Building Parallel System is essential if you are in J.O.B.


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When we get selected in Multi National Company, we are very excited. Our family also thinks that now our future is secure. We are going to earn for next 30-40 years and become financially stable. They start thinking about their next responsibility like getting perfect match, house planning etc. Then we get into the organization and amazed with infrastructure. Free lunches excite us. We enjoy Team Lunch and Outing. There is different meaning of enjoyment. In initial days we do not have much work, so getting hefty salary is too much for us. We start spending without thinking, we start buying which we always wanted to buy in our life, riding Royal En-field, iPhone getting spa in top class parlor, getting haircut in lavish saloons. We also buy expensive gifts for our family and friends. Life is perfect now.

Once we are 1-year-old into the organization, we start getting little pressure, we feel annoyed but our managers start making us realize that we are hired for work not for enjoyment. We get serious for work and also calculate hours we spend in work. We are paid only for 8 hours so will work only that much. Suddenly salary seems less. We are not able to enjoy the expensive gadgets, Xbox, Ducati etc we bought. This continues for next 5 years.

Once we complete 5 years, we need to pause and start thinking to earn something in parallel. Few are investing in stocks, few are looking for the scope of freelancing, restaurants etc. But there is major chunk of people who think that they are going to earn from their Job forever. Those folks are in fantasy world. They may continue for next 5 years with more focus or with routine work. This is the time, our honeymoon period in the industry is over. Now we start listening cost cuttings, ramp downs of our peers etc. We start worrying now, that we may also lose job. Then we think about job switch or start evaluating ourselves in the market. We prepare for interviews. In the first interview itself, we will come to know that market is very much demanding for 10 years experienced folk. We may think that might be getting job in other organizations is not easy. Few people went into depression because now we have so many loans to clear, take care of family, pressure to maintain lavish life.

The people who started something after 5 years, they are in much better position now. Stock market people may have very good portfolio and earning good from stock market. Freelancing people are on the verge of starting their own organization. Restaurant people are already earning more than their monthly salary. But what about us, now we thought to follow these people. Suddenly our number also come and we fired. We lost the job. We think that we are late in building parallel system initiative. 

In job, honeymoon period is for 10 years. People who spend all 10 years as honeymoon period, they are the ones who kicked out first. The people who spent only 1 or 2 years as honeymoon and other 8 years with dedication, they may survive for next 10 years. But they can also not guarantee for their job. 

Many times we have been targeted by folks to get into Multi Level Marketing by giving above reasons. Many people involved into that as well. But in my opinion it only makes worse our situation rather than improving. If you get your first earning today, Congratulations!! But start investing as well and work towards your parallel system.

“It is better to start as soon as possible to work towards building parallel system. Go through my another article ‘Plan Your future, future will plan for you‘”


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