Marriages are more expensive than Education

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Today, I picked up a very controversial topic.In  which every one agrees with it but is afraid to implement it in their own life. Strange, isn’t it? In our society, when a girl child is born what is the first thing comes  to  parent’s mind. Well the question is that , how can they  save their  princess from this cruel world. How much money do the parents need to save to get the best prince for their princess.While, some orthodox people of society will ponder on the thought that God gave them a burden for their entire life to bear. 
Our sophisticated society does not think much for the education of a girl child. Our government is running campaigns since ages, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.We keep discussing about girl power etc. But how much we really believe it? In a family which is not financially strong, sister needs to sacrifice education for her brother. Very few families are there, who give equal importance to both gender  in terms of education. But I ask you all a question that, Why do we have a burden of marriage only on bride’s family, why not groom?
If I ask anyone to do marriage in a  very simple manner, they might say that marriage happens only once, we should spend our heart/pocket out in that. Correct, but what about education, it is for whole life. Grand Marriage would be remembered, for few days, months or maximum a year but Professional Education will remain with us forever. If you see around and calculate the amount spend on marriage, it would be much higher than the total amount spent in one girl child’s education. We used to think  that if son has good education, he will get beautiful bride and heavy dowry too. Yes, dowry is illegal but it is still there in the form of expensive gifts which is implicit in the marriages. 
Whenever I used to see grand marriage ceremonies, I used to feel that spending in marriage is only show off. There is no financial benefit. If they give that hefty amount to the newly wed couple, that would be of  much more help for them. If we give our daughters best education then match-making would be equal and easy. In this expensive world, both need to earn, so both need to be qualified too. 
“Although it is very tough to accept or implement in their own life, but if new generation enforced their parents, to not waste money in Grand ceremony of marriages and utilize that amount in better education, Every day would be ceremony.”

marriages are more expensive than education

Education is one thing that makes a human, wise to take decisions and grow in life. Learning never stops. We should give equal opportunities to both girl and boy child. Equality for All, Education for All. Marriage should happen when we get educated and settles in our life. So our utmost priority should be, to educate our kids whether girl or boy. Then the nation will grow. 

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