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Young Entrepreneurs: Inspiring India, Inspiring Me-  ‘Thoughtsnviews‘ was launched 6 months back. I used to share Daily Thoughts or article notifications to my all contacts. In my notification list, my college professors are also there, so they were getting regular notification and one day they told me that I write good, I should come to college and inspire new generations. I was very excited, but not sure what would I say.

Call from College

One day, when I was on my way to Jagannath Puri (will write about this journey in separate article), I got call from my professor, Dr. Manoj Choubey from GLAITM. He was booking my flight tickets for E-Conclave, an initiative to promote start-ups. I asked what I would do to come there, he told that I would be part of panel and answer questions about my success. They confirmed my dates and booked my return flights from Hyderabad to Delhi.

Start of Nervous Journey

I was nervous, what would I do, or what would I say in that panel. With this nervousness, I boarded flight from Hyderabad at 5:45 AM. I reached around 8 AM, I got call from one student of my college that cab is waiting for you at airport. I came out, that driver was very nice person, he told that he needs to pick two more people from Kalkaji. My nervousness or feeling of good for nothing increased when I met two other folks, one is from 2016 batch of my college, who refused three offers from IT company to follow his own dream. He was MTV dropout contestant and level of confidence was very high, his name was Shiv. Second person I met was Nishant, who was Assistant Director in MTV and working as a creative director in Delhi. Nishant and Shiv had a very good bonding, I was feeling like odd one. Anyways we reached college around 3 PM, immediately had lunch, there I met another lady called Priyanka, who was just 21 years old and winner of MTV drop-outs. I saw a lot of love for Shiv from college folks, I went to college after 11 years, so except few professors, nobody knows me. I was getting bored but excited to get room in college guest house, which I had never seen from inside during my college days. The college was much bigger than earlier, now every branch has different buildings. Girls Hostel is also inside campus, which was not the case in our time. The strength of college increased from 1500 to 12000 in 11 years.

A Session of Inspiration

Around 6 PM, there was first session of E-conclave, where people are telling about their story, Shiv, Nishant, Priyanka, along with Sadiya Naseem (GlamStudio Founder and CEO from Hyderabad) participated, which inspired me but made me more nervous. My session was next day. Professors introduced me to others like multi-talented writer who is running two websites along with his job. At last I saw one talk show with one 23 years old girl Prajakta Koli, who had 9 lac subscribers by that time (now it is 1.6M+) in her you tube channel. She was introduced like You Tube Sensation. Students were crazy for her, everyone was jumping to take selfies with her and Nishant.

Question Hour to get Stumped

After we came back to guest house, I took a walk around college and met couple of people who joined for next day session. I saw everyone was either very innovative or earning big amount. Most of the people were discussing about funding from government, meeting with ministers etc. But I got inspired with two young chaps Praveen and Sindhuja from Coimbatore, who were passed out from NIFT and started their business with just 1 million and in three years reached up to 200 Million INR mark. I verified this on google and it was verified. I was amazed. Then I met Ranjit who took ownership to fix roads by just identifying patches using mobile, Adil, who was helping visitors to get treatment in India, Rahul, who created App in Delhi to fix labor cost by make it on hourly basis, Abhishek, who was providing MVP to 4000+ startups. They all were in the panel along with me and I was speechless among these giants. Because I was just a blogger without earning a single penny.

Transforming Questions

People asked me about competitions and numbers of blogs on web. How am I different? This lead me to add some uniqueness in the blog. I told them that I would like to make this blog as supermarket of web, where you get everything, whatever you want to read. Now I can proudly say that this is first blog with Audio in English and Hindi. where you can hear all articles as playlist.

I launched Discussion Forum with financial benefits to the users, where anyone can earn from home, took Google Ad sense. But frankly speaking my motive is not to earn big money, my motive is to help as many people as I can.


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