How to find Lord Shiva through Adhyatm?

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How to find Lord Shiva through Adhyatm is an article to tell about steps to find Lord Shiva. We are focusing on Financial benefits through out of our life. We think that to earn money is the ultimate way to get happiness but that is myth. First we should realize earning more money will give us more stress. Now a days the people are suffering from mental issues, improper sleep and always worry about future. We used to have regret for past and that is spoiling our present.

Need of Adhyatm

To get the ultimate pleasure, Adhyatm is the only way. What is Adhyatm? I am trying to answer that in my way.

Adhyatm is the way to find GOD. We need to do good behavior, listen good music, sound and surrounded with people who are having positive vibes. Stay away from wrong behaviors like having Non-Veg, Alcohol, involved in prostitutions, steal others finance through cheating or forcefully, not following responsibilities provided by God, disrespecting parents or elders etc. These are biggest sins of our life and Adhyatm is strongly against it. Without quitting these behaviors we can’t get ultimate happiness. Adhyatm is the only way to get ultimate happiness and that is to find God with in us.

First Step to start Adhyatm 

The first step to start Adhyatm is to decide who is our God, Few people follow Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma or Lord Shiva etc. Once we decide our God, start chanting his name continuously. It is very tough but we should find at least 24 minutes in 24 hours. We should tit alone and chant his name for 24 minutes and that will make our 24 hours soothing. This is the only way to come out from stress and happiness. This life is full of sorrow but chanting God name will help us to fight with tough situations and help to find solutions.

Adhyatm is not Recluse (Bairagi in Hindi)

Many people are thinking that Adhyatm is only for recluse people. That is also myth. House holder can also do the Adhyatm by following all his/her responsibilities. House holder can find 24 minutes in a day for chanting and whenever get time in a day chant name of his/her God. There are many people who left house and all leave responsibilities and involve himself/herself in Adhyatm. They will never get ultimate happiness. Because they betrayed his/her responsibilities or near and dear ones which will haunt them through out their life. We should not leave our job, house or responsibilities for Adhyatm. Adhyatm never teaches that. 

Steps to find Lord Shiva

I am devotee of Lord Shiva so I am in search of Lord Shiva. There are following steps which I am following and that is the way to get Shiva. Source Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Over thousands of years, Lord Shiva is worshipped mostly in all religions. Countless qualities of Shiva can’t be described or put into words. Our holy Vedas and Puranas have addressed Shiva –The lord as God who can be pleased easily by the name of “Ashutosh” which means pleasing Shiva is easy for any pilgrim and even demons were known to have impressed Shiva easily in prehistoric times.

Below is the list of Eleven Unique ways to connect with Shiva to become a true devotee forever.

1. Free your mind of all clutter and be pure as fire –Remember your mind doesn’t control you and your actions. You should control your mind. A healthy mind with positive thoughts rules the world and all other senses are in total control.

2. Chant Om Namah Shiva- Start with daily practice of 108 times mantra and increase in multiples like 216,432 and keep going, you can achieve surprising benefits.

3. Visit Shiva temple often- Visit Shiva temple everyday spend some time at the temple premises and embrace the positive energy

4. Monday Fast for Lord Shiva- Fasting helps to clean our body. Recite “Rudrashtakam” mantra which helps you overcome hurdles of daily life

5. Listen to “Shiv Katha’- Shiv Katha or stories around 16 Mondays fasting will help you gain confidence, inner strength and success

6. Wear Eyes of Mahadev- “Rudraksha” to see the world from creator’s viewpoints –Wear a pure Rudraksha mala as it gets you closer to Shiva to become a true devotee

7. Worship Lord Shiva with water, Bilvapatra and flowers- Shiva will shower blessings and will bring the wealth

8. Visit Jyotirlinga and holy places associated with Shiva- Kailash Mansarovar yatra is the ultimate journey to please Lord Shiva

9. Read Shiv Purana or Shiv Gita to remember the teachings of Mahadev and apply to your life to achieve ultimate liberation.

10. Chant Shiv Sahasranama- Once Lord Vishnu wanted to please Shiva and chanted Sahasranama and donated his eyes to Mahadev in return Shiva was so pleased that “Sudarshana Chakra” was awarded to Lord Vishnu

It is believed any pilgrim who worships Shiva with purity of thoughts and devotion will not ever suffer even in the dreams. Shiva will shield from all hardships.  

Om Namah Shivaay


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