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A Fruit, which made tree sweet is about my second son “Adhrit”. I got new job on 19th February 2018 after a long break. I was very happy that finally I could take care of my small family (Aaradhye and my wife).

Shocking News

On 20th March 2018, I got the news that my wife was expecting, I was little shocked and nervous. My wife was very afraid that whether we are in position of handle two kids. My break from job was still in our mind. We thought to abort the child. We went to doctor and doctor said that we should decide soon and also, she told that we should not kill fetus. I was confused but my wife was rigid that she would not do that. I gave this decision to my wife and agreed as per her choice. My wife needed to travel on 27th March 2018, so I told doctor and she said that its not safe to travel post abortion. Then we decided that we would do it once she was back.

Decision of New Child

She left and came back on 30th March 2018. We went to doctor on 2nd April 2018, Doctor that now it could not be done through medicine and she needed to operation. By that time, I made my mind that we would have this baby. I convinced my wife and finally agreed. My wife needed to leave her job because of that. She was little upset, but I consoled her.

Fortune Changed

I always wanted to have girl child and we thought all girl names. I have seen that my fortune started changing. 12th October 2018, my first book (Life Transition Step) was launched in my organization campus. We saw one house to purchase and luckily, we both liked that house. I told owner of the house that I would pay the token amount as per birth date of my daughter.

Hospital Kios

It was 31st October 2018, when we went for Ultrasound and NSG test and came to know that my wife would have delivery date on the same day. I already did all the booking in Apollo Cradle Hospital, Hyderabad. My son was in school and I left to pick him up and left my wife alone in hospital. I came back after 2 hours and came to know that because of non-availability of room, we got most expensive room (Golconda). My wife went for delivery at 4:15 PM. My younger brother also came to hospital. Our family friends were also ran to hospital.

Baby Arrived in “Brahma Muhurat”(Prestigious Moment)

I got call from my in-laws that I should ask doctor to have delivery post 5 PM. It was “Ahoi Ashtami” and 5 PM to 5:30 PM was “Brahma Muharat” (Very Prestigious Moment) because Sun, Moon and Stars all would be present, and child born on that time would be “Vishnu Avataar”. I told, I couldn’t do anything as she was already in room, but doctor got some emergency case and she was not able to attend my wife till 4:50 PM. I also got opportunity to get into Operation Theater. I was expecting girl child but at 5:03 PM, doctor told it was BOY.

Shock with Love

I was shocked in the Operation Theater itself, I went out. Switch OFF my mobile and very much in tension. I got call from Doctor through some ward boy and went back to OT. Doctor scolded me for having difference between gender of child. He came into my hand and smiled. My all anger vanished, and I smiled back to him. My elder son was also very happy.

Make it Memorable with own House and Name

Once my wife got back to room, I went to meet owner to pay token amount of 3,11,000 INR as per my son’s date of birth “31/10”. I thought to name my son as “Saanidhye” to make rhythm to my elder son “Aaradhye” and nick name as “Vishu” according to my elder son’s nick name “Hanu” but my wife told that she would consult “Jyotishi” to get the letter for main name, we both were agreed on nick name. We got letter “A”, I started thinking of his name and came with name “ADHRIT”. The meaning of this name is “Lord Vishnu” or a person who doesn’t get support but support everyone. Yes, I am blessed with another son who was “Vishnu” of our family.

The moment he came to our life, our fortune started changing and all problems started vanishing automatically. It also filled me with positive attitude and made me sweet day by day. “Adhrit” is a fruit of mine which made “Tree” (me) sweet.

Changing Expression of my little Adhrit

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