Causes of Brutal Act: Affecting Society

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Causes of Brutal Act: Affecting Society is an article about getting into the root cause of any brutal act like Rape, Murder, Violence etc. With this, I am trying to explain that how do our surrounding and mental level, affects our devil and God. According to me, there is no person on the earth is bad person or willingly do any crime. It was either situation or mental-troma which influence the person to do all such brutal acts.

Upbringing of Child

Upbringing of child is the first step to build mental stability and emotional well-being. As per the study, kids who see violence during their childhood are very violent or emotionally very weak during their growing age. There are many cases have been seen that if kids had gone through any child abuse or any incident during their childhood, will impact their adulthood drastically. Till age 15, Parents, Relatives and teachers are majorly responsible for the mental condition of children. But instead of helping child, few are end up doing child abuse and make that kid scare throughout of the life.

Pressure of Being Best in the Society

In our society, pressure of superiority in India is very much there. People used to feel proud, if they have superior image among their friends and relatives. To prove them superior, they are ready to take any step or cross any limit. In our society, boy has pressure from the surrounding that they can’t be defeated from any girl or woman. A person who lost to woman is treated very badly, they are not allowed to cry. This pressure leads people to take up wrong step in their life and enforced people to do brutal acts.

Decreasing of Family values

We used to have very big family earlier but now because of job location and demand of freedom leads nuclear families. Parents are having less time for their kids and they think that bringing expensive gadgets and gifts are their only responsibilities towards their family. Growing up kids are having generosity towards opposite gender, which they start exploring from home itself and for them above relation gender matters. That is the reason that sexual relationship between siblings are increasing a lot and sometimes it leads to Rape with their Sister, Mother or small girls. Now a days, father and uncles have become rapist of their daughters and nieces.

Losing Interest in Mythology and easy availability of Pornography

Now a days our life is so busy that we do not have time for God and we are not creating mythological atmosphere in our homes. We used to give expensive gadgets and toys to our kids which will make them safe and in home. We think that it is our responsibility and our job is done. Kids who are spending long hours on gadgets which has Internet connectivity. It is very easy for them to access all available contents on the internet. We are also became selfish and TV/Movies where double meaning dialogues/songs, cheap comedy, vulgar songs etc have been telecast. Kids are having very curious mentality and they search the same on google which produce them all kind of contents including pornography. Any knowledge before age is dangerous so that is what we people are facing. A young kid is doing rape/violence under that influence.

There could be several other reasons for causes of brutal act but all acts are driven by mind. If our mind is not clean and if it is having a lot of nuisance then we cannot make sense and end up doing brutal acts like Rape, Murder or Violence. It is very easy to blame government and police but what is our role towards safe society? Are we aware enough to judge what is happening in our house. There is one article I wrote “Girl Child, who never get chance to become lady” is just an overview, if we overlooked what happens in our own house.

“Society starts from ourselves, it’s very easy to blame others but it’s very difficult to find out our own mistakes. It’s hard to accept that we are the causes of brutal act happen around us.” 

“Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020 and Come up with different mindset in 2020.”


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