Life of a Man: Full of compromises and sacrifices


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Life of a man: full of compromises and sacrifices is an article about men. Thought process of men have changed a lot in cosmopolitan cities. There were days when men were dominated but in cosmopolitan cities, men are very supportive in the families. I would like to share the life of a man is filled with expectations.

Life of a Man as Son

In the young age, man used to have loads of expectation from the family. Parents used to worry about future of a man. If he gets less marks in examinations, he used to criticize. People around that man also put benchmark of success and he feels pressure through out of his life. He always brought up with the expectation that he should have run the family and earn for the family. After certain age, if he is not settled then people start judging his capability. There was not much pressure on woman of the family. If she is earning, then she is self-dependent but if she is not able to do so then also not much criticism for her.

Life of a Man as Husband

Married man in the cosmopolitan cities sacrificed a lot in his life. During bachelor life, he used to enjoy with friends but now he must choose friends as per the choice of his wife. He has to leave many close friends because his wife does not like them. He used to sacrifice his own time and should accompanied his wife in shopping or traveling whether he likes or not. He is not only sacrificing his friends even he should leave couple of family members also as per his wife choice.

Many times, he has been blackmailed by his wife to get love or he should be perfect husband to get respect. I have seen that in many families, husband is struggling to get some respect. Now ladies are equally qualified and financially independent, so they don’t listen to their better half. If they are not earning, then too they know the cost of running the house. She knows that if she is cleaning the house then it costs 3000 INR monthly, if she is cooking food then it is 10000 INR monthly. Husband is not even have earning pressure but saving pressure too and he must listen all complains of his wife.

Life of a Man as Father

The life of a father is much challenging. Now he must help his wife to bring up kids, whether his wife is working or not, but after office hours, he should play with kids, taking care of kids. Weekends used to spend in buying groceries, shopping and babysitting. He should sacrifice all his friend circle and try to make bonding with husbands of his wife’s friends. He must slog harder to fulfill the wishes of kids and family.

Many times, he should sacrifice his own wishes for kids. He cannot live his life in his own way for even one day. He can’t even talk on phone with his friends and relatives because he is occupied with his responsibilities. Many times, nobody asks for a glass of water when he came back from work. He can’t share his pain or problems and involved himself in complains of kids and wife while he is in home. He needs to tell lies to find some time for himself. Mother is also taking pressure to grow the kids but she is having one man to transfer all her pressure and irritation, but father does not have that privilege.

I know that above is not correct for every family but that is the case for most of the nuclear families in cosmopolitan cities. I have written a lot about women empowerment but I thought to share the life of a man also who is now paying the price to earn respect and value in the family.

I request every educated woman that now days, men are very cooperative which they were not earlier, respect their cooperation and understand them. They also need some time for themselves, they are slogging whole day to earn bread and butter for the family and many times they get irritated at their workplace but daily they wake up and going the same place to feed their family. If they are not sharing their problems, it does not mean that they do not have challenges. They do not want to give tension, try to understand them and provide some free time to them. That applies equally to men as well. Women also need time for themselves.

“We need to share the responsibilities and respect each other. It will make life much better and easy.”

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