Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple only

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Before our birth in this world, people start evaluating ourselves with our actions which we never know. The moment we came into womb, our mother discuss with other mothers like that how many we kick in one go, compare to their’s, what is our pulse rate comparatively etc. Although this comparison is happened to increase the knowledge of new parents. But comparison is everywhere in our entire life.

Once we come out into this world, then our growth is compared with other kids like, at what time our tooth comes,when do we start walking, talking etc. By comparing these natural things, we made ourselves worried which might be unnecessary. So my point is very simple, that every child is special and unique. Comparison is good to set goals or also understand whether that task is achievable or not, but it should not be reason of inferiority.

When our academic results come out, all students who are into same standard during that time, everyone’s marks are compared. This made so many students complex and few take unwanted decisions because of stress. Our society have been made like ,that motivation can come only by comparison, which is not 100% true.

Once we completed our graduation, teachers, parents, relatives all started comparing and judging the capability of us on the basis of job offers. I had seen many of my friends broke because of this comparison, many did not go home because they did not have offers in hand. Many took degree programs because of society  pressure. Parents put their child into program because their friend’s kid was taking up. Comparison and Expectations are the main reasons for stress and anxiety. 

Now a days, society is accepting uniqueness of individuals but comparison is always there. When we try to make one individual like other, it is like, we are trying to make Apple to Orange irrespective of fact that both are different fruits and can’t be same. Both fruits have unique tastes. Apple can’t be an Orange, Apple is Apple Only. 

I would like to share one video of Evelyn Parham, who told How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others – 10 Tips”


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