A Tree tastes its own fruit: It’s Sweet

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I still remember, it was 9th January 2015. I took my wife to doctor, who was 8 months pregnant. Doctor asked me to go for heartbeat test for baby. We submitted report and doctor told that heartbeat dropped and needed test again. We again went for test but doctor had doubt in her mind. So she told that she needed to get baby out.

We were not mentally ready and it was very cold and foggy so no one could come by train or road. So we asked doctor how much we could postpone, she told we had to choose either 12th or 13th. We chose 13th January 2015. Finally that day came, I went along with my wife to hospital on 12th night. Doctor first tried for normal delivery by giving artificial pain but it did not work out so finally she operated and at 3:03 PM, I got the news of arrival of baby. I immediately went to NBICU (New Born Intensive Care Unit), as its weight was very less, around 2.3 Kg, family people were caring about girl or boy, I was caring about healthy baby. I checked with nurse and asked about heartbeat rate of the baby. Then checked gender and it was boy. 

I was very happy, I was going out immediately to buy sweets but I stopped, I thought that I became selfish, I should think about that lady too, who took that baby for more than eight months in her womb, being a husband, I should check whether she was fine, I went back to hospital again. I stopped by Operation Theater. I was waiting for my wife to came out and accompanied her till room. She was very much in pain. Next day baby came to our hospital room. We clicked few snaps. Finally my wife and son discharged on 15th January 2015. Our house was at third floor without lift. So three ambulance  people and I took her on stretcher to third floor.

Suddenly everything got changed, I was sleeping in next room and my mother-in law was sleeping with our son and wife. I was feeling that our son separated me from my wife. I was confused that what was happening to me. I was not giving attention to son as well as my wife. My wife was emotionally weak and needed me badly but I was not able to give her that time and care. I was feeling responsible and my motive was just to fulfill that. So I was worried whether I would be able to do that or not?

After few days, my wife, mother-in law and our son left for hometown. At that time, I was feeling lonely and thinking about my family. Some feeling was coming in me and I started loving and missing our son. That feeling was Fatherhood feeling. I started dreaming about what would I do for our son and what should I do to make him better person and provide happy environment. It was amazing feeling, I became father now. Yes, this is very sweet feeling. This was the time, I tasted my own fruit and it was delicious.



6 thoughts on “A Tree tastes its own fruit: It’s Sweet

  1. Very Nice…. I thought only women used to remember these things it’s very good that a man also remember that.

  2. “This was the time, I tasted my own fruit, and it was delicious.” My favorite line in your post. I enjoyed reading your story and found it very interesting.

  3. Awesome explanation and really loved the title given by you. When I was reading, I reminded each n every moment of my two deliveries, and the moment of happiness when I hold my little ones in my arms.

    Keep going Ankur👏👌👍

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