Swing of Motivation: Motivation is on swing

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Swing of Motivation:Motivation is on swing, is a topic to explain different phases of our mood swing. In our life, we decide so many things to do but stop doing that after some time or facing challenge to continue. Have we ever thought that what could be the reason? The biggest reason is our motivation level to do the task. Here are few points to explain

Initiative to Decide

We see that our fitness level is not good. our body is deteriorating day by day. We have to control it, We decide that we will do exercise from next day. We are bad in our communication skill, we decide that from tomorrow, we will work on it. We are bad in cooking, we decide that from tomorrow we will learn that. We are used to late to our work, we decide that from tomorrow we will wake up early and be on time. We decide so many things in our life that from tomorrow we will initiate.

Ability to implement initiative

Most of the things, we decide in the past day, forget in next day by giving excuse to ourselves. Either by giving reasons like extra responsibility, or sleep late or postpone to next day. But there are few decisions, we are able to start as well. Like we start going to gym from the next day, or start learning cooking or dance class or start watching communication videos etc. We know it is necessary so we start as priority.

Swing in Motivation

Once we start, we feel very good. Because it is natural practice that when we start something which we decide, we feel happy and wanted to more and more for that. Many times we are involved so much in our new task that we forget our other tasks which were we doing till yesterday. We feel very much motivated towards our new task and less motivated towards our existing tasks. Now all motivation is swing to our new task.

Motivation is on Swing

After some time when we realize that our other tasks are impacting because of our new task, we start blaming that and slowly stop doing whatever we started. Now we feel sad and also prepared an excuse that we stopped doing our new task because it was impacting other work. This is the excuse we give ourselves as well as others who asked about that. Suddenly that new task has taken back seat and we again fall into our daily routine. whatever we were doing earlier and again our life, problems became as before.

Actual Cause

We stopped doing those tasks and sometime later we used to say that we wanted to do that but not getting time from other responsibilities. Actually again we are giving excuse to ourselves and others. The actual reason is not that task, it is us. Our over involvement in new task is the reason to affect our other tasks. We have not made proper schedule for the things. All tasks should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound). Many times we forget this “Time Bound”.

Mind Switch ON/OFF

There is switch in our mind which we should use and make it ON and OFF. Like when we leave our house, we used to switch OFF all lights and fans. Similarly we should switch OFF the mind switch for our new task and switch ON our other tasks. We should maintain proper schedule and also prioritize things in our life. 

Control Motivation Swing 

To control the swing of our motivation, first of all we should decide the importance of the new task in our life, how important it is for our life. If it is just because other are doing, better not to do. If it is giving us happiness and relaxation, we should definitely focus on that with Mind Switch. There are several other reasons as well, like health, if we want to be alive, we should focus on our health. Life is very precious and we should take care of that. That is why it has been said “Health is Wealth”.

People used to say that we do not have time, that is just an excuse, every one on this planet has 24 hours, but why few of us are known to world and most of us lost in world. We should ask ourselves, do we really not have time?



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