Legendary Tennis Player: Playing on Nails Court

This is very common mentality that women should be under shelter of men. The society is like that. Although this thinking is changing slightly but there is still one religion where the condition of women is not that good. They are just house worker or baby delivering machine. They are getting married by the age of 18-20 years. They are not allowed to think about their aspirations. They are not allowed to wear clothes of their choices. They are not allowed to go out without covering their head or face. In this situation, a woman thinks to make her career in sports, is this possible? Answer would be BIG NO. Are you crazy?

But we have one daring woman in our country who made this possible. Who undergone lot of criticism but we are thankful to her family who stand by her side in all situations. She has chosen that sports which no other woman in our country can think of. If you ask Muslim girl, it would be impossible. She selected ‘TENNIS‘ and became number one player of the country because she is the only one from country. She was criticized for her dress, her physical architecture, people made her morphed photos. Nobody appreciated her game. I am also from that culprit who did not like her, but after seeing her game, I became a fan of her game.

Sania Mirza, she is the lady who made our country proud in Tennis. Why she was able to do that because she belongs to the Sports City of India, Hyderabad. I see that Muslim families from this city are more advanced compare to other parts of country. I see ladies are going out, doing job, playing sports from this community but why no other Muslim girl is in sports. Because still ladies or their families are not that much strong enough to face the criticism from the care takers of this community. You might heard of issuing Fatwa to Sania Mirza and her family for wearing skirt. Few people are saying that she belongs to our neighbor country because she married to sportsperson of neighbor country. There might be a scenario that she did not get person from our own country or she has been put into condition where she had to sacrifice her first love “Tennis”. Today she is playing for India and making our country proud. She is among the top 50 women players in Tennis. She won a lot of Grand Slams in Doubles.Today she is the best in doubles. She almost won Olympic medal for country in Rio Olympics. People threw stones on her but she took it as tennis ball and faced it with her back hand and forward hand strokes, and able to win all.

We should proud on this lady, Sania Mirza, who should be idol of every Muslim girl. Her family should receive kudos from world who took courage to put their daughter in sports. Today she is one of the most respected person in Sports World.

I am also fan of you, Sania Mirza. Keep playing and make our country proud.  




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  1. Sania Mirza would be proud person to see this. She always faced criticism but you put her effort in very positive way. Kudos to you.

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