Women are the Biggest Enemy of Woman

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Women are the biggest enemy of woman is title about the condition of women in the society. Today we blame men for the condition of women, but the main culprits are women. They can be of any form, sister, mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter, friend etc. Let me prove my point with some examples:

Sati Pratha

Sati Pratha was in the ancient India i.e. if any woman lose her husband then society forced woman to burn with the dead body of her husband. At that time the condition of widow was worst. They were not invited into any ritual festivals. They are not allowed to enter kitchen and many more. If we closely observe this custom formed by society, women were behind it. Women of family only force these customs to their daughter-in-law or sister-in-law. Men were always a big support of women and One man “Raja Ram Mohan Roy” ended this Sati Pratha“.

 Child Marriage

In ancient India, child marriage was also very popular, moment girl child became 12-13 years old or has her first mensuration cycle, she was forced to marry. Nobody cares whether girl was mature enough to handle marriage or was capable of taking pain of sex but women of the society convince her that they themselves did so that girl also follow the same. This custom was also ended by man only.

Girl Child Education

The education of girl child in India is always a concern. Till today there are many families who are giving importance to son education over girl child education. Many families still feels that girl child is their liability and boy child is their asset. That is why they invested on boy for his education. Today in urban area the condition of girl child education is improving but in rural areas still the condition is same. Woman of the family is the first one to stop girl for education and forced her to involve into household works.

Double Pain of Mensuration Cycle

Every girl has to face natural process of periods, but women of the family forced other customs as well on that girl who is already going through pain, like she can’t worship, can’t go into the kitchen, She has to wash her clothes on her own. In few places, girl has to cook separately and live outside of house as well. All these customs are directed by women and enforced on woman who is already in pain. This is kind of double pain for that lady.

Feeling of Jealousy

Feeling of jealousy is more among women. We have seen many cases when sisters are enemy of each other due to any reason that one sister is fairer than other sister, feel jealous. When in one house, two daughters-in-law are there then one is jealous with other due to any reason, either financial status or value in family. This feeling of jealousy results in harming to each other. So one woman became enemy of other woman. For dressing style also woman is the first one who questioned woman on it. Woman who are ambitious they have more feeling of jealousy and can cross any limit to fulfill their ambitions and desires.

I have plenty to say about it but do not want to make this article very lengthy. I would like to end this article by saying that woman is the one who discourage another woman to take stand. We always say girl child as Papa is Pari, Why not Mummy ki Pari?

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  1. You should get a Nobel for such an intense research on patriarchal societies of India. I am sure you have made your mom proud today

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