Education Temple became Butcher House: What a shame?

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This article was never in my list and also I never thought that I would be forced to write on Education topic. But in recent past I heard so many incidents happened in schools of National Capital region which enforced me to write my perspective on it.

A kid, who carried by Mom for 9 months in her womb, brought up on the shoulders of Dad. A little cry of a baby made its parents worried, no matter what is the time. Every parents remember their sleepless nights to feed, to care for their kid. Then that baby grown up and with lot of investigations, parents find best school for their kid. This is the place, where they dream to make their kid knowledgeable, where he/she learns social circle, where parents feel as the safest place on the planet for their kid. But recent past, the incidents happened made them scared. Now parents are afraid to send their kid to school, which is called Education Temple.

You all have been read in newspaper or watched in news that recently two small kids, one is 7 years old and one is 8 years old, lost their lives in school. What was their mistake? The incidents happened just few minutes after school started. Who is responsible, that is the craziest thing, No Body!!!!!.

School managements are having strong connections in law and order, which left normal parents just to cry on their fortune. They cry on their broken dream, they cry on their kids body. They cry, cry and cry. What else they can do? But thanks to our sensible society who pressurized the government that much that they had to wake up from their sleep. Not sure what our Education Minister is doing. 

I read in news that school managements offered financial cost of somebody’s piece of heart. How much money anyone can give for the broken dreams, for those sleepless nights, for their love, for the life of kid. I do not think that there is any price for that. You can buy bed, but can not buy sleep, You can buy women, but can not buy love, you can buy coffin, but can not buy life. There is no cost of Mother’s milk, no cost of affection of father. 

I really feel deep condolences for those parents who lost their piece of heart in so-called Education Temple, which has been made to Butcher House by its richest management, who do not value education, for them it is pure business and kids are just source to generate money. Schools in National Capital Region are becoming Hell, where ratio of spoiling kids are much more than learned ones. I request all parents, please do not take step back, whatever stand you have taken for those kids, stick to that, because if you become weak today, it may be your kid next.

“We always learnt that School is Temple of Education but now it is Butcher House for our kids. Stop sending your kid to school. Teach them in home, at least they will be alive and safe.”


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