Building Reputation in Office: Attitude Required

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When we join any organization, we are always worried about building our reputation. We want that every person in the organization should only think  positive about us. Is it happened automatically? No! There are a lot of efforts we have to put to make it happen. I have tried  to put few points which can be useful to build image in an organization. These are as follows

    Seven Steps to Build Reputation in Office
  • Sense of Ownership: This is a very important aspect to build image in the organization. Whenever any task is assigned to us, it is our own responsibility to finish it on time with quality. One of my previous manager told me that my deliverable are my baby. I have to nurture, develop it as my baby. This is my responsibility to develop error free and take it to production. The same applies to everyone who wants to build good image in the organization. The task which is assigned to us is not only organization’s or supervisor’s work. Management like those people who take ownership and drive it till the end.
  • Gratitude: This is second aspect in the organization, no matter whatever position we hold in the organization, we should always acknowledge and appreciate the person who helped us in our task by any means. Expressing gratitude does magic in workplace. People always love appreciation and it does not mean that if we are junior, we can not appreciate our seniors.
  • Listening Others: This also plays a very important role in building image. I personally learnt from my experience that listening to others is equally important to puttinv up our point. People do not like those who keep on putting their points without listening their peers and seniors. Many times, if we listen to others, our points are already covered.
  • Respect Everyone: I have seen that many people who are into senior positions, they are used to disrespect junior resources. That impacts our reputation badly. Every individual is special and we have to respect that one. All employees get into the organization because they have some skills. I learnt a lot from my juniors. Respect is give and take thing, if we respect others, it will reciprocate to us as well.
  • Dress Up: Many people think that dressing code is not very much important. Many organizations removed dress code in their organization. I personally feel that workplace is a temple, from where we are getting our bread and butter. So I strictly follow dress code in the organization. Monday to Thursday, formal wear and smart casual on Friday. Dressing up shows our attitude towards our organization and also gives us a lot of confidence. For example, in marriage, if we go in shorts and t-shirts, we will feel very awkward. 
  • Communication: This is very important in any organization. Management always love those folks, who communicate on time and effectively. If we do any mistake or blunder also, proper communication will be helpful to mitigate the risk. There are so many mediums of communication in the organization, we should utilize and communicate on time. This plays an important role in building reputation.
  • Respect Time: People always love punctual people. We have to respect time, then time will respect us. If we have any meeting, whether we are senior or junior, should try to be always on time, if we are getting late for any reason, it should be informed to all stakeholders. If our time is important, others is equally important.   

To summarize, building reputation is not tough, if we consider above mentioned points. Once we adopt the above mentioned points in  our attitude, then wherever we go, people will respect us.



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