Mobile: A Strong Companion or Dangerous Enemy

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Mobile, a great invention, which reduced the distances. It also allows you to carry your talking device along with you wherever you go. It became great after it became smart. I do not think that anyone in the world is not aware of this device. Every invention has some pros and cons so do Mobile has. Smart mobile is smart and getting smarter day by day with so many Apps development. You can do video calling, voice calling to other city, state or country. Now you can learn with so many education applications, you can explore new places with Google Map. You can connect with your old friends and relatives using Social Networking apps like Facebook, Google+ etc. You can connect with your favorite celebrities using Twitter, Instagram. Seems like Mobile is great invention. Yes it is, but people are not using it wisely every time. 

I have seen that road accidents are increased by 500% because of mobile. I have seen numerous people, who are talking on mobile while driving, specially two-wheeler. I personally stopped so many people to talk on mobile while driving. Parents are spending more time with mobile than their kids. They are giving mobile to their kids just to avoid their responsibilities. For kids too, mobile is much more important than their parents. Mobile is very personal gadget for everyone, no body wants that their parents, elders or friends open their device and see their stuffs.

Mobile is using in constructive way as well. Business is increased by 200% by using mobile. You can see that now all services are available on mobile. No need to go out from your home or office. People are becoming lazy because of Mobile. Now kids are having spectacles at very young age because of excessive usage of mobile. I have seen that outdoor sports is decreased by 70% in kids. Crime rate is also increased a lot because of usage of mobile. Pornography is easily available to teens, which increased crime against girls. Yes, information is also easily available and people are more knowledgeable than before. Earlier we were having TV and newspaper only as source of information. Now we can easily validate everything on Google. 

I see people are talking very less among friends and relatives, but everyone is connected in Whats App or Facebook. People may have 1000+ friends in social networking sites but not having any real friend in their life. Now no body is going to each other house for tea or dinner instead they are sending tea smiley to each other. I have seen many people to congratulate their near and dear ones for their birthday and anniversary on social networking sites instead of personally. People are showing their love to their parents, sisters, brothers, wife, husband on Facebook instead of telling them directly. Parents do not know about their kids, kids do not care about their parents. Society is spoiling. I do not see that kids are playing cricket, football in evening instead of they are spending time to play on their highly price gadgets. Parents also think, that buying expensive gadgets and toys, their responsibility finishes. Mother and Father both need to do job, just to fulfill those  expensive responsibilities and kids have been brought up by grand parents or maids. I have seen very good video recently on one joint family. You might find it in your Facebook or Whats App. People are sharing these kind of videos very frequently but actually what they are doing in their personal life?

“Mobile is a great invention but people do not use it in constructive way. It can be a very good companion, if you use its feature for betterment, but it is very dangerous enemy, if you give importance  to it more than humans”


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