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We, ThoughtsNViews Services have registered under MSME on 11th August 2023 with Udyam Registration Number:  UDYAM-TS-02-0118308.

We have to close our incorporated company in June 2021. We need more support from our readers. All our copyright and content would remain the same.

ThoughtsNViews Sports and Services Pvt Ltd is incorporated on 19th December 2019 but this site was started on 18th July 2017. This organization started with the vision “to help as many people as we can”. We have following objectives to achieve:

  1. Brutal Act Free India (BAFI)
  2. Educate India
  3. Earn India
  4. Sports India (SDPA TS)
  5. Save Talent of India

All above objectives are self explanatory and we are committed to accomplish it in 25 years of time with the support of people around us.

The recent update about our Founder Ankur Mittal who has been appointed as President in SDPA (Sports Development and Promotion Federation), Telangana State. He send players in Nepal for 3rd Indo-Nepal, 4th National Federation Cup in Haridwar and 4th National Cup at Nasik held in May, June and October 2022 respectively. We completed State Badminton Championship Organized by SDPA TS in September 2022 successfully. Now team is getting ready for International events, 4th Indo-Nepal and First Indo-Thai

This is a platform, where readers, across the globe, can be Authors, Advisers etc. In our life, we get confused so many times in many fields, where little guidance can do the magic, like FinanceRelationshipsCareerfeeling lowTechnical issues etc. So idea is to gather all the experts in one place so that any reader can get advice either through impersonal online appointment or articles. So far had written articles in Sports, Women Empowerment, Motivational, Marketing, Relationship, Burning Topics, Information Technology, Stock, Finance, Education, Driving Experience, Spiritual and many more are going to come.  For Technical Blogs, Please visit our another site TechnoTalks.  

We have launched SDPA TS, to support our objective of Sports India. Please go through it and “live your passion for sports”.

Created one dedicated Reader’s Page, for readers, please visit to get information.

Also stay tuned with Upcoming Blogs. to know what’s next.

First book of ThoughtsNViews “Life Transition Step” is available on Our Portal, Amazon India and Bluerose Publishers

Inviting every individual who is passionate about writing and sharing thoughts and views. Please send your email Id and get chance to become Author/Adviser in ThoughtsNViews.

To connect with us, check out Contact Us.      

  • Udyam Registration Number UDYAM-TS-02-0118308
  • Date Of Incorporation: 11-08-2023


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