Humans are Forayed by Thanos, Go Avengers to Save the World


“Humans are forayed by Thanos, Go Avengers to save the world” is an article to describe the condition of world under the disguise of Corona Virus. Whole world is fighting with it and we have several avengers across the world in the form of Doctors, Nurses, Scientist, Government officials to save the world.


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What is COVID-19?

Corona virus is human transmitted virus and easily spread from one human to other by touching, sneezing, coughing. The symptoms are quite normal as cold or normal flu, like cough, cold, sneeze, difficulty in breathing, fever etc. So, it is very difficult to identify. Also, the symptoms are not visible immediately, it may take 3-14 days time to detect infected person. It was started from Wuhan City, China. The first case was identified in 10th December 2019. This virus is named as COVID-19 by WHO (World Health Organization).

What are the Steps Taken?

On 23rd January 2020, China locked down Wuhan City, when they had around 55000+ cases affected with COVID-19. By that time, millions of people traveled from Wuhan city to different part of the world. When this disease declared pandemic by WHO, the people who were traveled from China, were started screening on Airports, Sea-ports, buses and trains. Within sometime, this virus was spread across world and countries left out with no option to halt everything. People are asked to wear mask, stop interacting with their friends and relatives physically. Every person who were coming from affected countries asked to be 14 days quarantine. Hospitals were filled like anything. The countries, who delayed this halt suffered very badly like Italy, Spain, USA, France, Iran, Germany, UK etc.

What is Lock down?

Lock down, it is a term used when somebody lock himself/herself in a room/house. As there is no vaccine and no cure of this COVID-19 available. Governments of most of the countries decided to enforce lock down to everyone to save lives. There is only one cure, that is self-immunity. 

People who die with this virus are children and old age people. Although death rate was not that much high as compared to other diseases in past but as it is rapidly spreadable, so everything was locked down. All factories, non-essential shops, Saloons, Construction, Schools, Colleges, Manufacturing, Engineering etc all are shut down and asked everyone to stay in home. Maids, Servants were not allowed to enter into the houses so people had to work all their household items on their own. People, who can do work from home, they are asked to do that. People can go out for only essential things like medicines, food, groceries etc. for limited period of time. There are drone cameras, Police force to stop people to come out unnecessarily to save their lives and other lives too. 

Lock Down Effect

COVID-19  enforced lock down and scared people to come out. This impacted economy very badly. Immediate effect was happening to the daily wages people. There were millions of people, who lost their jobs around the world. Only in USA, 22 Million people lost their job till date. It might be more in coming months. Airlines are already announced to cut their employees’ salaries during lock down. Government offered free lunches to needy folks during this lock down period but don’t know how long.

So many people are donating to support needy. People are having small business but not able to open their shop, they can’t beg for food or money from government. There is plenty of food available, but you should have money to buy it. The period of this lock down is also not certain. Only known place where lock down revoked till date, Wuhan is, after 2.5 months. 

What if Lock Down Revoked?

As per WHO, if lock down revoked before controlling COVID-19 then spreading of this virus would be more rapid. Death rate would be very high. Already 1.1 million people are found positive in USA till date. Saving human lives is much more important than saving economy. It seems like that WHO is saying that we should fight with this mighty enemy till we are starving, although we know we can’t fight. Covid-19 is like THANOS with all six stones in his hand and we don’t have AVENGERS to fight with. 

What could be the Solution?

All the governments and financial folks around the world should be worried about economy and all these lock down effects. So, they might divide areas as per Covid-19 cases and put restriction accordingly. Allow people to open up their shops and asked people to learn to live with it. This world defeated these kinds of many viruses with the determination earlier too.

Spanish Flu (1918-1920) is just an example. Already guidelines are published to each individual, like washing hands with soap/sanitizer, cover their face, social distancing, do not touch eyes, mouth, nose before washing hands etc. Let people earn their livelihood.

With these last words, I appreciate all the governments officials, doctors, nurses, police, cleaners, farmers, Media etc across the world, who are fighting with this COVID-19 as AVENGERS to save the world.

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