperson wasted their time in education which is BIG MYTH.

People are thinking that if Virat Kohli had not studied then too he would be a  great cricketer. Yes it might be true but he has studied till 12th. If he did not get education then he might not be able to handle millions of INRs. If Amitabh Bachhan had not studied, he might never be able to host KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati, hindi version of “Who wants to be millionaire”) or setup his own production house. 

Students who are thinking that they are studying to get job and if they want to become Engineer, then there is no importance of Biology, Hindi, English or Sociology like subjects, I would like to tell all those students that till 12th, Education is to build foundation, it is not for to earn. Once our basics are clear, then we can build our career in any field. After 12th whatever course we undertake that is responsible to narrow down our career path, but till then it’s our responsibility to make our knowledge as wide as possible.

There are many in this world, who do not get chance to get education but still they try to learn from their lives. We are fortunate that our parents were capable enough to provide us education whatever best they could. If we calculate total fees they spend in our education and think that instead of they should buy some property or other, then we might not be able to survive in this cruel world if our parents would have thought in other way around. If we do not get basic education then our foundation would be very weak. Learning is faster during young age, as we grow up, our learning curve goes down.

“To build big tower strong, we should have deeper foundation. To build successful career, basic education is the foundation. “

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Investments is Good or Bad: Parameters to decide

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Whenever we are looking for investments, we expect returns. Many people are worried for good investments or bad investments. Here I am trying to explain what good or bad investment in my perspective is. So first I start with Bad Investments

Bad Investments: 

In initial phase of our job, we give some amount to family to save or invest. Our family members like our parents are one generation behind, so usually they put money in account or make FD which only they know about it. ROI (Rate Of Interest) of FD is only 7% and locking period is also there. Or they take any policy like LIC or other.

Many times, we give money to our friends and relatives, which they promised to return in one year or more without interest or very less. Also, we give hand loans to others at huge interest rates. All are bad investments in my perspective. There is a slight difference between investment and charity. When we give money to our family, friends or relatives, we should consider as charity. Because return is not certain or very less.

Many people invest a huge amount in real state but as per me that is also bad investment in certain way. I have seen that when we need funds, at that time we don’t get buyer, so we enforced to sell to brokers at their rates. They sell at higher rates to needy.  Also putting funds in liability more than asset is always bad investment. Putting money into shares without knowledge is always a bad move. Gambling or betting would never make us rich for sure, it is a trap.

Good Investments: 

In initial phase of our career, we should start investing in mutual funds. SIP is always good investments, because SIP is much safer and high returning move. We want to buy property, first, buy house for ourselves. Let’s say, we get a job in some metro city, where rent is 30k INR per month, but if we buy house then our EMI is 32K per month then we should go for purchase, but if rent is 10k per month and EMI is 30K per month then we should continue with rent.

Also, if we have good knowledge of Share market then stock market is always high returning investments. We want to go for long-term investments then we should consider what kind of policy is required. Like, we are bachelor or married, but do not have kids or dependents then should not go for Term Insurance.

Personal medical insurance is always good option. I see many people invest to save their tax, but if you invest 100,000 INR to save 20k or 30k INR is never a wise decision. Investment should be done only for return and not to save tax, If we are able to save tax, that can be extra benefit but that should not be the main criteria. If we are investing to build our parallel system then it is always a  good investment. To know more about parallel system, go through my article “Building Parallel System is Essential if you are in J.O.B.”  and if you want to know about division of your salary for investments then go through “Plan your future, future will plan for you”

“Bad Investment can make you bankrupt but Good Investments will make you financially free. Keep Investing Good.”

Rise of Woman in India in 2017- Defending Indians

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Now we are into year 2018 and when I look back in 2017, I feel like that latter would be better placed as ‘Year of Women Empowerment’. Women literally shined in the past year. One of the commendable achievements of our government was appointing first ever woman as our Defense Minister, “Nirmala Sitharaman“. She is the first woman to hold this in 70 years of Independent India!! While Women were expected to be safe guarded by men for centuries we are finally in times where one woman is responsible to save whole nation, truly shows the strength of women in India now. The other woman who has been leading by example from many years is “Sushma Swaraj“,holding Foreign Ministry and doing great job, compared to any other departments in the ministry. As per recent report, Foreign ministry resolved 99% cases in the span of 2014-2017. This calls for Kudos to her.

Women not only shined in politics but they outplayed men in sports too. Women Cricket reached to new heights in 2017, now every Indian is familiar with Mithali Raj (Our Indian Women Cricket Team captain), Harmanpreet KaurJhulan Goswami, Deepti Sharma and likes. While in Badminton, PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal have become household names courtesy their wins in World Badminton Championship. Mary Kom returned inthe ring at the age of 38 years, Sakshi MalikPhogat Daughters rocked in wrestling and many more came out in the world breaking the sterotypes. Indian women won many medals on world stage, where they weren’t frequenting in past years. Quite a credit goes to our Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar, who have been trying to help our nation adapt Sports functionally.  Watch It

Along with sports and politics, women shined in bollywood too. There were many movies came on Women empowerment, where women were hero of the film. Priyanka Chopra shined in Hollywood and featured in Baywatch against Dwayne Johnson(The Rock), Zac Efron, Pamela Anderson like great actors. Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranout ran many movies on their own as Hero of the film.

Last not the least, Women from Muslim community were empowered a lot with the support of government. Issues like Triple Talaaq, Haz freedom brought fresh air of thought and introduced freedom to live and enjoy the same.

“I am sure that in coming years, women would be more empowered without the dominance of the counter gender. Men and women are equal and both are equally responsible to run the society”


Unplanned Road Trip : Adventurous and Dangerous

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I was not in a good mood, little depressed. I got a call from my favorite senior from Mumbai, I told him that I was not in good mood, he asked me to come down to Mumbai. I did not give a second thought and decided to go as my family was in hometown. I was alone so thought to go to Mumbai by road. As you all know that I love driving. So, I decided that I would do the ride on my car Swift Dzire ZXI. I spoke to our watchman to accompany me, but he ditched in very last moment.

Starting of Journey

I took my car around 1 AM and started. I drove almost for 6 hours and near Umarga, I felt sleepy, my car was almost about to hit the divider. I took a long breath and stopped car near a tree. I thought to take a halt at Solapur but that was 30 KM far away and I was not in the condition to drive so I took sleep around 8 AM in my car only.

Getting Refresh

When I woke up it was 11 AM. I took tea and again started driving. This time I was feeling refreshed and I had put songs at high volume. The moment I reached Solapur, the highway was very good, I drove at 160 KM/hr. speed. Near Pune I felt very hungry, but I decided not to stop, I got a call from my friend who was staying in Pune. He asked me to visit him for sure.

Feel God around

I stopped near one restaurant to collect Chocolates for kids, I was talking to manager, suddenly I heard the voice of a lady who was asking half plate of Sev-Puri (a Marathi Dish) but manager refused to give half plate, he was insisting to take full plate, but that lady told that she was alone and could not finish up full plate. The food would be wasted, I liked her this point, so I told her to take full plate and I would share half of that. I also paid my share too.

I spoke to her and she told me about herself. She was in UK, returned to India last month and was living in Pune with in-laws. I offered her lift, but she refused. She finished her food first and left. I quickly finished mine and thought to say thanks to her, but she was not there. I checked with Manager, but he told that she went, I went out and checked with passengers to check about any bus arrived, they told that there was no bus arrived from past 45 minutes. But she told me that she came by bus from Solapur which was 25 minutes back. I was confused but then thought might be God sent her to provide me food.  

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Enjoyed Mumbai-Pune Expressway

I reached Pune around 4 PM, visited my friend’s place and started to Mumbai at 11 PM after having dinner. Mumbai-Pune Expressway was awesome, so I switched on my Mobile camera and shot video of Night Vision. You can check video on my YouTube Channel.  

I reached Mumbai around 4:30 AM and met my favorite senior, whom I met after 12 years. We almost talked for 4 hours and at 9 AM he left for office and I went to sleep. I woke up around 2 PM, had lunch and then we went to Juhu Beach. I met few amazing people over there. Visited Amitabh Bachchan house “Jalsa“, then visited one more friend in BhikhaJi Cama Place after 11 years almost.

Next Day I started my return journey. That was much more adventurous and dangerous. Stay tuned with me. I will share that in my next article. 



Building Reputation in Office: Attitude Required

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When we join any organization, we are always worried about building our reputation. We want that every person in the organization should only think  positive about us. Is it happened automatically? No! There are a lot of efforts we have to put to make it happen. I have tried  to put few points which can be useful to build image in an organization. These are as follows

    Seven Steps to Build Reputation in Office
  • Sense of Ownership: This is a very important aspect to build image in the organization. Whenever any task is assigned to us, it is our own responsibility to finish it on time with quality. One of my previous manager told me that my deliverable are my baby. I have to nurture, develop it as my baby. This is my responsibility to develop error free and take it to production. The same applies to everyone who wants to build good image in the organization. The task which is assigned to us is not only organization’s or supervisor’s work. Management like those people who take ownership and drive it till the end.
  • Gratitude: This is second aspect in the organization, no matter whatever position we hold in the organization, we should always acknowledge and appreciate the person who helped us in our task by any means. Expressing gratitude does magic in workplace. People always love appreciation and it does not mean that if we are junior, we can not appreciate our seniors.
  • Listening Others: This also plays a very important role in building image. I personally learnt from my experience that listening to others is equally important to puttinv up our point. People do not like those who keep on putting their points without listening their peers and seniors. Many times, if we listen to others, our points are already covered.
  • Respect Everyone: I have seen that many people who are into senior positions, they are used to disrespect junior resources. That impacts our reputation badly. Every individual is special and we have to respect that one. All employees get into the organization because they have some skills. I learnt a lot from my juniors. Respect is give and take thing, if we respect others, it will reciprocate to us as well.
  • Dress Up: Many people think that dressing code is not very much important. Many organizations removed dress code in their organization. I personally feel that workplace is a temple, from where we are getting our bread and butter. So I strictly follow dress code in the organization. Monday to Thursday, formal wear and smart casual on Friday. Dressing up shows our attitude towards our organization and also gives us a lot of confidence. For example, in marriage, if we go in shorts and t-shirts, we will feel very awkward. 
  • Communication: This is very important in any organization. Management always love those folks, who communicate on time and effectively. If we do any mistake or blunder also, proper communication will be helpful to mitigate the risk. There are so many mediums of communication in the organization, we should utilize and communicate on time. This plays an important role in building reputation.
  • Respect Time: People always love punctual people. We have to respect time, then time will respect us. If we have any meeting, whether we are senior or junior, should try to be always on time, if we are getting late for any reason, it should be informed to all stakeholders. If our time is important, others is equally important.   

To summarize, building reputation is not tough, if we consider above mentioned points. Once we adopt the above mentioned points in  our attitude, then wherever we go, people will respect us.


Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple only

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Start of Comparison

Before we born in this world, people start to evaluate us with our actions which we never know. The moment we come into the womb, our mother discuss with other mothers like that how many kicks in one go, compare to theirs, what is our pulse rate comparatively etc. Although this comparison is done to increase the knowledge of new parents. But comparison is everywhere in our entire life.

 Once we come out into this world, then our growth is compared with other kids like, at what time our tooth comes, when do we start walking, talking etc. By comparing these natural things, we worry ourselves which might be unnecessary. So my point is very simple, that every child is special and unique. Comparison is good to set goals or also understand whether that task is achievable or not, but it should not be reason of inferiority.

 When our academic results come out, all students who are into same standard during that time, everyone’s marks are compared. This made so many students complex and few take unwanted decisions because of stress. Our society have been made like, that motivation can come only by comparison, which is not 100% true.

Effect of Comparison

 Once we complete our graduation, teachers, parents, relatives all start comparing and judging our capabilities on the basis of job offers. I have seen many of my friends broke because of this comparison, many did not go home because they did not have offers in hand. Many took degree programs because of society pressure. Parents put their child into program because their friend’s kids are taking up. Comparison and Expectations are the main reasons for stress and anxiety.

Now a day, society is accepting uniqueness of individuals but comparison is always there. When we try to make one individual like other, it is like, we are trying to make Apple to Orange irrespective of fact that both are different fruits and can’t be same. Both fruits have unique tastes. Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple Only.

I would like to share one video of Evelyn Parham, who told How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – 10 Tips”

Make or Break Order: Bipolar Disorder

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Is bipolar a mental disorder? There is a myth that Bipolar is mental disorder. It is just mood swing not more than that. Sometimes we feel very happy and sometimes we feel very sad. Usually we termed as that it is very common phenomenon in any individual. Nobody can be in same mood always.

In our life, sometimes things are not going in our way then we feel bad but when things are going as expected we feel happy. We have heard these words so many times in our life, one “Leave me Alone” and second “I am on the top of the world today“. It clearly shows that in which mood are we in. But there are many things which need to be noticed whenever you hear these two words either by ourselves or by somebody else. If  we have left most or right most feelings in following things during our mood swing then we need little help.

If we are lying into left most column then we are Hypermanic and if we have right most then we are having depression. If any person has both then that person is having BIPOLAR DISORDER.

In medical terms, our mood lies in the scale of 1-10. 1 is for low and 10 is for hyper. Usually our mood swing is happened between 4-6 but bipolar disorder person has mood swing from 1-10.  Hyper is very dangerous for relations, usually we lost relations during this time, while depression is very tough to do small tasks as well like taking bath, having brush, wake up from bed etc.

Bipolar is not any disease, it is a neurological imbalance, which can be happened because of many reasons, like

  • loneliness is one of the biggest reason
  • heavy load of expectation
  • fear in work
  • tension in relationship
  • stressful environment
  • improper timetable etc

In USA more than 10 million people are affected with that but there is a huge list of people who do not believe that they have any problem or they need any help. I feel like that people affected from bipolar have some special qualities. Just go through this list to know ,12 most famous people who affected with bipolar in the world. There are so many Indians as well.  Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Honey Singh, Randeep Hooda are just few of them.

People who suffered from Bipolar, need help. Need someone to be with them. Understand them, listen them, they should not be judgmental. Bipolar may say bad words or abuse others but in actual they are not like that. They might be not able to do small tasks but I am sure, they are trying their level best. Just bear with them for sometime. Go through this link to understand, how can we help.

Bipolar affected people are special people. If they get help, they can conquer the world, else they leave the world with BIG Question. Whenever you see any kind of person around you, don’t ignore them and never ever use word MAD for them, because “mad is a very mad word”. 


Never Give Up: It’s not a trait, it’s an attitude

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When we face any tough situation in our life, we always curse that situation. Actually we are afraid from the failure and can not accept the failure. If we start anything new, we leave it just after one or two failures. But when we see any person around us, who is keep on trying then we tell that this person has some special quality. 

Success is never be an easy fruit, it requires a lot of effort and hard work. It is similar that when you rope one seed, you can not expect fruit in very next day, it will take its own time. We need to plant it, watered it, take care of it, then it will be ready to give us fruit. If we take example of many successful people around us, we find that taking initiative is courage but continue with that initiative is bigger courage. There are many people who are very good in initiative but failed to sustain with that. The reason is very simple, fear of failure or they feel that if they continue, they might fail again.

If we take example of Sachin Tendulkar, who was once in a situation, where he was suffered from Back Injury and Tennis Elbow issues. He was 33 years, earned enough money but then too he never wanted to end his career because of health issue. He went to basics and tried very hard, finally he got the place back in Indian team and lifted World Cup in 2011, his ultimate dream. He is known as “God of Cricket”. Similarly if we take example of Amitabh Bachchan, he is second name of Never Give Up. He started his journey with struggle, but after featured in 100 movies, he started again at the age of 58 years. He went to basics and asked for work to producers and directors. He featured in Television first time through “Kaun Banega Crorepati”(Who will be Millionaire?). He has been known as “Mahanayak of the Century“. 

Many people say that Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan are special people. They have special trait which everyone does not have. Yes they have God gifted talent but never give up is not their trait, it’s an attitude towards their dream. If you strongly dream for something, if you are determined for it then definitely God would be enforced to fulfill that.

We used to enforce “Never Give Up” to our kids, like if they fail in one standard, we are asking to appear it again, Why? Because we know that if he/she keeps on trying, success will come. Then why don’t we implement the same on ourselves. We should understand that talent can be God gifted but “Never Give up” is not a trait, it’s an Attitude.


Sports Capital of the Country: Have you visited?

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Eight years ago, I visited this city, at that time, I did not like it much as it was very crowded as well as having language problem etc. Last year again, I came back to this city, this time not for visit only, I came here with the mind to settle down. My family and friends back in the city where I were staying were reluctant. But I was firm to come and settle here.

Many people may ask that what is good in this city, I have long list. If you are food lover, this city is for you, if you want to own your house in reasonable price, this city is for you, if you are into Information Technology, this city is for you, if you want to excel in studies, this city is for you, if you want to start your own venture, this city is for you, if you want your women safe, this city is for you. But I like the most, if you want to take Sports as a profession, this is the only city in India. This is the biggest reason, I came here. 

You know that if anyone wants to play sports as profession, that person is very much criticized in the society, family, friends etc. But Hyderabad is the only city in India where people around you, will encourage. If you take the example of current sports persons representing India in world, the list is very long. If you take example of Badminton, only Hyderabad produced world-class players, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, Srikanth Kidambi, Parupalli Kashyap. If you take example of cricket, Mithali Raj, Very Very Special Laxman etc. If you take example of Tennis, Sania Mirza, an only Muslim girl represented India. The list is very long for other sports too. They are not only representing India, they are winning medals in world stage too. PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal won Olympic Medals in 2016 and 2012 respectively. Sania Mirza almost won medal in 2016. Mithali Raj made Women Cricket Team to World Cup finals twice and highest run scorer among all women cricket players across the world. I am not saying that sports persons are not coming from other parts of the country but Hyderabad Sports persons either get best trainers or zeal, which in result made them winners in world stage and made country proud.

I came here for the same dream, Sports. I would like my son to excel in sports and win Olympic medal(s) for India. He is very young and already his training started. If we start teaching academics at the age of three or four years to have them white color job at the age of 21, then why not we should start their sports training at the same age to excel in sports. If you take sports as your profession, it will not only make you fit, it will give you name, fame and now money too. And the biggest reason is that you can serve your country and make it proud in world stage.

I am fortunate that I got the chance to come in this city which is “Sports Capital of the Country”Hyderabad.

A Tree tastes its own fruit: It’s Sweet

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I still remember, it was 9th January 2015. I took my wife to doctor, who was 8 months pregnant. Doctor asked me to go for heartbeat test for baby. We submitted report and doctor told that heartbeat dropped and needed test again. We again went for test but doctor had doubt in her mind. So she told that she needed to get baby out.

We were not mentally ready and it was very cold and foggy so no one could come by train or road. So we asked doctor how much we could postpone, she told we had to choose either 12th or 13th. We chose 13th January 2015. Finally that day came, I went along with my wife to hospital on 12th night. Doctor first tried for normal delivery by giving artificial pain but it did not work out so finally she operated and at 3:03 PM, I got the news of arrival of baby. I immediately went to NBICU (New Born Intensive Care Unit), as its weight was very less, around 2.3 Kg, family people were caring about girl or boy, I was caring about healthy baby. I checked with nurse and asked about heartbeat rate of the baby. Then checked gender and it was boy. 

I was very happy, I was going out immediately to buy sweets but I stopped, I thought that I became selfish, I should think about that lady too, who took that baby for more than eight months in her womb, being a husband, I should check whether she was fine, I went back to hospital again. I stopped by Operation Theater. I was waiting for my wife to came out and accompanied her till room. She was very much in pain. Next day baby came to our hospital room. We clicked few snaps. Finally my wife and son discharged on 15th January 2015. Our house was at third floor without lift. So three ambulance  people and I took her on stretcher to third floor.

Suddenly everything got changed, I was sleeping in next room and my mother-in law was sleeping with our son and wife. I was feeling that our son separated me from my wife. I was confused that what was happening to me. I was not giving attention to son as well as my wife. My wife was emotionally weak and needed me badly but I was not able to give her that time and care. I was feeling responsible and my motive was just to fulfill that. So I was worried whether I would be able to do that or not?

After few days, my wife, mother-in law and our son left for hometown. At that time, I was feeling lonely and thinking about my family. Some feeling was coming in me and I started loving and missing our son. That feeling was Fatherhood feeling. I started dreaming about what would I do for our son and what should I do to make him better person and provide happy environment. It was amazing feeling, I became father now. Yes, this is very sweet feeling. This was the time, I tasted my own fruit and it was delicious.


Building Parallel System is essential if you are in J.O.B.

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When we get selected in Multi National Company, we are very excited. Our family also thinks that now our future is secure. We are going to earn for next 30-40 years and become financially stable. They start thinking about their next responsibility like getting perfect match, house planning etc. Then we get into the organization and amazed with infrastructure. Free lunches excite us. We enjoy Team Lunch and Outing. There is different meaning of enjoyment. In initial days we do not have much work, so getting hefty salary is too much for us. We start spending without thinking, we start buying which we always wanted to buy in our life, riding Royal En-field, iPhone getting spa in top class parlor, getting haircut in lavish saloons. We also buy expensive gifts for our family and friends. Life is perfect now.

Once we are 1-year-old into the organization, we start getting little pressure, we feel annoyed but our managers start making us realize that we are hired for work not for enjoyment. We get serious for work and also calculate hours we spend in work. We are paid only for 8 hours so will work only that much. Suddenly salary seems less. We are not able to enjoy the expensive gadgets, Xbox, Ducati etc we bought. This continues for next 5 years.

Once we complete 5 years, we need to pause and start thinking to earn something in parallel. Few are investing in stocks, few are looking for the scope of freelancing, restaurants etc. But there is major chunk of people who think that they are going to earn from their Job forever. Those folks are in fantasy world. They may continue for next 5 years with more focus or with routine work. This is the time, our honeymoon period in the industry is over. Now we start listening cost cuttings, ramp downs of our peers etc. We start worrying now, that we may also lose job. Then we think about job switch or start evaluating ourselves in the market. We prepare for interviews. In the first interview itself, we will come to know that market is very much demanding for 10 years experienced folk. We may think that might be getting job in other organizations is not easy. Few people went into depression because now we have so many loans to clear, take care of family, pressure to maintain lavish life.

The people who started something after 5 years, they are in much better position now. Stock market people may have very good portfolio and earning good from stock market. Freelancing people are on the verge of starting their own organization. Restaurant people are already earning more than their monthly salary. But what about us, now we thought to follow these people. Suddenly our number also come and we fired. We lost the job. We think that we are late in building parallel system initiative. 

In job, honeymoon period is for 10 years. People who spend all 10 years as honeymoon period, they are the ones who kicked out first. The people who spent only 1 or 2 years as honeymoon and other 8 years with dedication, they may survive for next 10 years. But they can also not guarantee for their job. 

Many times we have been targeted by folks to get into Multi Level Marketing by giving above reasons. Many people involved into that as well. But in my opinion it only makes worse our situation rather than improving. If you get your first earning today, Congratulations!! But start investing as well and work towards your parallel system.

“It is better to start as soon as possible to work towards building parallel system. Go through my another article ‘Plan Your future, future will plan for you‘”


Education Temple became Butcher House: What a shame?

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This article was never in my list and also I never thought that I would be forced to write on Education topic. But in recent past I heard so many incidents happened in schools of National Capital region which enforced me to write my perspective on it.

A kid, who carried by Mom for 9 months in her womb, brought up on the shoulders of Dad. A little cry of a baby made its parents worried, no matter what is the time. Every parents remember their sleepless nights to feed, to care for their kid. Then that baby grown up and with lot of investigations, parents find best school for their kid. This is the place, where they dream to make their kid knowledgeable, where he/she learns social circle, where parents feel as the safest place on the planet for their kid. But recent past, the incidents happened made them scared. Now parents are afraid to send their kid to school, which is called Education Temple.

You all have been read in newspaper or watched in news that recently two small kids, one is 7 years old and one is 8 years old, lost their lives in school. What was their mistake? The incidents happened just few minutes after school started. Who is responsible, that is the craziest thing, No Body!!!!!.

School managements are having strong connections in law and order, which left normal parents just to cry on their fortune. They cry on their broken dream, they cry on their kids body. They cry, cry and cry. What else they can do? But thanks to our sensible society who pressurized the government that much that they had to wake up from their sleep. Not sure what our Education Minister is doing. 

I read in news that school managements offered financial cost of somebody’s piece of heart. How much money anyone can give for the broken dreams, for those sleepless nights, for their love, for the life of kid. I do not think that there is any price for that. You can buy bed, but can not buy sleep, You can buy women, but can not buy love, you can buy coffin, but can not buy life. There is no cost of Mother’s milk, no cost of affection of father. 

I really feel deep condolences for those parents who lost their piece of heart in so-called Education Temple, which has been made to Butcher House by its richest management, who do not value education, for them it is pure business and kids are just source to generate money. Schools in National Capital Region are becoming Hell, where ratio of spoiling kids are much more than learned ones. I request all parents, please do not take step back, whatever stand you have taken for those kids, stick to that, because if you become weak today, it may be your kid next.

“We always learnt that School is Temple of Education but now it is Butcher House for our kids. Stop sending your kid to school. Teach them in home, at least they will be alive and safe.”

Mobile: A Strong Companion or Dangerous Enemy

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Mobile, a great invention, which reduced the distances. It also allows you to carry your talking device along with you wherever you go. It became great after it became smart. I do not think that anyone in the world is not aware of this device. Every invention has some pros and cons so do Mobile has. Smart mobile is smart and getting smarter day by day with so many Apps development. You can do video calling, voice calling to other city, state or country. Now you can learn with so many education applications, you can explore new places with Google Map. You can connect with your old friends and relatives using Social Networking apps like Facebook, Google+ etc. You can connect with your favorite celebrities using Twitter, Instagram. Seems like Mobile is great invention. Yes it is, but people are not using it wisely every time. 

I have seen that road accidents are increased by 500% because of mobile. I have seen numerous people, who are talking on mobile while driving, specially two-wheeler. I personally stopped so many people to talk on mobile while driving. Parents are spending more time with mobile than their kids. They are giving mobile to their kids just to avoid their responsibilities. For kids too, mobile is much more important than their parents. Mobile is very personal gadget for everyone, no body wants that their parents, elders or friends open their device and see their stuffs.

Mobile is using in constructive way as well. Business is increased by 200% by using mobile. You can see that now all services are available on mobile. No need to go out from your home or office. People are becoming lazy because of Mobile. Now kids are having spectacles at very young age because of excessive usage of mobile. I have seen that outdoor sports is decreased by 70% in kids. Crime rate is also increased a lot because of usage of mobile. Pornography is easily available to teens, which increased crime against girls. Yes, information is also easily available and people are more knowledgeable than before. Earlier we were having TV and newspaper only as source of information. Now we can easily validate everything on Google. 

I see people are talking very less among friends and relatives, but everyone is connected in Whats App or Facebook. People may have 1000+ friends in social networking sites but not having any real friend in their life. Now no body is going to each other house for tea or dinner instead they are sending tea smiley to each other. I have seen many people to congratulate their near and dear ones for their birthday and anniversary on social networking sites instead of personally. People are showing their love to their parents, sisters, brothers, wife, husband on Facebook instead of telling them directly. Parents do not know about their kids, kids do not care about their parents. Society is spoiling. I do not see that kids are playing cricket, football in evening instead of they are spending time to play on their highly price gadgets. Parents also think, that buying expensive gadgets and toys, their responsibility finishes. Mother and Father both need to do job, just to fulfill those  expensive responsibilities and kids have been brought up by grand parents or maids. I have seen very good video recently on one joint family. You might find it in your Facebook or Whats App. People are sharing these kind of videos very frequently but actually what they are doing in their personal life?

“Mobile is a great invention but people do not use it in constructive way. It can be a very good companion, if you use its feature for betterment, but it is very dangerous enemy, if you give importance  to it more than humans”

Plan your future, Future will plan for you

Hear It 

Whenever we are talking about finance, we become very attentive. We always give preference to our source of finance. The definition of happy person is : A person, who manages his finance well, having love and respect in personal life and has respect, growth in his professional life. Here, I will focus on first happiness, managing finance well. So if you think that you are very young to manage finance, then you are wrong because you can get maximum benefits if you start financial management as soon as possible. 

Divide your Monthly Income

If you are thinking that what is the correct age to start manage finance and how do you divide your income into sections. So here are my few points to divide your income.

Basic Expenditure: Everyone need to spend on their basic expenditure like food, stay, travel, basic amenities, enjoyments etc. Ideally it should be 40% of your income. You should not spend more than this. You can stretch it to max 50% not more than that.

Long Term Investment: If you are doing investment for saving tax only then you are not financially wise person. Let’s say you are in 30% bracket of tax in India, to save 30,000 INR, you have to invest 1,00,000 INR, which is never be a wise decision. Whenever you are going for long-term investment, it should give you huge return that is 5 to 6 times of your invested amount. You should spend 20% of your monthly income in long-term investments for more than 5 years. 

Short Term Investment: Before doing any short-term investment, you should understand what is short term investment. It is an investment where you can withdraw funds anytime or in short notice. Let’s say you need to shift your house and your expenditure of shifting is 50,000 INR, in that case you should get funds in a day or two. Short-term investment is constant process, it should not be stop till the time you are getting your income.

Emergency Expenditure: You can not plan your emergency but you can plan your funds for emergency, like medical emergency or any kind of situation where you need funds immediately. You can not wait for few hours or days, so for that sake you should either put funds in your account or you should have Medical insurance or Term Plan. if you have medical insurance from your organization one, then too you should have your personal one. You can put 10% max to this planning. This is variable share where you can decrease and increase in your basic expenditure. That is why I mentioned that you should spend maximum 50% in your Basic expenditure of your total income. Emergency fund is also used for Term Plan as well.

So total = Basic Expenditure(40%) + Long-term Investment(20%) + Short-Term Investment(30%) + Emergency Investment(10%)

Relationship between Family Planning and Financial Planning

Now you understand your division of your income. Now coming to the point that when should be your family planning closes. Strange!  right? I am talking about financial planning, what is relation with your family planning? Yes it is. Kids are your responsibility and it is duty of every parents to help their kids to settle down financially with their income. So your family planning should be done by the age, you are 35. Because it is normal understanding that 25 years is the maximum age to settle down for any individual. It is better advice to settle your kids while you are earning.

Manage Emergency

I already mentioned the share of Emergency fund in your monthly income. There are majorly two plans you need to take to manage emergency.

Medical Insurance: The moment you are out of coverage from your parents insurance cover, you need to take medical insurance. Despite of the fact that your organization is already giving you medical cover. but you should have your personal one. The benefit is that you are not dependent on your organization and it will be valid till the time you are with organization. The beauty of emergency is that it is Emergency, it comes without notice. Always take Medical insurance as Floater. I took cover, in which my wife and kid is covered with floater. So if all three get sick in the same year, they can use it with floater plan.

Term Plan: If you are having confusion that when to take term plan. First you analyze the value of you financially, like how many people are dependent on you, So what is the best time to take term plan and what should be the mode of payment. Term plan should be taken immediately you have your first kid for sure.  My son was born on 13th January and I took term plan a very next day. There are cases where you need to take term insurance, if you have dependents and apart from you, nobody is there to look after. Few people may have doubt that their spouse is their responsibility if she/he is not working. Yes it is, but she does not qualify for term insurance. Your kid is your financial responsibility as well as your duty. Nominee should always be your kid  till he/she turns 18 years or settle down instead of any adult one because you took it for your kid. Once your kid is settled then your spouse is qualified for term insurance and nominee should be your spouse.  If you have two kids then you should have two term plan.

I hope you like this article and it is somewhat helpful for you. Please do comment in the comment section below. 

There are many more articles will come on financial planning, next I will explain long term and short-term investments along with Tax Planning. Till then

“Plan Your Future, Future will plan for you”

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