Kashmiri, Born in Boon, Die in Curse in so called “Heaven on Earth”

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“Kashmiri, Born in boon, die in curse, in so called ‘Heaven of Earth'” is an article about one Kashmiri boy who brought up with the dream of become doctor, engineer, sportsperson or writer etc. May be any person can ask me what you know about Kashmir, have you ever been over there or have you seen any moves over there so the answer is YES, yes I went there in Nov 2013 just few months before our general election. Might be people ask me that why I have soft feeling for Kashmiri, am I supporting neighbor country or I am Anti National, so the Answer is BIG NO, I am very much patriotic and love my country very much because I live in the part of country where I am free to choose my profession .Where I can roam freely, watch movie with my family with no fear or very minimal fear. Where I can go for work without any worry about my near and dear ones. Where I can spend, buy whatever I can afford. That’s Why I love my country because country is doing enough for me, I got education, job, freedom to speak, everything, so I don’t have any reason to hate my country.

Can we say the same thing about Kashmiri? We got freedom in 1947 almost 70 years before but still a Kashmiris are not free. Coming back to the story of that Kashmiri boy, to give you better understanding I would like to give example of movie Haider a Bollywood movie, starring Shahid Kapoor, Tabu. So that boy wanted to do study and serve the country. Make his parents proud etc. He went to school, he was in 10th, when there was blast in his home, he was in school so saved, but lost all his family, when he came back to his house, nothing was there, and he was crying like anything. At that time few people came to him and told that few terrorists entered in his house and Indian Army was chasing them. Army mercilessly exploded his house. Now that boy left with no dream, no money, then some terror organization offered him shelter but at the cost of whatever they say he had to follow. He got Army kind of training and one day he did blast in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and lost his life in Mumbai blast. Was he becoming terrorist by choice, who made him, Ask Yourself?


A story of Great Actor Anupam Kher

When I was there in Kashmir on 29th November-8th Dec 2013, our PM was doing aggressive rallies, I visited main market of Srinagar,  Lal chowk, some shopkeeper told me that there was blast here yesterday, I got scared but he told me that there is no problem to you, you should not be worry, it won’t harm any tourist, they are fighting for their freedom. There was coming up rally of PM candidate and people of Kashmir were protesting that. I ask, that is crime they should not do that, they should love their country etc. The answer I got was shocking and painful too. For few mins I lost the faith in my country for the people of Kashmir. I feel like I am blessed that I born in that part of country which is not J&K. I am blessed that I am educated, I am blessed I have infra, medical and transport facilities. I am blessed that I can do my job without worry, I am blessed I can send my son to school without fear. Yes, I am Blessed that I am lucky to not born in the “Heaven of Earth”.

Watch this scene of Haider

Haider Shooting was going on during 29th Nov – 8th Dec 2013

Heaven of Earth –  Now Hell


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      1. Let me tell you a story
        In a village let me say in kashmir there was a man name raam who had two sons.
        Raam every night beat his wife in front of his sons after been drunk.
        After few years he started beating his wife in day too… Any time any where in front of any one…
        His one of the son left home and went to seek a good future.
        After 20 years he came back with his wife and a child to meet his family but he saw the same story is running. His brother too got married but he too doing the same what his father did.
        That same moment One wise person came at his home and asked
        “why you ran away and why you are not like your father or brother?? ”
        The answer which he gave is the answer for any kashmiri….
        I had two option
        Either to become like my father or not to become like him.
        Every one have option but never take the easy one saying
        kya karoon bachpan se jo dekha wahi Sikha

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