Leaving our own country: Motherland has been cheated


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Leaving our own country: Motherland has been cheated, is an article about the people who left country to pursue their dreams of earning big, settle down in better place etc. I know many people who got education in India, got job in India and then put their day and nights to get into cream list of high performers to settle in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, UAE etc. I see following challenges and consequences of doing this.

Unsatisfied from Pay Cheques

Most of the people who left the country have strong reason of not getting proper pay cheques. They always have very high expectations from themselves and think that going to abroad is only way to earn big. They target those countries whose economy or financial condition is better than India so that they get good conversion rate against Indian Rupee.

These people never understand that money is not everything and anything beyond need is useless. Nothing is free in this world and these people pay heavy price for the same by leaving their birth place, parents, food, friends etc. They realize it after so many years when things can’t be reverted.

Status Symbol in the Society

In our society, going abroad is a status symbol. The parameter of success is judged based on getting On-Site opportunity. Parents proudly explain to their relatives and friends that their son or daughter is in USA, Canada, Australia etc. The person himself feels that he is recognized as successful if he gets on-site opportunity. Many people spent years and years in those organization where they are never satisfied just to get on-site opportunity.

Many Service Industries of India are having millions of these kinds of employees. But these people never understand that they must slog hard in abroad compared to India. Because they are paid well so they must work more. Most of the Indian employees slogged 16-18 hours every day during stay in abroad while in India they don’t work more than 8-9 hours in a day. They don’t understand that Indians are accepted in around the globe because of foreign policy of India. If we would have in different country, then going abroad would not be this much easy.

Aspiration from the Childhood

In our country, many cities are there where kids are brought up with the aspiration to go abroad. They have been enforced to take courses or professions like that where scope of going abroad is highest. Like Information Technology field. I know one person in Hyderabad, who did his engineering in Civil, but his relatives and parents enforced him to learn UI technologies to get into Information Technology field.

Now a days, both parents are earning for their livelihood so cannot give time to their kids. They thought that taking kids to Playing area in Mall, buying expensive gifts and gadgets are enough for them. Kids are also bringing up with money minded attitude and that reflects in their growing age. These parents will be left alone because of their dreams of sending their kid to abroad and feel proud in outside world with tears inside.

Problem Escape Attitude

There are many people who do not want to face any problem in their life. They always try shortcut or escape route from the challenges of life. These are also those folks who would like to leave their country if they see any problem. There is huge amount of folks, who left country in every challenging phase of the country whether it is partition, riots, earth quake, drought etc. It is just like that when there is any problem in the family better to leave them instead of solving it.

These people will never able to solve any problem in their life, they always try to have shortcuts in their life. They are ready to marry unknown person to get the citizenship of other countries. They are doing buttering to their bosses to get on-site opportunities. I personally feel them like Escapers. They try to escape from every problem and end in escaping from everywhere. They thought that pay offs their liability is possible by going abroad and earn big. Sometimes few folks like this get trapped in fraudsters.


People may say that leaving country is cheating with motherland, but it is same as when we leave our city to earn. To answer them that it is true in some way, but we are within our country, if country is house then states are rooms in the house but when we leave our country, it is like we left our house and secondly there are a lot of opportunity in India and one tax, one constitution is followed in whole India.

 “Our Former President ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam told in his autobiography that when any young talent of India leaves his own country, he had been hurt.” There are many folks who left India for finance, better life etc. but they forgot that they are enforced to follow rules of that country which they are not aware of and those countrymen treat them as you come from poor country, the way we think about countries whose citizens come to India to earn.

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