Change of Relations affects Life

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Change of Relations affects Life is a topic which will describe the change of relations as growing age. We start our own relations as we grow older. Blood relations are not that much important any more. New relations attract us. Relations, which we made are the most precious for us. Many times, we fight with our parents, siblings for our new relations. Our happiness and sadness depend on the nurturing of our own made relations.

First Stage of Relation

When we are young, about 6-7 years of age. At that time our parents are the most precious relation we have. Our happiness increased when we see our father arrives from office. We always want us surrounded by our parents. We share smallest thing of our life with our parents. Many times, parents do not have time to listen all our stories but then too we keep telling them.

Second Stage of Relation

Second stage of relation is when we age around 10+ years. This is the age we start making friends. Now playing with them in the evening is more important than staying home. Now our story is around them only. This is the age when we learn to involve in gadgets. Now we become more demanding to our parents just to show our new friends. If we fight with our newly made friends, we feel sad. Now our sharing with parents decreased . We do not cherish as before on the arrival of father. we start making our own world.

Third Stage of Relation

Third stage of relation is very critical for anyone’s age. This is the age when we start making intimate relations. This relation demands privacy, so we used to isolate with our parents and siblings. Sometimes siblings are important if they support us in that. Usually this age is after 16 years. We almost stop sharing anything with our parents. Sometimes parents are cooperative, and we do share little but not that much as before. Our happiness and sadness depend on the status of relationship. Now breakup and proposal affect our nervous systems. In this techno world, we have so many mediums to make these relations like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tinder, dating apps etc. Now we invest more time in exploring the profile of our newly made relation. We feel the authority in the relation that we own the person with whom we have intimate relation.

Fourth Stage of Relation

Fourth stage is the stage when we leave our house to build our career. This is the time when we completely exposed to the outside world and our survival depends on our social behavior. Now making new relation is not our wish only, need to as well to survive emotionally. Our parents worry for us, but we make sure them that we are alright. We make new relations but every time we are not lucky enough to get good relations. That is the reason of depression for most of the cases. If we have breakup, nobody is there to take care of ourselves. If we have any bad phases in our relations, we cannot discuss with our parents or siblings, who are our true well-wishers. But we do not consider them as we think that they do not know anything about it.

Fifth Stage of Relation

If we can survive fourth stage, we get into fifth stage. A time when we get married and get life partner. This stage is just like transforming era for any person. Suddenly, everything gets changed. No more bachelor parties, no more shopping outing with friends etc. But then too we are liking it because of newness of the relation. This is very challenging to cop up with each other. If it is our decision, then we can’t go to our parents but if it is arranged marriage then involvement of parents is more. Parents still treat us as young kid and keep guiding for everything. Few take it as positively, but few feel offended.

Sixth Stage of Relation

Sixth stage of the relation is the stage when we become parents. This is another transforming stage of our life. We feel responsible and our own family formed. This is our sixth stage but for our kids it is first stage and this cycle keep on going. Now we start feeling the pain of our parents being a parent.

“The important aspect of this cycle that people who are our true well-wishers will remain as it is. We ignore them many times in our life, but they are always there for us. Whenever we need emotional support, despite of looking out, we should reach to them.”


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