99% People are pulling you down, 1% are enough to bring you up

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You have seen many people around you, who always want you to do conventional things. The moment you start doing anything different, they start criticizing you. Have you ever thought, why it is like that? The reason is very simple, the people who does not want you to grow, they criticize, but people who care for you, they protect you to fail. So they always tell you that it may be tough, try something conventional or easy. These are our parents, who never want their kid to try unconventional tasks. They also have fear of society, “Log kya Kahenge?” (What will people say?).

It is rule of nature, the more you try, the more success you get. If you take example of any famous personality, you can feel that they faced criticism, started from their family, relatives, so-called friends, teachers etc. Dhiru Bhai Ambani, a name which does not require any introduction today. His journey was not easy in initial days, he was criticized by his father, teachers etc. He went to other country where he was selling Petrol Tanks. The moment he realized his potential, he left the job and started his own work. He faced a lot of criticism but what he achieved in his lifetime, needs no explanation. The story of successful people never ends here. Conventional tasks are easy to do and very common. But unconventional tasks need courage to start and difficult, because of criticism.

Another example of the person who taught us, how to face criticism. Narendra Modi, my inspiration, my strength, his journey was never smooth. He is still on nails throne. He had/has been criticized a lot but he never stops his Karma. He was shaken so many times because of criticism or tough situations, but he kept on doing whatever is required. Today, he is most respected person on the earth, Prime Minister of India.  

 I always think that what was the source of their motivation, while observing deeply, I found that they had few people, who always encouraged them to keep moving. Then I came to the point that you need few people in your life, who always encourage you, motivates you. Those few people are your 1%, who will make you feel that you can do it and these are more than enough. We should not be worry for remaining 99% because they will keep you criticizing till you succeed. These 99% are also your strength, who make benchmark of success for you. When I started writing or did any unconventional thing, I got criticism, but what made me to keep moving? Narendra Modi, Yes he is the one, I used to see his videos, speeches, to make myself motivated.

Our parents used to taught us, think about yourself, don’t worry about others. I want to tell, all those parents that you are making your kid selfish and self-centered. One day, when he will grown up and think about himself and his family only, then you would feel dejected. Try to teach him feeling of sharing, love, importance of togetherness, this will make him mentally and emotionally very strong. This is important for him to face the world.

Whenever you start any thing which is unconventional, it is difficult for the society around you to digest, they do not want you to proceed, either they feel that you will be successful or they are having fear that they can not do the same. So whenever you face criticism, feel like that you are doing something which others are not able to do. You should feel proud on it.

Many times we do not do things, because of society. We want to dance in rain but don’t do because of image spoil. You want to play, but not, because you think that you are old enough to play. There are many people, who do not want to do any unconventional things because of fear of criticism. These people want every other person in their surrounding to be fearful to make them comfortable. You might heard of Frog in Well, he always want that all frogs should be in Well only.

So never afraid about these 99% people, they are sick and can not help you by any means. Search for those 1%, who will become your strength and motivate you, towards your goal”.


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