Basic Education is Necessary to Build Foundation

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Recently, I met a student who was studying in class 12th. During my talk with him, I came to know that his thought process is that, his parents wasted money on his education, he wants to become athlete and if his parents might have invested 7-7.5 lac amount to buy any plot instead of investing money on his education, he would have been more rich.. This thought enforced me to write an article on importance of basic education. Many students are thinking that they are getting education to do job, and all sportsperson wasted their time in education which is BIG MYTH.

People are thinking that if Virat Kohli had not studied then too he would be a  great cricketer. Yes it might be true but he has studied till 12th. If he did not get education then he might not be able to handle millions of INRs. If Amitabh Bachhan had not studied, he might never be able to host KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati, hindi version of “Who wants to be millionaire”) or setup his own production house. 

Students who are thinking that they are studying to get job and if they want to become Engineer, then there is no importance of Biology, Hindi, English or Sociology like subjects, I would like to tell all those students that till 12th, Education is to build foundation, it is not for to earn. Once our basics are clear, then we can build our career in any field. After 12th whatever course we undertake that is responsible to narrow down our career path, but till then it’s our responsibility to make our knowledge as wide as possible.

There are many in this world, who do not get chance to get education but still they try to learn from their lives. We are fortunate that our parents were capable enough to provide us education whatever best they could. If we calculate total fees they spend in our education and think that instead of they should buy some property or other, then we might not be able to survive in this cruel world if our parents would have thought in other way around. If we do not get basic education then our foundation would be very weak. Learning is faster during young age, as we grow up, our learning curve goes down.

“To build big tower strong, we should have deeper foundation. To build successful career, basic education is the foundation. “

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