A Drive to God: God drives me


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It was 17th July 2017, Monday. I was on leave from office so thought to watch movie with my family. My wife told that our family friend also wanted to watch the same movie so should check them as well. She called her friend and came to know that they were going to Mallikarjun, Jyoterlinga, Srisailam. She asked us as well. I thought that during Saawan, its good to go there. I said Yes to them and started getting ready. We asked to leave our place by 10 AM.

Let me tell you about the place. It is 230 KM far away from Hyderabad. after 150 KM, there is forest of 50 KM, where after 9 PM entry is not permitted. There is no light on road and road is also in zigzag fashion with slant. That is why I always target to start by 10 or 11 AM and crossed the forest before getting dark. Earlier two times, I followed this very strictly so crossed the forest after darshan before 5:30 PM. Temple closes between 4 PM to 6 PM and reopened around 6:30 PM.

So we started at 12 Noon instead of 10 AM. I was worried but my friend seems to be like adventurous. The moment we got down from outer ring road, it started raining. Slowly rain got heavier, visibility was also fading. Everyone was hungry and I was also needed tea badly. My friend was rigid to stop car but because of my force, we stopped finally where we spent 30 minutes. Then I was driving and we reached around 4:30 PM. Temple was shut down so we needed to wait till 6:30 PM.

We paid 150 bucks for each person, usually I hate to pay for darshan. Because I believe that GOD is for everyone, it is not personal property of anyone. But anyways, we did darshan with a lot of crowd and came out around 7:30 PM. My friend wanted to do some Puja but as everyone needed to get back on the same day, so I forced him to leave immediately. I was having fear in my mind that in this rainy season with no light, it was difficult to cross that 70 KM.

Finally we started around 7:45 PM, my friend was driving. With in 5 minutes we got big jerk, as my friend was not able to see road clearly. He switched ON GPS Navigation as road was not clear and turns were very much unexpected. We got into forest around 8:55 PM. It was very scary so I stopped looking at the road, went to back seat. My wife went to sleep and I started talking to my friend’s sister, Priyansha Dubey, an Indian Actress now. We were talking about passion of individual, she is actress in Telugu movie. So we were discussing and I was also looking for some parallel system as Information Technology field is very unstable now. She suggested me to do whatever I am passionate about, she never get bored with acting so I started thinking what passionate me. Suddenly I felt that we were out of forest and stopped for tea. I saw one cow, which was coming to us to eat our snacks, shopkeeper beat her. I felt bad, I told him that we were coming from Mallikarjun (Lord Shiva Place) and cow is his Vaahan. I went to her with dozen of bananas and feed her. I touched her head, I felt that she was giving me some blessings.

We got into the car and  again I started talking with her. This time I told her that somebody told me that I could be very good writer. She told that then I should start writing. I took it seriously and after reaching out to home I wrote article on Kashmir on Google docs. Now I wanted to evaluate myself that how did I write.

As I was writing from class 7th but never wrote for public, it was quite personal and also in Hindi. When I thought to write for world, I started with Facebook, but as it was very long so crossed Facebook character limit, I posted my article in 3 posts.

Somebody told me that why are you posting such long on Facebook, it was filling his wall. If I had that long content, then I should write blog. That gave me way to search on word press and I launched My Thoughts on 18th July 2017. Now it seems like that I write quite good. People are liking it. Thanks for that.


2 thoughts on “A Drive to God: God drives me

  1. This is your personal experience…. It would be very helpful if you share about different places where have you been and share info like how to reach, where to go, where to stay and all.
    Your experience is very good…Keep up the good work.

    1. Ankur Mittal - An Innovative Thinker – My name is Ankur Mittal, I am residing in Hyderabad. Have beautiful wife Apoorva and cute sons Aaradhye and Adhrit. Love to talk with people and understand their perspective. I am straight forward person who speaks from bottom of heart. Associated with Information Technology from more than 17 years, currently Technical Architect in MNC and investing time to follow sports, reading current affairs, always investigate the new things. I love travelling specially driving, I went on adventurous drive so many times in my life. I personally believe “Life is too short to explore the world but it’s long enough to explore yourself”
      Ankur Mittal - An Innovative Thinker

      Thank you, my all experiences are personal only, there are many places I will share the info

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