Girl Child who never get chance to become lady

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Today, I have chosen a topic, Girl child who never get chance to become lady, which is a huge embarrassment to our society, RAPE. If I define Rape, it is an act which happens without consent of the women/girl. It is a forced physical relationship with a lady. This is happening since ages. In our ancient history, strong people are using their power to take control of women, one man in those days used to have multiple women to fulfill their desires. But as the rule changed or law incorporated, people are trying to fulfill their desires forcefully.

Women of our society, when raped, they feel ashamed to disclose. Society blames women for the act happened with her, she is a victim, but society accuses her. I do not understand that when someone does something forcefully to you, how come it is your fault. If there is a robbery in a house, who should be caught, Victim or Robber(s)?

Now a days, our country is known as Rape Country, and capital of our country is known as rape capital, because it has maximum registered cases of rape. but the number would be huge because unregistered cases are much higher than registered ones. People often blame young ladies for this incident because of their dresses or often blame to give wrong indications to their colleagues or friends.

Recently, there was an incident of rape with 2 months old girl, I ask you, what is her fault? Is it like, She made her nappy wet while she was with her 28 years old uncle. Her uncle got aroused and did that cruel incident. What do we think, will that girl ever get a chance to become a lady? Today, when a girl child is born, the biggest worry of her parents is that how can they save their daughter from this cruel world. I too have this worry, but I have a solution too.

When Nibhaya Incident happened on 16th December 2012, people were on streets with candles, but according to the news that there was no one who took courage to save that daughter when she was on the main road, NAKED. I urge everyone, nothing is happened post incident, we can punish those rapist but can not bring the womanhood or confidence in our women.

Let’s take an oath, that we will make this country #RapeFreeCountry. I took the pledge already and started working for the same.But have you??


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