How to Prevent Certificates, Which Certify Us?

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Certificates are the most important documents of our life because it certify us that we are Graduate, Post-Graduate, Ph.d etc. Not only Educational certificates, there are so many other documents, which are our proof of identity. If somebody ask our birth date or name, it would not be authenticated until and unless we produce some valid document. Similarly, our professional career is also authorized with service certificates or relieving letters of all previous organizations.

Above mentioned certificates are mandatory ones, which every individual would have, but as we grow older, number of important documents keep on increasing, like if we buy house, there is a lot of property related documents, which authorize our ownership of property, we buy car, gas connection or water connection etc., everything is authorized with documents. If we travel to other countries that VISA documents or other countries ids would become important documents. Once we get married then marriage certificate and once we have kid, then birth certificates of kids will become very important documents. 

Experience of any Private Job Folk

Few people might be thinking that this is obvious thing, what special I am talking about in this article. So, let me come to the point of reason. I got my first valid certificate in 1999 as my Class X certificate, which acted as my date of birth proof. After that wherever date of birth proof was required, I carry my Class X original certificate. I was always worried that what happen if I lose it. Getting duplicate certificate in India at that time was very tough and tedious task. Then I completed Class XII. Travel to other city for my graduation. Traveled multiple cities during my professional career and carrying all my certificates with the tension that what happened if I lose this document file. I never let Movers and Packers to carry that bag which carries my documents. After my marriage and kid, the burden of documents increased. 

Solution to avoid anxiousness

Fortunately, I belong from IT industry, so whenever I switch my profession, they asked soft copies of the documents. So I have scanned all those documents, which required to get job, like mandatory documents. But I always worried about my other documents, I lost my Driving license while somebody stole my wallet, I got duplicate one by giving some bribe to RTO (Regional Transport Office). So I was thinking, that there should be some place where we upload digital copies of our documents and it should be authorized as well.

Just couple of years back, Government of India launched digital locker which is mapped with Aadhar Number (UIDAI). It is very easy, and we can e-Verify it. Once we verify our documents and mapped the scan copy with document name, we are done. Valid format is PDF, JPEG and PNG. We can upload up to 1 GB of data. I have already updated all my documents over there and found that it is worth to share with all. It is verified with government and mobile app is also available.


Prevention is always better than cure and awareness is much better than being dumb


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